City Hunter Episode 17 Summary

Being asked by the President if he was looking for the 1983 year book, Yoon Seong said no. He said he’s just passing by. Then the President asked him for a help to teach him something about managing blog. Yoon Seong found out that the President worked harder than his staffs and had a very good attitude as the most powerful man in Korea.

The President was holding a lunch event with some Korean top businessmen. He invited Yoon Seong to the event too, in order to let him lear and see people behind Korean economic. Cheon Jae Man came with Jin Pyo. thinking that Jin Pyo had no idea about he was the man who stole the document. The President was so surprise to see Jin Pyo’s face in front of him.

The lunch was just about to start when there’s a scene. Something exploded, like the sound of a gun, and Na Na spontaniously covered President with her body. She got shot, but it’s just a paint. Yoon Seong knew it’s Jin Pyo’s work.

Na Na saw a stain on the President’s suit, so she handed him the handkerchief Kyeong Hee just sent her.

When the President gave it back to her, he asked her who did the embrodiery. Na Na said she’s just an ordinary ajumma.

At the hospital, Kyeong Hee hid herself when she saw Cheon Jae Man. Flashback to the past, she remembered the day in the clinic when Cheon ordered her to abort Choi Eung Chan (Mr.President) because that child could jeopardize Choi’s political future. Cheon gave Kyeong Hee some money to abort the child she’s carrying and to disappear from Eung Chan’s life.

When Kyeong Hee was back to her ward, Shik Joong was already there. He gave her Moo Yeol’s picture with frame, it’s from Yoon Seong. Then Kyeong Hee asked him to give Yoon Seong a handkerchief with her signature embrodiary, like the one she gave Na Na.

Mr.President was meeting Jin Pyo at a theater. He asked Jin Pyo to stop his revenge and he would expose the truth about the event anytime soon. Jin Pyo refused Mr.President’s offer. He said he’s gonna continue it till finish, for the sake of his comrades, the trauma and the hatred he had for 28 years. Before Jin Pyo left, Mr.President asked him why he took Kyeong Hee’s child. Jin Pyo just smirk.

Yeong Joo went to see Yoon Seong when finding out more info about Cheon Jae Man’s company, the Hae Won construction. He figured out why Jin Pyo became the CEO in Hae Won Construction was because Jin Pyo wanted to bring down Cheon Jae Man from the core of his business empire.

After meeting Yoon Seong, Yeong Joo waited Na Na finished work just to say how sorry he was lying about Kim Jeong Shik was his father. Na Na understood him and knew it wasn’t his fault, but thinking about what his father had done to her parents, Na Na kind of didn’t know what to do.

Later that night Na Na went to Se Hee’s clinic to drink together. Se Hee also finally confessed that she was Yeong Joo’s ex-wife.

Na Na passed out and Se Hee called Yoon Seong to bring Na Na home. Putting Na Na on the bed, Yoon Seong talked to the sleeping Na Na, “I’m a fool,am I not? I told you to let me go, but I can’t stand it. I can’t send you to another man, yet I can’t keep you by my side.”

Kim Yeong Joo was demoted to another city and he was ready to go off. But suddenly his chief stopped him and said he’s getting back City Hunter and Cheon Jae Man’s case. so apparently, Mr. President made a personal recommendation for Yeong Joo after hearing to Cheon who’s talking about giving Yeong Joo a lesson.

Cheon and Jin Pyo were meeting two Assemblymen at Hae Won anti-aging center. Yoon Seong was looking for the briberies Jin Pyo would be giving to the assemblymen,but he couldn’t find them because they’re moved to another place. Yeong Joo also came to place and found some guys passed out. He checked to the Blue House and Yoon Seong was’t there.

Yoon Seong arrived at Blue House, but he’s on the phone with Jin Pyo’s man saying that his father got back home because there’s a report about a gas leak. Yoon Seong remembered what happened to Yeong Joo.

Meanwhile in the same time, Yeong Joo was trying to interrogate him about City Hunter matter, but it wasn’t the right time. Yoon Seong looked tense and when Yeong Joo tried to block him, Yoon Seong just pull him down. Everyone was surprise.

Jin Pyo came into his house, sensing an intruder. And it turned out to be not just one man. A gang came into his house and started attacking him.Yoon Seong went there in a very high speed and got there in time.He rescued his father from Cheon Jae Man’s men.

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