City Hunter Episode 1 Summary

I know i’m waaaay too late to make the summary for this drama. But better be late than never, right? This drama is too sexy to be left behind, but I hate how everything was started in bitter preface.

October 1983, a baby boy was born to a mother who labored without the husband. In the same time, there’s someone’s funeral in Myanmar, I guess he was a famous politician because many country representatives came down there. And when South Korean representative was about to enter the building, it blasted. Someone had blown a bomb in the building and killed many people. Two guards survived: Park Moo Yeol and his partner Lee Jin Pyo.

South Korean 5 higher generals smelled it as North Korean way to attack them, so they planned a revenge. They’re running a secret mission to kill some North Korean generals.

As for this secret mission, they appointed the two survivor guards to train the best 19 skilled military men to run this mission.

Moo Yeol just had a little time to see his newborn son. He said the boy would have the word “Seong” within his name. But he hesitated to give him the full name because he said he’d be back from the mission to do that.

The secret team succeeded to execute some North Korean generals, but suddenly the president of South Korea said he didn’t want this mission to be done because it’d give a bad effect on South Korean diplomacy. So the 5 generals decided to turn their backs on the 21 soldiers and commanded to terminate them. Only one person who against it, he was the one who promised to make sure everything would be alright for the soldier and they’d go home safely: Choi Eun Jang.

But when the soldiers were swimming on the ocean, waiting for the submarine to pick them up, they’re killed. The injured Moo Yeol saved his beloved friend’s live. His last word was, “I love you, my friend”.

The 21 soldiers were announced missing in action. Jin Pyo sweared to get a revenge and he warned Mr. choi about it. He said he’d be back for those 20 lifes they’re taken.

And Jin Pyo kidnapped the baby from Kyung Hee, Moo Yeol’s son. He just left a note saying that he would raise the baby to get a revenge for his father. He’d be named Lee Yoon Seong, instead of Park Yoon Seong.

Jin Pyo raised Yoon Seong as his own son, but under a military-like training. Little Yoon Seong always longed for mother’s love and wanted to have a live like his friends, but his father was too strict. Yoon Seong grew up to be strong man, but he had a rebel character.

One day he skipped training and went out of the camp to see the crown in town. He heard a Korean speaking man crying for help. That man was cornered by a local gangster. The soft heart Yoon Seong decided to give a help. They succeeded to flee the gangster.

Yoon Seong brought the Korean ajeossi, Bae shik joong,  home and his dad approved because that man cooked very well. From then on, Bae ajeossi had become loyal to Yoon Seong because he had a life debt to him.

Yoon Seong was taking some rest after having a hard time with his dad for his mistake skipping the training. He stared at a picture of a young girl that belonged to the ajeossi.

Suddenly the gangster came bursting their camp. Lots of gun fires and fight. They’re going to revenge Yoon Seong for taking away the ajeossi.

In this event, Yoon Seong’s beloved ajumma, whom he loved like a mother, died after the gangster shot her.

When Jin Pyo’s people came to back up Yoon Seong, the gangster fled. Yoon Seong was furious for the ajumma’s death. He decided to go after those people but ended up stepping on a boobytrap set by his own men to protect their teritory. His father helped him but had to lose half of his right leg.

Before he went unconcious, Jin Pyo told Yoon Seong that he wasn’t his real dad.

He told Yoon Seong to took out a bullet he planted on his shoulder saying that it was the bullet which his real father took to protect Jin Pyo. He told her about the incident on 1983, how they were betrayed by their own people. He told him why he raised Yoon Seong in a strict training. Yoon Seong was prepared for a revenge.

Yoon Seong, having his world turning up side down in all a sudden, had his calling. He said he would change from then on. He would avenge his real father’s death. “It is my destiny,” he said.

Yoon Seong studied hard, practiced hard…he pushed himself to be a much better man. He’s no more a rebellious son. He had a mission to run.

Seven years later he arrived in South Korea as an MIT graduate, Texas’ resident Korean talented young man Lee Yoon Seong. He’s ready for the revenge mission. He remembered his father’s words, “No one should know your real identity. Don’t fall in love. The moment you fall in love your plan would be shattered and the person you love will end up dying in a bloodbath.”

Park Min Yeong is so cute in this drama and Kim Sang Joong (as Jin Pyo) had that deathly eyes…cool expression. And I never thought of Lee Min Ho as an attractive man until this drama. I think he has grown up to be a real man. :p

Just like I said before, this drama is too sexy (not there yet in this summary) to resist watching…..and retelling :) .

[by Rizz&Blossom]

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