City Hunter Episode 19 Summary

As Yeong Joo finally confirmed what he’s been suspicious about, Yoon Seong in cynical way asked him, “Kim Yeong Joo, are you happy now?” The police are coming, Yeong Joo finally just let Yoon Seong go.
But it wasn’t only Yoon Seong who escaped, Cheon Jae Man did too.

Yoon Seong visited Yeong Joo and asked him why he let him go. Yeong Joo said if he just thought himself as Kim Jeong Shik’s son, he would’ve arrested Yoon Seong. But as a prosecutor he had to admit that what justice couldn’t give to people, City Hunter could.

Cheon Jae Man called City Hunter to offer him getting the sealed document in order to make City Hunter stop following him. But Yoon Seong rejected the offer saying he would find it himself, and find Cheon as well.

The hostage, Cheon’s man, finally decided to help Yoon Seong with one condition. He asked Yoon Seong to terminate Cheon Jae Man. Yoon Seong agreed. The hostage then told Yoon Seong about Cheon Jae Man’s last hidden card: Yoon Seong’s own mother.

Meanwhile in the prosecutor’s office, Prosecutor Jang just brought some files from Cheon’s safe box that had very difficult locking system. The file was titled “Sunflower” and there’s a painting titled “Hyang Il” inside it and some documents having Kyeong Hee’s name on them.

Cheon Jae Man’s threatening the President that if the President didn’t help him get out of the country, he would expose about Kyeong Hee and their illegitimate son which would be a big blow for the President and his effort to make the private school reform bill goal in the assembly would fall apart. President Choi looked very surprise hearing about the fact that Kyeong Hee bore their child 28 years ago.

Then he asked Na Na to tell him where Kyeong Hee was. He even showed Na Na that he had the same handkerchief like hers.

Yoon Seong was visiting his mother in the hospital. When his mother was coughing and he gave her the handkerchief, his mother looked happy that he kept it well. She said she only gave that kind of handkerchief to people she liked. Yoon Seong said if she gave it to his father too. Kyeong Hee didn’t answer, and Yoon Seong didn’t push.But then Kyeong Hee asked, if Yoon Seong’s father had been alive, would have it been a good thing for him? Yoon Seong got suspicious and asked her back why she asked that kind of question. Kyeong Hee said it’s just out of nothing question.

Yoon Seong didn’t stop being curious. He asked Shik Joong for the contact he met when looking for Kyeong Hee. Yoon Seong finaly met this woman who told him about Kyeong Hee’s past. He finaly knew that Kyeong Hee was already pregnant by another man before Moo Yeol, who knew her condition, married her. In the right time, Na Na called her to let him knew that the President was looking for his mother saying that he owed her alot and he also had the same handkerchief like hers. So Yoon Seong kind of got his answer.

Yoon Seong went back to the hospital and told his mother that he knew everything, the truth about his real father was President Choi Eung Chan. His mother explained what really happened in the past. Yoon Seong said he’s sorry for his mom, but he didn’t resent her nor disappointed to her. He just thankful his mother was alive.

But the most surprising story was not about what really happened in the past, but about the fact that Lee Jin Pyo knew about it all from the beginning. He then went straightly to Jin Pyo’s house. He asked a rethoric question about why he did all this and saying he was someone else’s son. He told Jin Pyo he knew he’s the son of Choi Eung Chan and he would make Jin Pyo pay for twisting his whole life from the beginning. Yoon Seong gave him back the bullet pendant.

Yeong Joo was visiting Se Hee asking since when she knew about Yoon Seong. At first Se Hee didn’t want to say anything until Yeong Joo explained that he had found out everything about Yoon Seong. And he also hated it that he had to aknowledge that Yoon Seong’s method was better than him to bring justice to people. Se Hee said Yoon Seong was a lonely person and like a stranded puppy, just like Yeong Joo too.

Then she brought up their memory about going to Namsan to watch the sunflower. Right there Yeong Joo suddenly got an idea about the sunflower. He found the same painting on President’s personal blog.

After meeting Yoon Seong for asking him the reason why he also fight for the corrupts instead of just dealing with his revenge, he visited Jin Pyo. It’s quite confusing how Yeong Joo finally also figured out that Yoon Seong was President Eung Chan’s son, but let’s say he found it somewhere in Cheon’s “sunflower” document. He told Jin Pyo that he would reveal the truth about the raid in 1983 and brought the nation to the law for that action, too, including his own father and also Jin Pyo himself.

Apparently Cheon had sent the sealed document to Yeong Joo when he was in the airport and he wanted it back. So he sent some men to Yeong Joo’s house. Unfortunately, Se Hee was in Yeong Joo’s house and was on the phone call with Yeong Joo when those men attacked her.

Yeong Joo brought Se Hee to the hospital. Se Hee said she was okay and she forgive him. She said she wished for them to get back together again. Yeong Joo promised to take his chance to get back together with Se Hee. That time, when he left Se Hee in the hospital for work, he showed a lighter back and smiled to Se Hee.

Finaly Na Na also knew the truth about Yoon Seong’s relationship with President Choi.

Cheon told Jin Pyo about his whereabout, but turned out it was Yeong Joo who came. He was in big trouble fighting those men. Thankfully in the same time, Yoon Seong figured out Cheon’s whereabout too. He found the car and got the document, but still had no idea what happened to Yeong Joo. That Prosecutor was trying to hold Cheon Jae Man from leaving when Cheon’s man hit his head. Yoon Seong saw Cheon was leaving, but then he sensed something happened upstairs.

He found Yeong Joo badly bleeding, dying. Yeong Joo’s last wish was for Yoon Seong to reveal what had the nation did to its citizen. His last words were, “City Hunter…Lee Yoon Seong, please forgive my father. I’m sorry.”

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