City Hunter Episode 12 Summary

Na Na survived. They brought Na Na to Jin Se Hee animal clinic. Se Hee said Na Na should go to human hospital since she had lost many bloods and her blood pressure was so weak. Yoon Seong told her to use his blood because he’s an O blood type.

While waiting for Na Na to gain her consciousness again, Yoon Seong asked Baek Shik Joong how could Na Na be so tough while in the surface she’s just like ordinary woman. Baek Shik Joong said she’s a very tough girl and that’s why she survived living alone these whole time.
Yoon Said murmured that he might not be able to continue with all this (if it cost Na Na’s life).

Yoon Seong found out the wire Sang Gook installed on the hanging lamp in his house.

He went to confront Jin Pyo, but he accidently overheard Jin Pyo’s conversation with Sang Gook. Jin Pyo was talking about getting rid of Na Na and asking Sang Gook to keep searching for Kyeong Hee whereabout.

Then the next thing was more surprising for Yoon Seong. He found out that Jin Pyo was the one who took him away from his mother, not Kyeong Hee who abandoned him. “You ruined my life for your revenge? I’ve never wanted this kind of life! I will never forget you, even if I die!” cried Yoon Seong.

Yoon Seong said he’d continue on the revenge plan, but he’s gonna do it his way. Jin Pyo said yoon Seong wouldn’t win from him, Yoon Seong said the opposite. Yoon Seong warned him not to touch BAe Shik Joong, his mother, and Na Na.

Yoon Seong’s life turned upside down that night. And in that sad moment, Na Na excuse herself to go from his house. She told him that she’d forget about him and he shouldn’t worry about she saved his life because it was paying debt.

Yoon seong grabbed Na Na’s hand and said, “Don’t go” several times, but Na Na let it go. Yoon Seong knew Na Na might be okay to live without him, but not vice versa. He grabbed Na Na’s unwounded shoulder and hugged her tight from the back.

After her wounded was treated by Yoon Seong, Na Na insisted on helping him out in the mission to bring Kim Jeong Shik down. Yoon Seong told her not to get involved, but Na Na insisted on helping at least in the search for his lost mother. Yoon Seong gave up and let her helped.

The IT Chief visited Yoon Seong’s house to persuade him not to resign. Go Gi Joon and Shin Eun Ah came along with him. Na Na had to hide somewhere when Shin Eun Ah explored Yoon Seong’s house.

Yoon Seong was discussing with Baek Shik joong about the wat they’re going to handle Kim Jeong Shik matter and how they had to be ready to face his father’s interference.

Na Na asked Yoon Seong about his father, but Yoon Seong wasn’t sure how to answer her. Na Na asked if his father was the one who killed Lee Kyeong Wan, and since Yoon Seong only made a look with Bae Shik Joong, Na Na kind of knew the answer.

Kim Jeong Shik was a bit freak about his security for the fear of City Hunter. But Yoon Seong penetrate his barricade in a more clever and amusing way. Kim Jeong Shik was going to have a false tooth implant, and there exactly Yoon Seong planted his device.

Yoon Seong went to the vet clinic to pick up Na Na’s clothes, but Kim Jeong Shik’s man was there looking for Na Na. So Yoon Seong went to a department store and shopped so many clothes for her.

At home Bae Shik Joong found a shampoo and asked Na Na if she wanted to use it. Na Na said she’d love to, but her shoulder was still hurt. Bae Shik Joong was about to volunteer himself helping Na Na washed her hair, Yoon Seong took it over and did it for her.
It’s the famous hair wash scene! They finally had their happy moments together :) Yoon Seong started to call Na Na “Na Na Bear” from then on.

Yoon Seong was listening to Kim Jeong Shik’s conversation with an anonymous scholarship donor when he found out that the woman was his mother. He went to the institution, but failed to meet his mother.

Yoon Seong watched Kim Jeong Shik’s moves and figured out that Kim Jeong Shik was moving out his money.

Yeong Joo finally witnessed the real money that his father had been corrupting all this year. He persuaded his father to turn himself in, but Kim Jeong Shik refused.

Yoon Seong boycotted the money movement. But he had to deal with his father. Yoon Seong was not alone in the mission this time, he had Na Na and Bae Shik Joong’s help. He had prepared a plan to deal with his father.
He saved the money and tricked his own father. They sent the money to the students who were supposed to get the scholarships at the first place.

Mission accomplished. Bae Shik Joong shooed Na Na and Yoon Seong to go to the supermarket because they’re going to throw a party for their success.

Na Na and Yoon Seong went to the supermarket and bought lots of groceries. But when they’re about to enter parking lot, Na Na went out first and Yoon Seong was strangely locked inside. From a far, they saw a motorcycle approached Na Na. Yoon Seong could smell the danger. It’s gonna be his father!



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