City Hunter Episode 18 Summary

Yoon Seong had no choice but to reveal his face in front of Cheon Jae Man’s man. He finally figured out that Yoon Seong was indeed City Hunter. Yoon Seong and Jin Pyo managed to fight them all, but Jin Pyo’s condition was so badly injured and Cheon Jae Man’s man could flee.

He was about to report about City Hunter identity to his boss, but Cheon Jae Man was on the phone dealing with his soon to be bankruptcy.

Na Na heard about Yoon Seong’s sudden judo expertize from Eun Ah and Ki Joon. And before she could realize the near danger, Cheon Jae Man’s man was already at her house and then kidnapped her. Yoon Seong got the news from the kidnapper himself. He threatened to kill Na Na. Yoon Seong was definitely coming to Hae Won Seaworld, the place where Na Na was put as hostage, despite Na Na told him not to.

Cheon Jae Man’s man put some steel block on Na Na so that if he press a button Na Na would sink into the big aquarium and drown. He told Yoon Seong to put on the handcuffs to himself and he started beating him. Yoon Seong didn’t fight back at first, but it wasn’t Yoon Seong if he didn’t find a way. Cheon Jae Man’s man press the button and Na Na was sunk, and that trigger Yoon Seong to beat him off. He finally saved Na Na.

But Na Na said he shouldn’t have come and save her. She said he didn’t say anything didn’t mean she wouldn’t wait. She said she would wair for him for a life time and had reach the level of couldn’t live without him. When Na Na was about to leave, Yoon Seong finally said, “Just wait a little longer. I can see the end of it.”

Yoon Seong caught Cheon Jae Man’s man as a hostage. But when Cheon Jae Man called and Yoon Seong told him about the hostage, Cheon said just kill him he didn’t care.

Yeong Joo was meeting Yoon Shik’s mother at the hospital. She was out of the sterilized room because the agreement was off since City Hunter snatched back the contract she was unwillingly signed last time. She had a record as an evidence for that threat. Then she said she wouldn’t stop fighting with other workers to bring justice for Hae Won chemical workers. Yoon Shik gave Yeong Joo a coin to give to City Hunter when he meet him.

But unfortunately, the workers lost the first trial, but Kim Yeong Joo wasn’t giving up on giving justice to those poor people.

Cheon Jae Man through Hae Won Group is facing bankcuptcy and the news was spread nation wide soon.

Yoon Seong was interrogated by his colleagues as soon as he showed up regarding his sudden judo to Yeong Joo last time. He just got along with Ki Joon’s guess that he practiced somewhere else and the place was expensive. And on his way to the President’s office, Yoon Seong ran into Na Na’s chief and he said harsh things to Yoon Seong. He could sense that Yoon Seong was using a fake ID.

Cheon Jae Man went here and there to find a place where he could borrow 30 million he needed to save his company. But Jin Pyo was already ahead of him. Jin Pyo beat him up in business.

The President invite Yoon Seong to go fishing together. He got a phonecall from Cheon Jae Man asking for a help, but politely the President refused to help him.

Yeong Joo was worry about the workers’ lives if Hae Won group would go collapse. He visited Yoon Seong at home and said his worries would be the same as City Hunter’s. He passed Yoon Shik’s coin to Yoon Seong.

And soon Cheon Jae Man got a visitor who’s interested in buying his company, Hae Won chemical.It’s of course, Yoon Seong. He bought the company with the coin Yeong Joo handed him. The result was 51% of Cheon Jae Man’s shares of the company was distributed to the workers.

Cheon Jae Man was planning to flee to US and Yeong Joo couldn’t get Cheon’s abroad traveling probation. But City Hunter would go in action, all Yeong Joo had to do was just waiting in his office. Yeong Joo prepared a SWAT team, but many people showed up in mask just like City Hunter. It’s because of a message spread to random people, done by Shik Joong.

And when they didn’t see, Cheon Jae Man was left in front of the Prosecutor office.

Yeong Joo tried to catch City hunter. He managed to stop Yoon Seong from going anywhere by shooting Yoon Seong’s car tire. He pointed a gun to Yoon Seong but Yoon Seong could turn the situation. He aimed his gun to Yeong Joo, but didn’t do anything. Yeong Joo finally opened Yoon Seong’s mask.

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