City Hunter Episode 3 Summary

Yoon Seong made the fire alarm ringing, when the people panic he managed to reach Shin Ji Dong’s desk. He took pictures of those papers and also grabbed the wrecked papers in garbage bin.

In his apartment Yoon Seong fixed up those papers. It’s the list of Sunshine Foundation’s beneficiaries. Apparently there are two different data. Obviously there has been manipulation of data by Shin Ji Dong under Lee Kyeong Wan’s order.

Yoon Seong has bugged Lee Kyeong Wan’s cell phone, so he could hear the conversation between Lee Kyeong Wan and Shin Ji Dong. There has been misappropriation of tax funds by Lee Kyeong Wan through Sunshine foundation.

When Shin Ji Dong was about to hand over the money to Lee Kyeong Wan, Yoon Seong grabbed it.

Then he sent all data and evidence to Myeong Joo. Finally Myeong Joo had enough evidence to investigate Lee Kyeong Wan, but unfortunately since he’s the congressman, arresting him must be approved by other parliament members. Lee Kyeong Wan managed to convince his colleagues that he was not involved in corruption, once again Myeong Joo failed to arrest him.

Oh yeah, just for information, the evidence that Yoon Seong collected couldn’t be used by Myeong Joo because those were illegal. In law, you can’t trap the thief by stealing.

But Yoon Seong obviously not going to give up with this failure. He undertook another method to make Lee Kyeong Wan confessed all his crimes.

Shin Ji Dong remembered the guy who grabbed the money from him as the same guy who came to the Sunshine Foundation to ask about social security for Mi Jin and Doo Jin.

Yeong Joo felt uneasy so he decided to meet his ex-wife, Soo Hee. In the middle of their conversation they mentioned about Na Na, little bit suspicious. What is Na Na for him? He just knew Na Na, but he talked about her as if Kim Na Na was his old friend.

After his Thailand wife past  away, Baek Sik Joong back to Korea to look after Yoon Seong. Yoon Seong was really glad to meet the ajeossi again, Baek Sik Joong was like a mother for him.

Lee Kyeong Wan invited Mi Jin and Doo Jin on his event as special guest. To cleaning his name and also as a bait for the mysterious guy (Yoon Seong). And of course , our hero, Yoon Seong, will not miss that opportunity. Lee Kyeong Wan’s friend, Cheon Jae Man , Seo Yong Hak, and Kim Jong Sik,  Na Na and Yeong Joo also came to that event.

With voluntary, Yoon Seong came to meet Lee Kyeong Wan personally. Yoon Seong managed to make Lee Kyeong Wan confessed his crimes, and actually on Yoon Seong’s glasses there’s a camera, then Baek Sik Joong was in charge to broadcast that confession moment to all over the country through the internet and also to main hall where the people were gathering for that event.
Yeong Joo responded quickly. He immediately requested an arrest warrant for Lee Kyeong Wan.

Oh in this episode, I think Yoon Seong was too sexy to be real, you must see him when he defeat the big guy only with a spoon.

Then, Cheon Jae Man’s bodyguard brought Lee Kyeong Wan away from that place, actually to make him dissapeared (died), Cheon Jae Man  worried if Lee Kyeong Wan opened his mouth about their sins. Yoon Seong managed to get him back, from the beginning he didn’t want to kill  Lee Kyeong Wan.

He just wanted Lee Kyeong Wan to take responsibility before the law, so he handed the package to Yeong Joo, after he put the military tags on Lee Kyeong Wan neck.
On investigation, Yeong Joo asked about the tags, but Lee Kyeong Wan had no idea about them.

After the hard day, Yoon Seong ended on Na Na’s house. He had dinner there by “force”, well Na Na didn’t really like the idea but he insisted it.

Jin Pyo was angry when he knew that Yoon Seong didn’t kill Lee Kyeong Wan. Oh how could this ajeossi force this loveable guy to become a killer….

On his apartment, Baek Sik Joong transformed into ajeomma. He bought so much stuffs with Yoon Seong’s cards and Yoon Seong got angry when Baek Sik Joong talked about his mother.

President Choi got the report about Lee Kyeong Wan, and he’s getting curious when he heard about military tags. They belong to soldiers who were dissapeared on October 1983. Suddenly he remembered about the military secret mission  28 years ago.

Baek Sik Joong was seeking the information about Yoon Seong’s mother. And he got her address. He gave the address to Yoon Seong, and adviced him to meet her soon. As Baek Sik Joong always said “blood is thicker than water”

Lee Kyeong Hee, Yoon Seong’s mother has a tiny food stall. While Yoon Seong saw her from a distance, Kyeong Hee approached by someone. He led her to get into a car, there seemed to be someone who wanted to talk to her secretly in the car. And he was president Choi.

It wasn’t Kyeong Hee who was shocked by her guest, Yoon Seong was also surprised by Lee Jin Pyo’s presence. His father had arrived in Korea.

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