City Hunter Episode 4 Summary

President Choi asked Kyeong Hee about Lee Jin Pyo. Kyeong Hee didn’t know where he was then. He took her son  and dissapeared 28 years ago. President was surprised. It seemed that President Choi didn’t know that Kyeong Hee had a son, and that son was taken by Jin Pyo, and actually it make him more worry about something.

Jin Pyo scolded  Yoon Seong. The way Yoon Seong undergo the revenge mission was too weak for him. Yoon Seong once again confirmed his father that he didn’t want to kill. He convinced Jin Pyo that he would seek revenge in his own way. Jin Pyo gave him a chance, if Yoon Seong managed to find the second target before him, he would let Yoon Seong play his own way. But if not he would intervene to kill the second target himself. So they both compete in their mission to take revenge. Hah.. very ironic!

Yoon Seong felt  disappointed to his mother. After abandoning him, his mother was supposed to be re-married and lived well and happy. He thought if that what had happened, he would’ve had a reason to continue hating her. But seeing his mother live so poor and miserable like the current condition, it hurt his heart.

On his gloomy night, Yoon Seong asked Na Na to join him (actually as his driver). But Yoon Seong felt more desperate when Na Na pushed him with the talk about mother. He finally burst out, saying “I haven’t had a mother since i was born!”

Na Na felt guilty, she apologized, and let Yoon Seong nagging along that night. Na Na also knew how it felt to have no parents. and that night Na Na succeed to make Yoon Seong’s lovely smile back again.

When Na Na picked him up in the club the other night, Na Na dropped her shabby wallet, so Yoon Seong decided to buy a pretty wallet for her. But he didn’t know that it was not only him who thought of giving new wallet for Na Na. Yeong Joo also bought the same wallet for Na Na. They almost fought over the wallet, but don’t worry guys! They thankfully still have another stock.

Kim Yeong Joo found it difficult to uncover the mysterious guy who kidnapped Lee Kyeong Wan. The City Hunter didn’t left any clues, even one single fingerprint, he’s too clean and smooth.

Since Yoon Seong had been disappointing him, Jin Pyo thought he needed a back up for his mission. He chose Jin Sang Gook as his wing. Jin Sang Gook also one of the the victims from the tragedy where his brother was one of the soldiers  massacred 28 years ago.

That night, Yoon Seong forced Na Na to be his driver when she was facing a problem with her settlement. The apartment was to be auctioned by the bank, it meant she’d be homeless soon. Actually Yoon Seong knew that day was one of Na Na’s hardest days. He intended to comfort Nana, but unfortunately, he just disappointed her and made her more sad. Yeah sometimes genius people can be so dumb…

On his way back to home, Yoon Seong saved Soo Hee, the loveable veterinarian,  from the cranky ajeossi who was raging. Yoon Seong called the police to rid of that ajeossi.  That night, Soo Hee owed him.

Na Na got another duty to guard the former defence secretary and also the most potential candidate for next election, Seo Yong Hak. On his wedding anniversary, Seo Yong Hak asked Na Na to choose nice song for his wife.

And unfortunately, Jin Pyo also put more attention to Seo Yong Hak. He suspected Seo Yong Hak as the second target. This would be a danger for Na Na.

Na Na got a package from her kidari-ajeossi (the mysterious guy who supports her life along this time from somewhere secret). It’s weird because it’s the same wallet that Yeong Joo and Yoon Seong bought a few days ago. But Yoon Seong’s wallet still on his drawer, so it meant that the wallet was the one Yeong Joo bought. Na Na showed him happily her new wallet, and because of that Yoon Seong canceled to give her the wallet. I felt so sorry for Yoon Seong,  this time one point for Yeong Joo, but at least he knew whom Na Na’s kidari ajeossi  was.

Baek Shik Joong failed to meet Lee Kyeong Wan on prison, because Lee Kyeong Wan was transfered to another prison that day.  Soon, Baek Sik Joong called Yoon Seong. Yoon Seong was suspicious if Jin Pyo was actually behind Lee Kyeong Wan’s transfer. And he was right, Jin Pyo kidnapped Lee  Kyeong Wan. Yoon Seong tried to stop him, but failed.

On his runaway, Jin Pyo asked Lee Kyeong Wan about the tragedy happened on October 1983, when the soldiers were betrayed by their own country. Jin Pyo wanted to know if Seo Yong Hak was also involved on that tragedy. Before Lee Kyeong Wan answered, the police came, so Jin Pyo had to escape.

Then, at night Yoon Seong called Jin Pyo. He asked where Jin Pyo was. In the middle of their conversation Yoon Seong heard the same song that Na Na had chosen for Seo Yong Hak’s wedding anniversary. Soon he realized that Na Na was in danger. He tried to call Na Na, but Na Na ignored his call because she’s still mad at him. Yoon Seong immediately went to a restaurant where Na Na and Seo Yong Hak and his family came.

Suddenly the light was turned off. Everyone was panic, and from another building Jin Pyo was aiming a gun to Na Na’s forehead, but when Jin Pyo sudden shot missed. There  was someone who pull out Na Na. She fall and shocked, but thankfully alive.

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