City Hunter Episode 15 Summary

Lee Jin Pyo got the original document related to the raid on October 1983 while the one Cheon Jae Man burnt was just a copy, but he didn’t know it.

Lee Jin Pyo called Yoon Seong to warned him about Yeong Joo because that prosecutor might have found out everything about them. Yoon Seong said his identity wouldn’t be revealed and he’d survive in order to protect people he loved.

Na Na and Yoon Seong visited Kyeong Hee in the hospital. She’s undergoing chemoteraphy. When Yoon Seong was alone with his mother, the mother said how pretty and kind Na Na was and she had seen her growing up. Yoon Seong said she wasn’t pretty and didn’t even act like woman. He told her how she lifted a sofa for a little kid who looked for coin.

Kyeong Hee said that boy, Yoon Shik, had a mother who’s in the ICU suffered from a leukemia too. She also said she worked for Hae Won Chemical. Yoon Seong recognized it as Cheon Jae Man’s company (Hae Won Group).

And then Kyeong Hee gave Yoon Seong the ring his father gave her. She told him to give it to Na Na. Even though Yoon Seong denied he’s in a relationship with Na Na, his mother know how much he liked her. She wanted him to find his happiness.

Yeong Joo was safe in the hospital because Yoon Seong called the emergency after saving him. Yeong Joo received a video message showing Cheon Jae Man’s man as the one who tried to kill him.

On his way out of the hospital, he coincidently saw Yoon Seong helping a Thai immigrant speaking to the nurse. Yeong Joo found that as a clue, Yoon Seong might have lived in Thailand in the past because he spoke Thai well. Since Na Na was with Yoon Seong, they finally got suspicious about their relationship and Prosecutor Jang told Yeong Joo about the event where he lost Yoon Seong on the National Forensic Service because Na Na suddenly appeared in front of him. All of this made Yeong Joo ordered Prosecutor Jang to investigate John Lee’s (Lee Yoon Seong) background in the US.

After a long day and a drink out with the president who gave him some advice about understanding his father’s situation, it’s very pleasing for Yeong Joo to have Se Hee in his house. She’s the only person Yeong Joo could share his burden and lift his spirit again.

Da Hye printed out Yoon Seong’s pictures that she had taken secretly. And among them there’s a picture of Na Na and Yoon Seong…it’s when Yoon Seong helped Na Na with a bandaid on her face.

Cheon Jae Man visited Yoon Shik’s mother to tell her that her sickness had nothing to do with her work and threatened her to hurt her child if she said her sickness is because of her work at Hae Won chemical. Yoon Seong followed Cheon to the hospital and found out Hae Won Chemical caused serious problems to the workers, many of them ended up suffered from cancer.

Na Na put the picture she got from Da Hye at Yoon Seong’s study, but Yoon Seong hate it and told her to throw it away, then accidently dropped it. Yoon Seong kept in his mind very seriously his father’s words about love.

When he’s taking a walk with Na Na he received a news from the hospital that his DNA test result let him help his mother.

At the hospital Jin Pyo secretly asked a nurse to turn on an old song Kyeong Hee really liked to hear. So this guy still had a little care for the woman whose life he ruined. Kyeong Hee told Na Na that he felt sorry for Yoon Seong to suffer to save her. And she asked Na Na if Yoon Seong had given her the ring yet. Na Na had no idea about it. That night Kyeong Hee had a chance to sleep with his son at the ICU. They talked about the dream of living together happily after she received the treatment. Kyeong Hee sang a lullaby for Yoon Seong.

Yeong Joo didn’t give up on Yoon Seong’s real identity. He traced back Yoon Seong’s life in US and found out he was using John Lee’s identity, a Us resident Korean who died on an accident when he was in highschool. Yoon Seong was only John Lee at university, but from birth date to highschool records was actually someone else. Yeong Joo confirmed it to a Korean man who went to the same highschool with John Lee and even the birth mother of John Lee confessed about a Korean man from the Golden Triangle who bought her son’s identity. Yeong Joo also dig up information from a couple of Thai drug trafficker who were interrogated at his office.

While Yeong Joo was busy finding out Yoon Seong’s real identity, Yoon Seong was at the hospital, helping his mother in the cancer treatment. But then Bae Shik Joong came protesting Yoon Seong in the hospital for freexing all of his credit cards. The upset Shik Joong ran away from home to Na Na’s place. After getting the news from Na Na, Yoon Seong hurriedly came to Na Na’s place to persuade his ajeossi not to go from home and make up with him. They were like husband and wife who were fighting about domestic money problem.

Back in the hospital, Yoon Seong got a little fever. He leaned on Na Na. It was a lovely moment until Na Na brought up the topic, “Why you never say it? That you like me, why you never say it?” Yoon Seong’s smile suddenly fade away and said he couldn’t say such a thing. Na Na tried to keep her pride, but actually hurt inside.

Still in a bad condition Yoon Seong went to Hae Won Chemical to investigate the company. Since there were so many dangerous chemical and he had to fight some men too, his condition got worse. In that very bad condition, Na Na called to tell him that they should go to hear the Bosingak bell on the last day of the year together with his mom.

That just put Yoon Seong in a worse agony. And when Yoon Seong arrived home, Yeong Joo was there. That prosecutor was almost sure that Yoon Seong wass City Hunter. Yoon Seong was so surprised when Yeong Joo called him “Poo Chai”, his nickname when he was still in Triangle.


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