City Hunter Episode 5 Summary

He was Yoon Seong who pushed Na Na to the floor, but still in the darkness he left. He ran  to Jin Pyo’s position at the across building.

Immediately Polices surrounded Jin Pyo. He still with his cold expession, but I know Jin Pyo was panic, he was trapped in the elevator and couldn’t escape, fortunately Yoon Seong came to help him.

Jin Pyo knew that Yoon Seong who messed up his plan to kill Seo Yong Hak. He was very angry to his son. But Yoon Seong still on his commitment, he said the best way to revenge is not to kill. Jin Pyo finally loosen up his temper a bit, he gives space to Yoon Seong for revenge with his own way and he even promised to help Yoon Seong. Actually, it just Jin Pyo’s tactic to made Yoon Seong slack and then he’ll take over and eventually he could kill all enemies.

Back to the crime scene, Na Na found the bullet-necklace. It is a clue to reveal who was the mysterious person who prevented her from the shooting. Before the police find it, she kept that necklace for herself . And the owner of that necklace, Yoon Seong, didn’t realize that his necklace was missing.

Actually even though Seo Yong Hak is a General on military, his three sons, managed to  avoid the military service with the fake-illness reason. Refused to take part on military service is a deadly sin, because it’s betraying their own country. Seo Yong Hak’s scandals not only that,  he also had to responsible for the poor quality of the military infrastructure, which he supplied from Mars Inc.

Yeong Joo investigated who Seo Yong Hak’s shooter was. He checked the CCTV footage from the elevator, and too bad the culprit’s face wasn’t revealed. He could just see Jin Pyo’s back.

Na Na success for saving the General but not her apartment because the owner asked her to leave. if she didn’t move immediately, she will be expelled.
For Na Na’s apartement, Yoon Seong asked ajeossi a bit of help. The ajeossi undertook the mission very well,a little bit arrogant indeed but no problem because now the building (not only Na Na’s flat) belongs to Yoon Seong.

Since  his father didn’t have poppy fields in Thailand just like Yoon Seong, Yeong Joo wasn’t able to buy the building for Na Na, so with his alter ego a the kidari ajeossi he was just able to send her the encouraging letter “don’t be afraid of the shadows, because not far from you, there is light”

Na Na was so happy reading the letter from her kidari ajeossi.  Yoon Seong tailing her like a puppy when Na Na came to Soo Hee (Na Na and Soo Hee has known each other since they live on the same neighboorhood ) to show her that letter. However actually there’s Yeong Joo on the clinic, they surprised. Little bit ackward at first, but then Soo Hee explained to Na Na that Yeong Joo just her old friend.

Finally four of them  sit together and have a tea. Na Na looked trembling when they saw some news about Kim Jong Shik.   Suddenly she recalled about the car accident that happened ten years ago. Yeong Joo wondered and then asked her, but Na Na just replied that she didn’t like that person, Kim Jong Shik.

Yeon Seong get jealous because Na Na chose Yeong Joo to drive her home, actually she just wanted to asked about the case that happened ten years ago, the car accident which made her mother past away and her father stayed in a coma.

Na Na asked  if there were any possibility for re-investigation of that case. Even his expression looked suspicious, but Yeong Joo finally replied that Na Na (as the family member) could still made a request for re-trial if  she found new evidences.  Na Na looked relieved, she still had hope for the truth of this case, even Yeong Joo promised to help her.

Yeon Seong just realized that he lost his necklace and he didn’t know if Na Na got it. Meanwhile Na Na, in her apartment, was still wondering about the owner of that necklace.

Seo Yong Hak was thinking that his murder attempt was connected with his dirty job on Mars Inc., supplying the low-quality military equipment,  especially for the lousy boots that have caused many soldiers attacked by tetanus. And it was all his responsibility.

Together with Cheon Jae Man, Seo Yong Hak talked about the military tags found in Lee Kyeong Wan neck. they both immediately recalled about military secret mission on October 1983. They worried, because if the scandal revealed to the public then it’s over for them.

Meanwhile, President Choi was still thinking about the connection between Jin Pyo with the disappearance of Kyeong Hee’s son.

Suddenly the internet got hacked, the damage boot with terrible nails  image appeared on screen, but soon Yoon Seong managed to fix it. Well, actually Yoon Seong knew who was the culprit. He was his seonbae, Go Gi Jun.

Cheon Jae Man’s errand was to go to Mi Jon-Do Jin’s apartment for digging some information about the mysterious guy “City Hunter”, but the children moved. Then finally his supervision reached Na Na.

Yoon Seong and Na Na (un-intended) drove home Go Gi Jun who was drunk. When they arrived  on Go Gi Jun’s apartment,  they were quite surprised that Go Gi Jun’s brother was difable, his leg had amputated. Yoon Seong seemed to be able to understand Go Gi Jun’s anxiety during these times. Go Gi Jun had been thinking about his brother who lost a leg due to tetanus that caused by bad quality of military boots.

On the way home, Yoon Seong rested his head on Na Na’s shoulder, these two seemed already in peace.

Cheon Jae Man’s man inside when Na Na and Yoon Seong arrived. Na Na didn’t aware of it, but Yoon Seong realized that the bad guy was a danger for Na Na. Yoon Seong immediately led him to go outside the apartment. In the dim light condition, Yoon Seong and that guy were fighting. Yoon Seong managed to hide his face during the fight. Oh seeing this scene, frankly i had a crush on Lee Min Ho…he’s not flower boy anymore, he’s totaly sexy.

After winning the fight, Yoon Seong was back inside and returned to Na Na’s book that was taken by that guy.  And Yoon Seong acted as if nothing happened.
And without Na Na knowing, Yoon Seong stayed in front of apartment all night long. He worried about Na Na.

Na Na threatened with being fired if she wasn’t able to solve her financial problems and her apartement. Na Na soon met the owner, but she was surprised to know that her apartment had been bought by someone and that person was Lee Yoon Seong.

In hurry she met Lee Yoon Seong. She was very disappointed and angry with him for interfering her life and bought her apartment…for her it was too out of line.

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