City Hunter Episode 8 Summary

Yoon Seong was badly injured. He couldn’t go to the regular hospital, so he broke into Se Hee’s animal clinic. Se Hee was back to her clinic to take something when she found Yoon Seong was there. She treated his wound, but didn’t ask anything about it. She paid her debt to Yoon Seong by helping him. Yoon Seong had a very bad dream that night. Se Hee lent him Yeong Joo’s old clothes.

Meanwhile Na Na who’s been wondering where Yoon Seong was saw him saying goodbye to Sa Hee and misunderstood again.

Yeong Joo got the trace of the cctvs hacker IP Address. It belongs to the Blue House. He ordered a confiscation of all Blue House’s IT office’s computers.

Looking at Yoon Seong’s outfit, he recognized them as his old clothes.He met Yoon Seong again in the toilet and they both were involved in a fight.
Yeong Joo said that Sae Hee should have met someone better, not a playboy like Yoon Seong. “What’s wrong with me?” challenged Yoon Seong. “I’m not playing her! Are you that afraid that I like her for real? You’re the one who should fix your own feelings.I’m not like you who only dares to be the ‘kidari ajeossi’, watching from behind.”

Yoon Seong was scolded very harshly by his father. Jin Pyo was about to take over the plan, but Yoon Seong insisted that he’d continue on this and promised him there wouldn’t be anymore failure. Bae Shik Joong helped Yoon Seong in presenting his plan to his father.

Yoon Seong tried so many ways to prevent Na Na becoming Seo Yeong Hak’s bodyguard on the day of their attack. He’s afraid that Na Na’s life would be in danger because his father would be around to make sure this plan would run well. The attempt on hitting Na Na’s head with a flower pot (which actually dropped accidently) didn’t work. Then poisoning Na Na’s drink ended up poisoning Shin Eun Ah because they changed drinks at the last moment.

Da Hye made Yoon Seong stayed with them in the karaoke place. So Yoon Seong had to have Bae Shik Joong in another karaoke room to help him change the bandage and treat his wound.

While Shin Eun Ah was having problem with her system and Da Hye stayed in the toilet with her, Na Na was out and saw Bae Shik Joong.
The big mystery of how the two were connected was finally answered. Na Na called him Bae Man Dook and he was actually the only witness who saw the accident happened to Na Na’s family. But that time Bae Shik joong took the bribe and changed his testimony and then left the country.

While Na Na was looking for Bae Shik Joong, Da Hye was facing a problem. A couple of girls came into the toilet talking bad things about the President and the youngest daughter, Da Hye, and that provoked Da Hye. The girls thought Da Hye and Shin Eun Ah were joking around when saying Da Hye was the President’s daughter, so they kept talking bad things. The girls were soon involved in a barbaric fight. And it was uploaded on Youtube.
The incident made Na Na was suspended for 6 months because she left her post for personal matter.

Yoon Seong was happy and sad in the same time about Na Na’s suspension. He worried watching Na Na was down, so he asked her out for a joy ride. It’s pretty much like a date, but then the rain ruined it all and Yoon Seong’s car’s roof didn’t work.

So they soaked and Yoon Seong had to bring Na Na to his real house.
Awkward thing started when Yoon Seong could see through Na Na’s wet white shirt.

And then he was completely mesmerized seeing Na Na put on his white shirt without any long pants. Na Na fell asleep on the couch and Yoon Seong saw it and he covered Na Na with blanket. Watching that girl slept very beautifully, Yoon Seong couldn’t help himself. He was about to kiss Na Na when she opened her eyes. Thought Yoon Seong would refrain, but he just proceed…just so close for a kiss when his mobile was ringing.

It’s from the father to make sure everything ran well for their plan the next day.

Yoon Seong dropped Na Na home and she asked him what he wanted to eat for dinner. Yoon Seong his request and then go.

What he didn’t know was Na Na got a call from her chief to get back to work to guard Seo Yeong Hak on the event.

City Hunter was back in action. On Seo Yeong Hak’s media campaign, Yoon Seong took over the control room and broadcast the video he recorded about Seo Yeong Hak’s deal with Hudson the other day.

Yeong Joo, who was there, could smell the presence of City Hunter. He got Yoon Seong at the emergency exit stairs and involved in fight with him.

Fleeing from Yeong Joo, he ran into Seo Yeong Hak and Na Na. Yeong Joo asked Na Na to grab Seo Yeong Hak, but Seo Yeong Hak caught Na Na.

When he lost his focus, Na Na fought him, but it made Na Na thrown from the corridor. She hung on the railing while Seo Yeong Hak fled. Yeong Joo ran to catch Seo Yeong Hak while Yoon Seong tried his best to save Na Na. His wound was open again and he bled. Jin Pyo was watching from the ground floor.

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