Cinderella’s Sister Episode 11 Summary

Gi Hoon was actually standing just outside the room and heard Eun Jo’s weeping all those times. We could see how much it hurt him. That heartbreaking moment then brought Gi Hoon regreting all his sins. He decided to turn his back against his father (and brother) and fought for Dae Sung Co. He went to the temple to make repentance. He did the thousands of bows in front of Buddha. While he flashed back to the time when he was in the ambulance with the dying Dae Sung, he narrated:

“Even that time, when I saw ‘ajuhsshi’ (uncle) dying in front of me, I just thought about myself. I want to be released from the greatest sin.” Gi Hoon begged Dae Sung not to die, because if he did,that made Gi Hoon the ‘murderer’ (from Gi Hoon’s point of view). “But I will take it. I will make redemption. I will take care of the two lovely girls whom i’ve taken their dad away from.” Then in his flash back, Dae Sung in his last breaths said to Gi Hoon, “It’s…okay.” Gi Hoon continued to narrate, “He said ‘it’s okay.’ How could it be okay?”

After making the thousands of bows, the exhausted Gi Hoon stood out side the gate when Eun Jo went outside. The scene was almost the same as the one in Episode 3.

Eun Jo narrated, “He’s back. He’s smiling.”

But the situation was so much different from the one in Episode 3. Gi Hoon did called for Eun Jo to come and Eun Jo was about to go back inside when Gi Hoon made a move and fell. Eun Jo ran to help him, held his shoulders, but soon took them back. They ended up sat side to side (on face to face position) and Gi Hoon said that he couldn’t go to her anymore, but if she let him, he’d take care of she and Hyo Sun very well as if he made thousands of bows under their feet everyday.

Eun Jo, confused with his speech but (I think) was touched in the same time (her eyes were teary) said that she didn’t know why he couldn’t go to her anymore since she never asked him to, but she wouldn’t ask. And if he could take care of Hyo Sun very well, she’d let him. She wanted to be warmer to Hyo Sun in a hope she’d be forgiven some day.

So both people thought they were the worst sinner on earth. They thought they’re the one who caused Dae Sung’s death and if they could make amend to Hyo Sun, they’d be forgiven. Hmmm… okay, let’s see where it goes from there.

I like it that Hyo Sun’s character slowly but sure grown up. She’s no longer the full-of-hatred sister to Eun Jo. Their relationship was heading to a new direction,  a positive one. I was about to get tired of their evil stares to each other, and I was saved by the mourning bell.

I couldn’t even believe that I was so glad to see Gi Hoon’s boyish disturbing smile again! Yeah, a little part of the old Gi Hoon was finally back. And I think it’s good for everyone in that drama.

Kang Sook was then showed her true face to Hyo Sun. She was no longer the loving step mother. With Dae Sung passed away, she was then free to be the wicked step mother. But frankly, I sense something else in her ill-treated to Hyo Sun. I think I could sense some true deeper emotion from the lost of Dae Sung for her, but let’s just see…

Kang Sook ill-treated Hyo Sun had broken the two girl’s hearts. Hyo Sun felt more lonely with the lost of mother’s love. Eun Jo told her to wake up and grow up. She’s facing the real Kang Sook and therefore she had to stand firmly on her position and be tough or the wicked step-mother would kick her out of the house. Eun Jo tried to persuade her mom to be warmer to Hyo Sun. She said they needed to make redemption to Dae Sung by treating Hyo Sun better. But Kang Sook refuse and Eun Jo just ended up very frustrated. She ran into Gi Hoon while walking in sobs. And when Gi Hoon asked what had happened, Eun Jo said she couldn’t take her mom’s action anymore and (Dae Sung’s) forgiveness was too much to ask…..and then she asked Gi Hoon to run away with her.

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