City Hunter Episode 7 Summary

Se Hee could explain the real situation to Yeong Joo about she and Yoon Seong in that room, while Yoon Seong couldn’t. Na Na never picked up his phone.

Yoon Seong was expecting a call from Na Na when it turned out to be a call from his father. Jin Pyo found out Yoon Seong hadn’t been at home and he suspected the reason was a woman. He reminded Yoon Seong again that once he fell in love with someone, their whole plan would shatter. Yoon Seong tried to convince him that it’s not about a woman.

And while Yoon Seong and Bae Shik Joong was on meeting with Jin Pyo, Yeong Joo and his man came. Jin Pyo’s name came out on their search result as a Korean who’d been in US and ran antlers business. It’s related to the rare gun used in the attempt of Seo Yeong Hak’s murder the other day.

Yoon Seong finally had a chance to explain to Na Na what actually happened between he and Se Hee at the hotel. Na Na then asked him to had dinner together since she had plenty of food to share. She got the food from the ajeomma and they needed to eat the food quickly because she had to return the boxes to her. Yoon Seong said he’d come along with her.

When they meet the ajeomma, her condition wasn’t well. She even almost fainted when she’s about to go home. Na Na told Yoon Seong to piggyback her home. Jin Pyo watched the scene.

After they sent the ajeomma home,she thanked them and told Yoon Seong how his mom must be very proud to have such a perfect and dependable son. Yoon Seong said that he had no mother and had even no chance to see her face.

He told Na Na to go home first because he needed sometimes alone. But Na Na found him and sat there to cheer him up because she knew how it felt to be sad having no mother.
Na Na sang a song that she always sang for her mother in that place whenever she missed her.

Jin Pyo finally showed up in front of Kyeong Hee, Yoon Seong’s mother. She demanded her son, but Jin Pyo refused to let her meet her son. He just said sorry for everything and told her the son’s name was Johnny.

The President asked Yoon Seong in person to be the tutor for his daughter, Da Hye. The teenage girl was so excited. She bumped up at Na Na and recognized the scent of her shower gel, it’s an expensive one. And when she met Yoon Seong, she also smelled the same thing. Yoon Seong warned Da Hye that he’s a very busy man at night and don’t ever fall for him because she’s not his type.
Yoon Seong told her his type of girl which was actually referring to Na Na, but Na Na thought it was Se Hee.

Yoon Seong planned to set a trap for Seo Yeong Hak’s sons. Meanwhile at the Blue House the President was asking Seo Yeong Hak in person about the bribery between Seo Yeong Hak and Lee Kyeong Wan related to the army boots. Seo Yeong Hak denied it.
But the President brought the evidence of the lousy army boots. He asked how Seo Yeong Hak could supply such bad quality boots. Seo Yeong Hak twisted words and made the President to be an unsupportive old pal by making up such a minor issue.

Yoon Seong saved Na Na who was about to be sexually harrassed by Seo Yeong Hak’s youngest son at the bus shelter. Thanks to Bae Shink Joong’s quick report. Na Na and Yoon Seong were off together to join Go Gi Joon and his brother and the others to drink out.

Bae Shik Joong and Yoon Seong were working on their trap for Seo Yeong Hak’s sons. Bae Shik Joong got the second son by pretending to be an insurance agent, while Yoon Seong pretended to someone sent from US marine institute. Their goal was to make the sons sent their true medical record.

After the tutoring time with Yoon Seong, Dae Hye was going out to the night club again, so the bodyguards had to tag along. In the club, Na Na coincidently met Seo Yeong Hak’s youngest son again. And again Yoon Seong showed up. This time the boys went out of the club to fight, but of course Yoon Seong let himself beaten up because in a hidden place near by Bae Shik Joong was recording it.

Cheon Jae Man’s man was there too and seeing Yoon Seong lack of fighting ability, he reported to his boss that Yoon Seong was unlikely to be the city Hunter.

Both Seo Yeong Hak’s sons took the bait. The first son was about to go to the US when some officers from the army and the press came got them red handed. The three sons had no choice but to enlist to the army. But that matter just brought positive impact to Seo Yeong Hak’s candidacy. Yoon Seong got scolded by his father, but he said, “I’ll bring him up to the high position, and then make him fall.”

Everyone was preparing for the last day of the campaign. Yeong Joo got the search warrant for Seocho Industries, it’s the ghost company set up by Mars Inc. Meanwhile Yoon Seong and Bae Shik Joong were also ready for their strike. Bae Shik Joong was in charge to sneak into the control room, while Yoon Seong was off for the front line attack.
But things didn’t go well. Bae Shik Joong caught suspicious by officers in the control room. And Na Na found out that Seo Yeong Hak was kidnapped by someone. She searched for him within the building and finally got a face to face contact with City Hunter. Yoon Seong was about to flee from the roof top when Na Na shot her gun. It caught Yoon Seong.

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