City Hunter Episode 13 Summary

Na Na was once again saved by Yoon Seong, thanks to his quick response on the situation. Jin Pyo didn’t shoot him.

The incident left Yoon Seong a bad mood. Na Na’s request to him for not worrying about her if next time she’s in danger didn’t help his mood. But Na Na told him his reason. She’s such an understanding and tough girlfriend. She really was City Hunter’s girl.

Kim Jeong Shik made a twist words for media release, saying that City Hunter had stolen the university’s fund and the reason he kept the money at home was because he didn’t trust any bank.

Who’s he fooling anyway? The people might buy that crap, but the prosecutors didn’t. It cost Yeong Joo to be withdrawn from City Hunter case.

Yeong Joo almost got Yoon Seong when Yoon Seong was applying bugs in Kim Jeong Shik’s office. Thankfully Na Na helped him by calling Yeong Joo and pretended the line wasn’t working well to lead Yeong Joo out of the office. Na Na still didn’t know that Kim Jeong Shik was Kim Yeong Joo’s father.

Kim Yeong Joo still tried to persuade his father to do the right thing, but Kim Jeong Shik was too arrogant to do that. He didn’t feel guilty at all about the accident happened 10 years ago. Yeong Joo asked him about what happened on October 1983, his father didn’t say anything.

Yeong Joo was still looking for Kyeong Hee even though he was no longer in charge of City Hunter case. He found out that Kyeong Hee had a son who was stolen away on 1983.

On his way back, he saw Yoon Seong was sitting on his mother abandoned shop and started to figured out everything and for him all the clues made sense. He suspected the security man’s figure he saw earlier was also Yoon Seong.

He knew Yoon Seong placed a bug in his father’s office, so he pretended to visit his father again and received a phone call as if his men had found Kyeong Hee at a particular church. Yoon Seong ate the bait.

But the genius Yoon Seong quickly knew it was just a trap.

Bae Shik Joong was still in search of Lee Kyeong Hee. He found an address of Bota Temple and went there, but Kyeong Hee had left and likely would never come back there again. He bought a green tea made by the nuns and gave it personally to Shin Eun Ah at the Blue House. But Bae Shik Joong left Yoon Seong’s number to the ajeomma at the temple.

Meanwhile Yoon Seong had trouble contacting Bae Shik Joong because he dropped his phone into the water when he was at the temple. But Eun Ah who thought the tea was from Yoon Seong, called him to say thank and said his uncle who delivered it himself. Yoon Seong and Na Na rushed there because Kim Jeong Shik’s men must be around.
Yoon Seong and Na Na saw Bae Shik Joong was crossing the street when a car suddenly hit Bae Shik Joong. Yoon Seong saw the car’s police number. He recognized it as Kim Jeong Shik’s.

Bae Shik Joong’s condition was quite serious, but he survived the accident.

Kim Jeong Shik just hit the hornet hive.

Yoon Seong went to Yeong Joo’s medal honoring ceremony because Kim Jeong Shik attended that event. Yeong Joo put a recorder in his father’s pocket secretly.

Having his father coming there, Yeong Joo had a feeling that City Hunter would be there too, and yes he was.
When Yeong Joo was giving his speech, at the background screen showed the video where Yoon Seong debated his father to turn himself in for the hit and run accident 10 years ago that put Na Na’s parents as victims.

Na Na who came too because she heard the news from her aunt, was shocked. Kim Yeong Joo left the building.

Knowing his father would be in danger, Yeong Joo ran to save his father. Yoon Seong was already inside Kim Jeong Shik’s car and they drove a few kilo before Kim Jeong Shik managed to flee.

He fled to a crossing bridge and because of his greed, he almost fell down. He helf tight on the railing and Yoon Seong just left him there.
But then he remembered what Na Na told him about her believe that City Hunter wouldn’t kill anyone. Yeong joo came and called out his father’s name and he was about to save him when his father released his own grip from the railing. Yoon Seong was too late to grab Kim Jeong Shik’s hand.

So in Kim Yeong Joo’s point of view, City Hunter had made his father fell down from that bridge.



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