City Hunter Episode 10 Summary

Yoon Seong told his father that now it’s a pure murder. He said he’s getting curious about this whole revenge scheme. “Is it a revenge for those innocent comrades who were killed by their own army? Or is it a kind of self destruction because you feel guity for being the only one survive?” Jin Pyo said that if Yoon Seong was against him, he’d die in his hand. Yoon Seong said he wouldn’t avoid it, because he’s the only who could stop his father.

Yeong Joo followed Yoon Seong to Jin Pyo’s house and met him in front of the elevator. Yoon Seong said it’s the first time he met Steve Lee (Jin Pyo) and it’s for business.
Yeong Joo started to investigate Yoon Seong, but he had clean alibis. But Yeong Joo wasn’t a famous prosecutor for no reason, his smart brain figured out Yoon Seong’s alibis and all the related events where City Hunter appeared.

Na Na was washing clothes at home when she watched the news saying City Hunter was responsible for the murder of Lee Kyeong Wan. Na Na refused to believe it. She entered ex-Yoon Seong’s room and found the old picture Yoon Seong very much treasure that show Jin Pyo, Moo Yeol and Kyeong Hee. Na Na finally knew the relations.

Meanwhile Yoon Seong’s mother was sentenced for suffering from leukemia. She needed a family to help her, but the problem was she had none. And she missed her long lost son very much. She only survive in a hope to see him again.

Yoon Seong met Na Na at the coffee shop to return her files about Kim Jeong Shik and to dig more information about him. Yoon Seong did get some valuable info about Kim Jeong Shik, but he also finally knew what’s the relationship between Bae Shik Joong and Na Na. Too bad Yoon Seong didn’t wait for Na Na when she’s about to return the old photograph.

Bae Shik Joong finally revealed the truth to Yoon Seong about the accident happened to Na Na’s family and how he was bribed by Kim Jeong Shik and then disappeared abroad.

At judo training Na Na hesitated to pull down Yoon Seong on his right hand side. When she switched to his left hand side, Yoon Seong pulled her down first and coldly said, “I have learned well.”

Na Na brought Yoon Seong coffee just like she used to be, and she talked freely like nothing ever happened to them. Yoon Seong was upset and asked why she kept doing this. Na Na reveal her feelings, “Because I like you.” Yoon Seong talked harshly to her and told her to forget him.

Yoon Seong was accompanying Da Hye (the two bodyguards tagged along, of course) at uni and they saw a students’ demonstration. The students demanded for the scholarship they’re promised with.

At home he just realized that he lost the old photograph.

Yoon Seong called out Na Na to drive for him, but he brought along a girl. They acted dirty in the car, so Na Na pulled over and send the girl away with taxi. She made it clear to Yoon Seong that if he wanted to push her away, he didn’t need to do this way. “It’s my own feelings, I never push you to like me back.” And she returned his lost photograph.

Na Na visited Kyeong Hee, but the ajeomma fell so sick that Na Na had to send her to the hospital. She called Yoon Seong about it and said that she’s his mother, so he should care for him.

Yoon Seong came to the hospital. The doctor told them that Kyeong Hee was suffered from leukemia. Na Na persuaded Yoon Seong to help her.

Yoon Seong agreed for the blood check and paid for her registration. He was upset, but couldn’t let her die either. “She abandoned me to live her own life. She should’ve lived well by now. But why she lives like this and fell ill in front of my eyes? She’s a very bad person!” Bae Shik Joong tried to calm him down.

When Yoon Seong was dealing with his feelings, Yeong Joo’s man was tailing him and knew that they had a chance to get Yoon Seong’s blood sample. What he didn’t know was Jin Pyo’s man found out about it.

Jin Pyo interfered and tried to avoid Yoon Seong to do the blood test. Yoon Seong had to fight Jin Pyo’s man first and he proceeded with his plan. Yeong Joo showed up just in time when Yoon Seong finished his blood test.Yoon Seong let Yeong Joo got his blood sample.

Na Na heard about Yeong Joo’s plan, so she stepped in when prosecutor Jang was about to tail Yoon Seong.
Yoon Seong managed to get into the National Blood Center. And with his extraordinary skill of breaking through a building, he managed to switch the blood sample.

But Yoon Seong could lose his focus sometimes, he didn’t know that he was so close of running into Yeong Joo.

Thankfully, a hand grabbed him into hide just in time.
Yoon Seong instinctively drew a knive on that person’s neck, but that person turned out to be Na Na.

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