Cinderella’s Sister Episode 19 Summary

After the HUG scene on the middle of the busy street, i know everyone was expecting a KISS. But i think the PD was telling us, “Just hold on a little while dear viewers.” So, no kiss. Eun Jo and Gi Hoon drove out of the city, with Eun Jo so concerned about Gi Hoon being hungry. He hadn’t eaten anything since he was kidnapped. But the car ran out of gas in the middle of the way, just between bushes. There’s no restaurant in nearby village, just a little shop run by an old lady.
So Eun Jo got there and asked very politely to the granny to make him a porriedge.

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The eating scene was actually drove a smile on my face. First thing is they ate on a mat just next to their car, which means they’re in the middle of the road between bushes. I mean, couldn’t they do it somewhere more approriate?
well, in my country, that counts as an unfamiliar way to eat out side. Second thing is,Gi Hoon talked alot while eating spiritfuly. For me the way he combined the talkings and eatings was funny. The next thing is actually very touching.
He asked Eun Jo to give them 80 minutes to forget the present hustle-bustle life. He said no matter what, he’s gonna act like it was 8 years ago. Like he had never left and they had never separated. 80 minutes for 8 years, means 10 minutes for one year.

While eating, the 1st 10 minutes Gi Hoon treated Eun Jo like he was still his tutor. Eun Jo was smiling at his silliness, but agreed to play along. Yeah, that wounded girl finally know how to sincerely smile in front of the man she loves.

Around the first nine minutes of the show, you’ll find Gi Hoon as very talkative. He talked and talked and talked. While Eun Jo just smiled and occasionally talked back. Gi Hoon pretended like they had been a couple all these years.
Every  10 minutes each year passed. Eun Jo graduated from highschool and went to the same uni with Gi Hoon. Gi Hoon was complaining about goys that always hung around her.

The riding bike scene was ROMANTIC, but it’s romantic in Eun Jo and Gi Hoon’s way, if you know what i mean. This couple is full of complication, right? But seeing them on the riding with Eun Jo leaning onto Gi Hoon’s back, it felt so peaceful.

They were riding to a gas station, while Gi Hoon kept on the 80 minutes scenerio all along. When they finally back to the car, Gi Hoon was talking about marriage. He said he had the brain, the look, and a good sense of humor. He had no money, but would try to earn some. Eun Jo thought she should make him wait before she said ‘yes’.

The 80 minutes scenerio was pretty touching actually. Hadn’t Gi Hoon said it in a very relaxe and casual way, i could’ve broken into tears instead of big smiles. Ohh, if only life hadn’t been so tough for them….

There was a Jun Su-is-missing incident that brought the whole house in panic. I hate that Hyo Sun couldn’t stop crying, but i think i understood why she did so. The positive result of the incident was Kang Sook heard the news and decided to go back home. Her relationship with Hyo Sun was heading into positive direction. However i found the missing incident was totally cheesy and almost none sense. I mean, how could no one see Jun Su under that very open table??!

Gi Hoon threathened his big bro and gave him tomorrow as the deadline. But when the next morning came, someone else had blown the wisthle first. Hong Gi Joong was finally arrested, as well as President Hong. Gi Hoon broke with tears. He did love his father anyway. and i thought i was tricked by my own eyes when i saw Hong Aboji drop a tear!
but i wasn’t, he really did. that iceberg did cry. he was touched when Gi Hoon said he would be a devoted son if he left everything all behind.

Gi Hoon was crying along the way. Eun Jo drove them somewhere quiet and gave him sometime alone in the car. That man wept like a kid. Well he WAS crying as a kid who felt terribly sorry for what happen to his own father,and probably brother. But Eun Jo couldn’t stand just do nothing for him in this situation. So she opened the door and consoled Gi Hoon. This time, it’s her turn, after all these years that it’s always the reverse. Eun Jo took Gi Hoon’s hand and lead him gently to get out of the car. She hugged him tight. They hug for a very looooong time.

It was a very nice speech she made. She said Daddy once told her ‘You can lean on me’. That time even when she couldn’t really lean on him, she felt so relief. Then she said to Gi Hoon: “Lean on me. You can lean on me.”

Gi Hoon drew back and gave her a kiss on the forehead. And FINALLY…he did it: a real KISS.
They finally kissed.

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