City Hunter Episode 11 Summary

Yoon Seong brought Na Na out of the National Forensic Service. He asked her since when she had known that he was the City Hunter. Na Na said since he saved her at the TV Station. Yoon seong warned her not to be involved in his business and to forget everything about him.

Meanwhile at the NFS, Yeong Joo had to be disappointed, the DNA test didn’t match.

The next day, Na Na got another warning from Yoon Seong not to interfere in his business otherwise she’d be dead. Na Na said she didn’t care. Yoon Seong warned her not to let him regret saving her. He’s been very harsh to put her away from the real danger, his father.He even told her to move out from her house, while he submitted his resignation letter.

Yeong Joo found a connection between Kyeong Hee with the event happened on October 1983. He came to the hospital to ask some informations, but Kyeong Hee was as blind as him about what really happened that day. She told him that her husband was the president’s bodyguard and he’s on duty when the incident in Myanmar happened. After that incident Park Moo Myeol just off for work but never came back, that’s all she knew. Kyeong Hee saw Jin Pyo watching them, so she excused herself.

She asked Jin Pyo about that event and he gave her a brief story. But the worst part was when he lied about her son was dead 5 years ago in a plan accident.

Jin Pyo was moving Kyeong Hee to another hospital, but Kyeong Hee managed to flee. And Jin Pyo just let Yoon Seong thought that he was the one hiding Kyeong Hee somewhere when Yoon Seong confronted him. Jin Pyo ordered to put bugs at Yoon Seong’s house, so he could monitor his every movement.

Kim Jeong Shik just arrived back in Korea. He called Yeong Joo for a quality time as father and son.

They chose sauna (yeaaah what an abs Lee Jun Hyeok had) and his father asked if they could be like the old times when Yeong Joo was really fond of his father. Yeong Joo couldn’t fulfil that wish because of his idealism about the law and he knew his father had made a big mistake and violated the law.

After meeting his son, Kim Jeong Shik had a meeting with Cheon Jae Man and the President, discussing about the list of soldiers died in the raid on October 1983. Only the President agreed to publicized it with all the consequences. Cheon Jae Man warned him to remember his noble position and all the risks that may be caused afterwards.

Na Na found out that Yoon Seong was leaving Blue House. Na Na tried to talk to him, but he refused to listened. Then Na Na declared, “I will forget you. I will go back to my life when I haven’t met you. I will disappear from your life. This is what I want to say to you.” Yoon Seong just left, broken hearted inside.

Not long after that she received an official testimony from Bae Man Deok about his false testimony regarding the accident happened to Na Na’s parents. Na Na went to her aunt’s office to discuss about it with Yeong Joo. And there she saw the same phrase she got from her kidari ajeossi sticked on Yeong Joo’s PC.”Don’t be afraid of the shadows because not far from you, there’s light.”

Kim Yeong Joo had no choice but to confess to Na Na that he had been Na Na’s kidari ajeossi. Na Na gave him Bae Man Dook’s official statements and other documents he sent her. Yeong Joo was about to confess about another thing, about who Kim Jeong Shik was for him, but he refrained.

Yeong Joo got a letter saying that Kim Jeong Shik would be City Hunter’s next target. He asked his father about his involvement in the raid, but Kim Jeong Shik said he was innocent. Yeong Joo then told his father that he knew about what he had done 10 years ago. He asked his father to apologized to Na Na and the family.

Bae Shik Joong and Na Na were kidnapped by Kim Jeong Shik’s men. Thankfully, Bae Shik Joong managed to send Yoon Seong their secret SOS code. Since Bae Shik Joong still had the tracking devise with him, Yoon Seong could track down Bae Shik Joong’s position. Those two hostages were kept in Kim Jeong Shik’s house and Yoon Seong hurriedly went on action to save his ajeossi.

While looking for the hidden room, Yoon Seong went into Kim Jeong Shik’s study and found a combination code lock system for a hidden door somewhere. While he was trying to open it, Na Na was in action to save herself and Bae Shik Joong.

After rescuing Na Na and Bae Shik Joong,Yoon Seong let them go first while he went back to Kim Jeong Shik’s study. He managed to crack the code and found around 200 billions cash in that hidden room. Those are the money he had been looking for while tracking Kim Jeong Shik’s money in his bank account. He put the tracking devise in that stacks of money.

Unfortunately, Yoon Seong was caught red handed by Kim Jeong Shik’s men and brought somewhere else. But Na Na and Bae Shik Joong saw the scene, so they followed Yoon Seong.

Yoon Seong couldn’t fight the men properly because he was drugged.

Bae Shik Joong called out some help. Na Na couldn’t stay still watching Yoon Seong was beaten up, so she stepped in and fought the bad guys.

One of the men shot the gun towards Yoon Seong, and Na Na came running to shield Yoon Seong from the bullet. She got shot.

“Kim Na Na…why?” Yoon Seong watched the dying Na Na in teary eyes.
“You saved me twice, didn’t you? You must have felt this kind of pain, too. Do you hate me? I hope you say no. I have always wanted to say thank you.”
“Why did you take the bullet for me? Why?” Yoon Seong cried desperately.
“I’m glad it was me who got shot.” And then she collapsed.


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