City Hunter Episode 14 Summary

The incident of Kim Jeong Shik fell off the bridge changed the lives of both Yeong Joo and Yoon Seong. For Yoon Seong, he almost killed a man and the worst part was the man behind the scenerio was actually Jin Pyo.

Jin Pyo used a disguise car to make it looked like Kim Jeong Shik who hit Bae Shik Joong to provoke Yoon Seong’s evil side.
Yoon Seong was furious knowing his father tried to control him. He figured out that his father never care of other’s lives and the only precious life he care was Yoon Seong’s. Yoon Seong stabbed his own hand with a metal stick, saying to his father, “You must feel the pain now (seeing Yoon Seong’s hurt), right?”

He was very upset that even he tried to send Na Na away in fear that his father would eventually hurt Na Na just like he hurt Bae Shik Joong. But Na Na managed to calm him down…they shared their pain together.

For Yeong Joo, no matter how disappointed or hate he was towards his father, Kim Jeong Shik was still his father. He felt a great pain seeing his father in coma condition. He listened to the conversation between his father and City Hunter in the voice recorder he put in his father’s pocket secretly.

He couldn’t hold his anger when getting Yoon Seong in front of his father’s ward. In full of emotion, he said to Yoon Seong, “You’re not a hero. You’re just a murderer.”

Yeong Joo just became more obsess with his works. Since he’s not allowed to be involved in City Hunter case, he turned to Cheon Jae Man’s case. Trying to convince his chief, Yeong Joo told him that he already got some evidences about Cheon Jae Man’s dirty works. Yeong Joo even put his career on the line to get the investigation permission.

Na Na came to Jin Pyo’s house to ask Jin Pyo to let Yoon Seong go and have a happy life. She’s so brave that she didn’t even blink her eyes when Jin Pyo pulled a trigger in front of her face. Jin Pyo let her go this time.

Cheon Jae Man ordered to kill Kim Jeong Shik when he gave a sign of waking up from coma. Cheon Jae Man also held a press conference, revealing about the raid on October 1983, but in twisted story. He said those 20 soldiers were traitors, so they’re all killed by South Korean army. He continued that since City Hunter was trying to bring up that old story, City Hunter was also a nation’s traitor.

Bae Shik Joong gained consciousness. He quickly told Yoon Seong about his mother whereabout. Yoon Seong went to Bota Temple and found his mother in a really sick condition. It was a very touching moment when his mother cried “my son…my child…i’m sorry…so sorry” over and over again, and Yoon Seong called her “Mom” for the first time.

Yoon Seong brought her to the hospital. Kyeong Hee agreed to undergo the treatment since she had a reason to continue living now. But before it started, she said she wanted to cook for Yoon Seong. At Kyeong Hee’s shabby house, Yoon Seong confessed to her mother how he hated her because he thought she abandoned him. But Kyeong Hee said it was all her fault not be able to protect him. Jin Pyo was actually there, watching his very touching scene, but he didn’t do anything.

Yoon Seong didn’t eat black bean, his mother said that habit taken from his father. Yoon Seong started to ask about his father and Kyeong Hee awkwardly just explained that his father was a very kind man who helped her and Yoon Seong.

Jin Pyo had a different way of war with Cheon Jae Man. This time he exposed himself straightly to Cheon Jae Man as Steve Lee, the successful Korean business man from US who’s interested in making investment in Cheon’s company. Yoon Seong and Na Na saw Cheon and Jin Pyo in the hospital (because the hospital was under Cheon’s company) and wondered what Jin Pyo’s plan this time.

Yoon Seong warned Jin Pyo that trying to get Cheon Jae Man throgh investment could be so risky. But he’s not saying that because he’s worry about his father, “I just don’t want you to get in my way,” he said to Jin Pyo. But Jin Pyo told him, “just watch me carefully. A revenge must look like a revenge, like mine.”

Na Na was moving back to her house without priorly telling Yoon Seong. He was a bit disappointed, but Yoon Seong knew it’s the best for her. They went to Na Na’s house and Yoon Seong made some heart pounding movements. Na Na served him a coffee saying that everytime she saw coffee, she thought of him. Hearing that, Yoon Seong got more worried and refused to drink any coffee anymore.

Both Yoon Seong and Na Na got back to work at the Blue House again. Strangely, no one got suspicious about it. Da Hye and the IT Chief just bery happy to have Yoon Seong there.

Na Na told Yoon Seong that his father’s picture is at the library. Yoon Seong was looking through the year book, but it wasn’t there. It turned out to be in the hand of Yeong Joo who gave it to Yoon Seong. Yeong Joo didn’t need to ask anything anymore to Yoon Seong at that state.

Yeong Joo visited Lee Jin Pyo, but unfortunately he had no solid accusation yet. He just asked Jin Pyo’s motivation by showing up again after years of disappearance and changed his name and then now started a business partnership with Cheon Jae Man. Jin Pyo just acted cool.

Na Na bought Yoon Seong a necktie and decided to follow Yoon Seong ‘working.’ What Yoon Seong meant by working was actually checking in in a hotel with a girl. But she’s not just a girl, she’s Cheon Jae Man’s secretary. Na Na couldn’t hold herself from being jealous.

Cheon Jae Man found out that Yeong Joo was investigating him related to the raid on October 1983. He ordered his man to kill Yeong Joo. They set a trap by telling Yeong Joo that there’s a gas leak at his apartment.

Meanwhile Yoon Seong was breaking in Cheon Jae Man’s office (with Cheon’s secretary ID card he had stolen) and witnessed Cheon Jae Man destroying the important classified documents and made an order to murder Yeong Joo by making it look like a suicide attempt.

Yoon Seong called Yeong Joo’s mobile, but Prosecutor Jang told him that Yeong Joo went back home because he was informed that there’s a gas leak.

Yeong Joo found nothing wrong and the building management said he didn’t call him. When Yeong Joo was to his car, Cheon Jae Man’s man dozed him off and poisoned him with a gas in his car. Thankfully Yoon Seong arrived on time. He saved Yeong Joo’s life.

But Yeong Joo wasn’t fully unconscious and he managed to grab Yoon Seong’s leg.


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