City Hunter Episode 6 Summary

To make Na Na not feel miserable and poor anymore,  Yoon Seong explained to Na Na that he bought the building not because of pity for her, but he just want to stay there, since the location close to the Blue House. He even asked Na Na to get out immediatelly from apartment.

Yeong Joo still investigated Lee Kyeong Wan kidnap case and Seo Yeong Hak murder attempt case. finally he get the clue for the suspect. The police who guarded Lee Kyeong Wan when the kidnapping occurred said that the culprit walking unproperly, there’s a trouble on his leg.

Yoon Seong prove his words, he tranformed the building to becomes his fortress. He installs the security equipment for  Na Na safe.
But he still has one hard job, he must asked Na Na to keep stay on her apartment, but his dignity too high to begged to Na Na.

With his way, Yoon Seong asked Na Na, but Na Na was too angry to accept it. She just handed over her dog, Blackie, to Yoon Seong, then she left.

Yoon Seong didn’t give up. He followed her, but not only him who followed Na Na, Seo Yong Hak’s bodyguard was also tailing her.

Na Na decided to stay in hospital for a while and look after her father. Yoon Seong managed to get rid of Seo Yong Hak’s guard.

Yoon Seong had hard time in Na Na’s house. Nothing worked right and for a prince like him, it’s very torturing.

Yeong Joo’s team found out about the hacking issue at the Blue House the other day. Yeong Joo thought it might be related to the threats recently pointing at Seo Yeong Hak. So they got Go Gi Jun for investigation.

Bae Shik Joong made a presentation about his finding of something strange from one of Seo Yeong Hak’s sons’ x-ray result. Seo Yeong Hak’s son could avoid military service because he reportedly suffered from a serious leg injury. But Bae Shik Joong could prove it that the injured leg x-ray result was different from the healthy leg x-ray result of Seo Yeong Hak’s son.

Na Na was over reacted on protecting Seo Yeong Hak that she smackdowned an over-excited supporter.

Meanwhile Yoon Seong finally could find an excuse to bring Na Na back to her house. Her dog pooped and Yoon Seong refused to pick it so he called Na Na to do it.

And he finally told Na Na to live together with him. He had good reasons to convince her: she had nowhere to go anyway. “You don’t have to pay the rent. All you have to do just to cook and to clean up the house.” Na Na worried about the idea of a man and a woman live under the same roof. But Yoon Seong made sure that she was the judo master and she’s no way his type. But Yoon Seong’s true reason was to protect Na Na.

Na Na set up the rules of they’re living together. She even set the penalty amount for all levels of physical contact. “Then how much is for a kiss?” challenged Yoon Seong. “A million won!” said Na Na.

Yoon Seong kept playing as an annoying prince, and he couldn’t avoid admitting that he’s flustered seeing Na Na with her wet hair when she’s out of the bathroom. The night seemed a long and awkward night for both of them.

And Na Na refused to be seen together with Yoon Seong in the morning because she worried about rumor.

Yoon Seong came to visit Go Gi Joon to convince him to reveal the truth so that the Prosecutor would get him out of jail. But Go Gi Joon refused it to protect his brother. Yoon Seong scolded Gi Joon’s brother for not trying hard enough to help Gi Joon. Yoon Seong had his own way of caring people.

Seo Yeong Hak was meeting his big client, Hudson, in a hotel where Yeong Joo and Se Hee was also going there to attend a friend’s event. Yeong Joo confronted Seo Yeong Hak and his client saying that Mars company better shouldn’t make any illegal trading and violating Korean law.

If Yeong Joo made a confrontation, Yoon Seong did it in a much clever way. He, with the help from Bae Shik Joong, put wire and cameras in the room where Seo Yeong Hak and Hudson were making illegal trading agreement.

After he finished his job, Yoon Seong met Se Hee in the bar, drinking alone. He joined her but then accidently she spilled a wine on Yoon Seong’s shirt. She insisted on cleaning it, so both of them were going to the room together.Yeong Joo who was actually looking for Se Hee saw the scene.

Meanwhile Na Na was ordered by Seo Yeong Hak to get something from the previous room, but she got the wrong room number. Instead of going to Seo Yeong Hak’s previous room, she knocked on Yoon Seong’s room. She was surprised seeing Yoon Seong came out with his bathrobe and Se Hee appeared from behind him. And the tense was getting higher when Yeong Joo also came to the room and saw the scene.

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