City Hunter Episode 2 Summary

Seven years after knowing the story about his biological father, recieving semi-military training and with new-fake-identity as the 28 years old genius Phd graduated from MIT, Yoon Seong was back to Korea for revenge.

But as Jin Pyo said during his mission he must remember three points: first, he must forget his old identity, second don’t trust anyone, and last, he was banned to fall in love, because the person he loves will be in danger.

Back in Seoul, Kim Na Na (Park Min Yeong) doing various jobs to pay for hospital costs for his father who has been in a coma for 10 years. She never gives up for his only family. Her mother had died 10 years ago.

That night she became the driver, she had to drive Yoon Seong and a girl. Suddenly came the guy distracting them, and he also wanted to take the girl, but Na Na managed to disharm him.

Actually Yoon Seong was in the middle of his mission to seduce that girl to leak some clues about his target, Lee Kyeong Wan. But Kim Na Na felt sick looking at this couple because they’re making out constantly in the car. She gave up and went out of the car, but unfortunately she forgot her cell phone.

Soon she realized that her cell phone was still on Yoon Seong’s car. She begged Yoon Seong to give back her cellphone, but Yoon Seong was busy digging some information from Lee Kyeong Wan’s mistress.

Kim Na Na was almost despair because she knew there’s something wrong with her father at the hospital but she couldn’t pick up  the hospital call.

And that’s right. At the hospital the doctor said that his father needed to have surgery or she gave up to let the father die. She got confused because she had no money to pay the surgery. But, suddenly Yoon Seong came he said: “go ahead with the surgery, i have already paid for it.”

When Na Na asked for the reason why he helped her, he just replied that he didn’t want to hear that someone died because of him. It wasn’t a help, so Na Na  no need to pay him back.

Na Na got a new (real) job, as secret agent who in charge to guard the president and family. She was really happy because it’s same with her father’s job. On her first day, she found a surprise because she met again with Yoon Seong. That day also Yoon Seong’s first day working as newbie on IT division, while Na Na as new comer alongside Shin Eun Ah. Their duty was to guard the president’s spoiled daughter, Choi Da Hye (Goo Ha Ra).

Na Na insisted on paying back Yoon Seong, regardless his refusal. Finally he agreed to make  a deal, but he didn’t want Na Na’s money. So to pay her debt, Na Na has to be his assitant with simple duties like becoming a driver for him and making him coffee, but it’s for two hundred times.

Don’t get wrong. Yoon Seong knew exactly who was Na Na. She was the girl in the photo, his encouragement during his hard times since when he was in Thailand. Actually Yoon Seong being cold like that not because he didn’t like Na Na, but because he remembered his father’s words, that the people around him would be in danger.

Yoon Seong continued on investigating Lee Kyeong Wan, the first from the five targets. Of the five targets, Jin Pyo was only sure about Lee Kyeong Wan. According to Jin Pyo, if they’re successful to reveal Lee Kyeong Wan’s sins and eliminate him, then the four remaining persons will reveal themselves. Yoon Seong wondered why his father put him close to President Choi on Blue House, Jin Pyo just said that it’s a part of his grand design.

Meanwhile the prosecutor, Kim Yeong Joo (yeah he’s the same guy whom Na Na beat off that night) also put more attention on Lee Kyeong Wan’s works, about his bribes cases. But it was too difficult to reach him, since Lee Kyeong Wan was very powerfull, he’s the congressman. He still needed more evident to bring Lee Kyeong Wan behind the bar.

When Yoon Seong was putting bugs on Lee Kyeong Wan’s phone, he saw Yeong Joo was talking with Lee  Kyeong Wan. He heard Lee Kyeong Wan mentioned about Yeong Joo’s father, but Lee Kyeong Wan saw him, he ran, and of course he managed to escape.

Yoon Seong back to his luxurious house, he found some  clues from Lee Kyeong Wan’s notes, about amount of money and his manipulations on Sunshine Foundation.

Needed extra energy to keep Da Hye on sight. This girl is really stubborn and spoiled. The women guards had to follow her where ever she went, even to the nightclub. On the same club, Yoo Seong was still digging some information from Lee Kyeong Wan’s mistress, but he felt that this girl was not useful anymore, so he dumped her. That girl tried to keep a hold on him. To make this girl go away, he kissed Na Na who suddenly appeared in front of him…yeah he kissed that girl suddenly without permission, and actually that’s managed to make that bitch go away.

While Na Na was still shocked Yoon Seong gave her money as compensation because of that kiss. But soon after she’s “awake” from the shock she gave some lesson to Yoon Seong by throwing his body to the floor…She’s the judo master.

Da Hye ranaway. In the middle of searching that girl, Na Na met Yeong Joo. Finally she knew that guy is a prosecutor. Yeong Joo helped them to find Da Hye. Yeong Joo asked her about the woman she drove that night, Na Na suggested to asked about her to Yoon Seong.

Yoon Seong was still teasing Na Na about their kiss last night. He didn’t apologize about that, for him it’s an ordinary thing the same as saying hello. Na Na who was still upset about that kiss (since it was her first kiss) gave some lessons for Yoon Seong on Judo practicing, he knocked him out. But then on second lesson, Yoon Seong’s movement made her fall and her ankle twisted.

Yeong Joo met Yoon Seong to aske about Lee Kyeong Wan’s mistress. But (of course) he didn’t get satisfying answer from him.

Yoon Seong felt responsible because Na Na’s injury. He brought her to the hospital and forced her to drive her home. At the hospital he met the children from Na Na’s neighborhood. The nurse said those chidren was alergic to flour but she wondered since they are the poor people why they are not registered on Sunshine Welfare Program that will back up their hospital fare. For Yoon Seong, Sunshine foundation reminded him about Lee Keong Wan’s  dirty job.

Finally Yoon Seong was in Na Na’s apartment. He acted like he was in his own home in there, even he cooked ramen for himself. He wondered why on every Na Na’s furnitures there’s a red sticker, Na Na said that the bank who put those stickers, since his father in a coma for ten years and her mother died ten years ago, so to pay the hospital cost she must depend on debt. Her expalination made Yoon Seong speechless.

The kid, Mi Jin, collapsed because of her allergic. Yoon Seong and Na Na helped them. Those kids had to eat bread because they didn’t have any money to buy somethings else, their father had gone since ten days ago.

They didn’t want to come to foundation, for them it’s better being starving than being called as a beggar.

Seeing their agonies made Yoon Seong angry, why there are children starving while the tax was paid. Na Na and Yeon Seong came to the foundation office to meet the person in charge on this matter. They’re disappointed with their answers. Mi Jin and her brother were actually registered on Sunshine Foundation but they didn’t get the  fund. Yoon Seong smell something fishy with that guy, because earlier he saw him getting into the Lee Kyeong Wan’s car.

At the moment he planned something to get some information from that guy’s desk. While Na Na went to the restroom, he saw that guy demolishing the papers, it made him more curious. Then what would he do to get the evidence??? I bet there will be more tension on next episode.

Yeah..after a several months of finally i’m back for writing the summary. Although it is long after the drama was aired, for City Hunter there’s no word “late.” This drama is too cool to be missed and I feel like we need to continue on this one. We need to have the file for City Hunter. So here i am…once again adoring the Yoon Seong’s charisma. I hope you too… :mrgreen:

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