City Hunter Episode 20 Summary (Final)

Kim Yeong Joo was dead. Just cried if you like. I always cry even after rewatching it so many times.

Yoon Seong took Yeong Joo’s phone and found a text under his name, City Hunter, telling Yeong Joo to go to the junkyard. He knew it’s his father.

Lee Jin Pyo was going to kill Cheon Jae Man with his own hand. He got a plan and Yoon Seong had no doubt that his father would really kill that man. Jin Pyo showed up in the port. Cheon Jae Man begged for his life, but that’s meaningless for Jin Pyo. Cheon Jae Man was dead.

Yoon Seong opened the classified document and read it through. It explained in detail about what happened on that bleak night on October 1983 at Nampo Water. And the document, of course, showed the names behind the mission. The last person was the President himself, his own father, Choi Eung Chan.

Yoon Seong confronted his father, especially for the death of Yeong Joo. He also warned his father that he couldn’t take revenge to his own father and whatever Jin Pyo plan, he wouldn’t let that happen.

Seo Yeong Hak decided to speak up about what happened on October 1983 and President Choi was the next target of City Hunter. The President then held a press conference regarding Seo’s statement.

It’s a very sad scene in Yeong Joo’s funeral. Everyone was crying for him.

President Choi came to pay his respect. But when Yoon Seong showed up, Prosecutor Jang couldn’t hold his emotion, yelling out at him and blamming him, City Hunter, for killing Kim Yeong Joo even though it’s right in front of the President.

President Choi kind of finaly figured out who Yoon Seong really was. He actually had details about Lee Yoon Seong since he entered the country and the Blue House, and he found some logic connection with the events that had happened in the Blue House and to his poor fellows.
He also got more information from Prosecutor Jang about Yoon Seong’s relationship with Lee Jin Pyo and to the sweep mission on October 1983. And Prosecutor Jang also told him that Lee Yoon Seong was the son of Park Moo Yeol and a woman named Lee Kyeong Hee.

President Choi summoned Yoon Seong. Knowing that young man was actually his son, he had a different look to Yoon Seong. He made matters related to his personal blog as an excuse. Yoon Seong asked the President if what he said in the press conference were true. The President said yes. During his presidency, his focus was on two things: people’s health care and education. They’re all for the greater good. “Even if you took the wrong way to achieve them?” was Yoon Seong’s final question.

Yoon Seong found out that the President did take whatever it takes to pass the private school bills. He was meeting with an assembly man to bribe him to let the bill pass. He promised the assembly man that the prosecutors wouldn’t be able to touch him. Yoon Seong confronted the President right in that spot. He was expressing his disappointment even though the President explained that it was how politics worked. Yoon Seong told him that he had the sealed document and he would make the President regreted his own decision.

Yoon Seong got an info from a senior reporter that President must have a ledger book, a record for his own bribery. So all Yoon Seong needed to do was to find that ledger book. He secretly searched it in President’s study, but surprisingly, he found President Choi himself handed it to him.
President asked him why he did all this. Yoon Seong said because of trust, trust of the people to their representative politicians and the trust the dead soldiers in Nampo water that their nation would protect them. “Protecting that trust, is my great cause.”

President Choi said that he never had a day when he didn’t remember what happened that October 1983. He said he understood Jin Pyo’s pain.

The next thing President said hold Yoon Seong’s steps. “Yoon Seong-a,” he called, “you are living like this, father is very sorry.”

Yoon Seong finaly spread the copy of the sealed documents and the President’s ledger book to the media. In the same time, the private school bill is passed in the national assembly meeting. But out there, the country was shaking by the spread shocking news. The assembly was declaring an impeachment, but the President said he honestly felt free.

Everyone was ready, Yoon Seong and Jin Pyo, especially. Meanwhile the President also look ready. Na Na became more alert.

So here came the D-day. Jin Pyo showed up in front of President, but Yoon Seong stepped forward to stop him. This father and son were pointing gun towards each other. Yoon Seong expressed his true feelings about he had been through and the bleak future that might come after this. “I just wanted to live a normal and happy life with you, Father. But, it’s all a dream.” Yoon Seong pointed the gun to his own head.

President Choi stopped it. Na Na asked Yoon Seong to stop it all. He wouldn’t let Yoon Seong died, but he himself was kind of ready to let Jin Pyo took out his life. Jin Pyo pulled the trigger, but Yoon Seong took the bullet for his real father. Na Na had no choice but to shoot Jin Pyo.

There’s no other end for Jin Pyo. He declared to the bodyguards that he’s City Hunter, the only survivor from Nampo Water sweep mission, and he came to take revenge of that to all 5 people, including the President. He slid down the bullet from his gun and then point it to the guards, it’s a suicide. Jin Pyo saw it’s his only way out. The two dying father and son, held each other’s hand for the last time.

Time went by. Na Na’s father passed away. Da Hye opened her own coffee shop. Eun Ah and Ki Joon were getting married.Shik Joong and Kyeong Hee were ready to move to the US.

And at last…someone kept his promise. After everything was finish, Yoon Seong promised to come back alive to Na Na’s side.

and those who have sacrificed their lives for the country, get their right..

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  1. do you have an IRIS episodes summary?? if none..can you please make a review and summary of it? thank u so much…

  2. Candy Rose O. Sipalay

    I like the City Hunter its very challenging Aztig talaga si Kim Na Na Please I request na my Part II sana Thanks

  3. Why do dey always av 2 end dier movie dis way? Yyyyyy?! Did kim nana en yoon sung end up 2geda? Yes or no? I dnt undastnd! *sad* y cnt dey always kiSs en makeup! Deres always suspense! *psssh,annoyin!

  4. Wow!so dis hw it end. At least kim na na nd lee yoon sung should hv given each oda a kiss,am jst dissapointed dat it ended dat way

  5. so,yoon sung didnt die in the end…what a good ending!!!

  6. I’m glad he was alive at the end. otherwise, it will be very tragic from beginning to end. The cast was great!The script was superb!

  7. Ouch…! Uff couldn’t hold of my emotions. Yyy… to end this way aiego! Wish hapy ever after sob..sob..;(;(

  8. skills chijioke

    I love the movie…..its really good…

  9. Them noh fit kiss sef!!!!nah so dem de ever dey end their film.

  10. I really enjoyed de movie….b@ dey should av end it well wit a gud bye kiss

  11. excellent movie, great cast and drama, very poignant .

    Question – the ending is he alive or is that a dream?

  12. seriouslyyyyyy!!!!
    The end wasn’t enough :(
    I kept looking for one more episode for a whileeee!!!!
    I mean, why his mom is gonna move to US?
    why city hunter and kim nana met each other AFTER A WHILLLLE
    and why r they at the airport
    I feel sad

  13. Excellent movie and acting.Please consider City Hunter II.

  14. Great n talented actors used,but it shuld have been lee n nana in romantic ending

  15. I really love dis movie but what happened last is what i don’t get did they end up 2gether?

  16. I love love city hunter it inspiring not to talk of that city hunter to good looking so perfect his hair his height his everything I love you Kim your awesome gosh I like it when she’s a little funny hmm and prosecutor guy is good don’t like it that he died too bad but love it that city hunter came back to life I love so much looking forward to seeing you God bless Koreans

  17. Luv ol the actors especiall Lee Min Ho as Yeong Sung

  18. Awsome, really inspiring

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