City Hunter Episode 16 Summary

Yoon Seong’s condition was very bad. He could sense it that death is so much closer to him now. He gave Bae Shik Joong his bank accounts and houses’ deeds (including Na Na’s house). He also asked Bae Shik Joong to take care of Na Na and his mother.

Later that night Yoon Seong went to see Na Na. He told her that he never imagined that he could fall in love to someone before. So knowing how hard Na Na’s life if something happen to him would be unbearable for him to think about. “Kim Na Na, I like you. But I don’t have the confidence to let you go. That’s why, you’re gonna be the one who let me go first.”

Yoon Seong took out the bullet pendant. Na Na said he shouldn’t do that. She could take back her words and he could just ignore her like before. This time, Yoon Seong was the one who said he couldn’t do that he was the one who like her. It’s his first love.

He then asked her for a favor to resent him whenever he’s coming back to her and to ignore him first whenever they run into each other. “Now I fully understand why my father prevent me from falling in love.”

Yeong Joo got the report from Thailand authority about the drug dealer name Lee Jin Pyo. The result showed someone else’s photograph. And another thing that upset Yeong Joo was the news saying the document regarding the secret operation on October 1983 disappear from NIS.

Cheon Jae Man refused to admit the undustrial violation nor to restructure his factory for a safer environment for the workers. He was going to privatize the health care, no matter what so he needed Jin Pyo’s money for this. When the President asked him to stop doing what he’s doing, Cheon Jae Man threatened him with the October 1983 raid and his other weakness, which was not yet revealed.

After visiting Kyeong Hee, Na Na met Yoon Shik outside his mother’s ward. He was sad because his mother’s condition was getting worse. Na Na consoled him and took him to the beauty shop to buy a present for his mom.

Yoon Shik was paying with coins he had collected and the cashier refused to accept it. Yoon Seong interfere by giving a 10 million won cheque that the cachier couldn’t give the change. Yoon Seong made her apologize to Yoon Shik. After the shop, Yoon Seong asked Na Na to stop coming to the hospital.

Arriving with Yoon Shik in hospital, Yoon Seong saw Cheon’s man threatening Yoon Shik’s mother to sign an agreement she actually refused to sign. Yoon Seong also heard about the order to beat up the protesters outside the factory and made them to a near death condition.

Yoon Seong as City Hunter came to safe them when it happen. He beat up Cheon’s man there.

Da Hye was having a class with Yoon Seong at the coffee shop. Arriving at the place, Shin Eun Ah was off first to get Da Hye a food, while a group of girls were ready to attack Da Hye. Na Na saw the eggs and thing that were aimed at Da Hye, so with her instinct, she stepped forward and became Da Hye’s shield. Yoon Seong saw the scene, too and went out to give Na Na a help. But she shrugged him off coldly.

During the tutorial, Yoon Seong couldn’t stop staring at Na Na who got a bruise below her eye.

Yoon Seong spotted Cheon and his father were meeting a couple of prosecutor highers. He straightly sent the picture to Yeong Joo and that young prosecutor showed up on time after Cheon Jae Man gave those prosecutors the bribery. Yeong Joo got a big problem with his higher at the office.

After having a meeting with Mr.President related to Da Hye’s education future, he ran into Na Na at the Blue House. He showed his care for Na Na and her bruise,but Na Na replied him coldly.

Then later that night it was him who couldn’t get Na Na out of his mind. So he went to the place where he used to go to calm his mind, and he found Na Na was there too.
He said Na Na shouldn’t be the one who’s coming there recalling their memories. He’s the one who’s suppose to do that alone. He also said that Na Na should go back to be the cheerful Na Na and start meeting another better man. Na Na couldn’t take that. She said for him to tell her to find another man was too much. She asked him to just tell her that he would come back to her after he finish his works. Yoon Seong didn’t say anything.

Yeong Joo found the NIS man who gave out the document to Jin Pyo and Cheon. He was found almost collapsed,but he could still tell Yeong Joo about the document whereabout.

Meanwhile Jin Pyo kept the fifth person mysterious and the anxious Jin Pyo’s right hand man told Yoon Seong about Jin Pyo’s ownership of the document.

Yoon Seong was about to open Jin Pyo’s safe box when Yeong Joo suddenly came. It’s very close to him to reveal that Yoon seong was City Hunter while Jin Pyo was the only survivor from the 1983 raid. Jin Pyo suddenly came and tried to avoid Yeong Joo from opening the safe box, but it’s too late. Yeong Joo opened the safe box but there’s nothing there.

The document was already stolen by cheon Jae Man. And that man was suddenly looking for Kyeong Hee, but his man reported that she already left for Us. Cheon Jae Man ordered to find her wherever and whatever it took. He said she was his last hidden card.

Yoon Seong was in the Blue House library looking for the 1983 year book and finding it gone. Suddenly the President himself appeared and gave him the book.

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