City Hunter Episode 9 Summary

Yoon Seong could finaly saved Na Na, but the plan turned to a mess. Jin Pyo and his man stepped in. They kidnapped Seo Yeong Hak to an abandoned building for further interrogation.

Meanwhile Yeong Joo managed hunt them down because he had put a tracking device earlier when he fought with Yoon Seong.

Jin Pyo was about to kill Seo Yeong Hak, but Yoon Seong had a hidden plan. Bae Shik Joong release a gas.

Yoon Seong brought Seo Yeong Hak to the prosecutor office, while Shik Joong brought Jin Pyo home.

The Captain was furious. He beat up Shik Joong and threatened Yoon Seong. Yoon Seong confronted him by saying, “I don’t want to create another me. If not for this revenge, I’d rather live an ordinary life with my parents. After dealing with this revenge, I want to live again with you in a peaceful and happy life.”

His challenge him if he’s gonna go against his own father. Yoon Seong said yes. He said it’s his revenge, too so he’d do it in his own way, even if he had to fight his own father.
“Don’t touch those I cherish. I will protect them, including you, Father.” Jin Pyo ordered his man to investigate Na Na.

Yoon Seong’s wound was open again and he fell unconscious at home. Bae Shik Joong invited Se Hee to their house to treat Yoon Seong.

Even though he was in a very bad condition and Bae Shik Joong told him that Na Na’s injury wasn’t serious, he kept worrying Na Na. He talked coldly when Na Na called him, but he was so afraid that his father would do something to her. After having a bad dream which was the version of what if he failed saving Na Na on the corridor today, he rushed to Na Na’s place.

Na Na was out at the rooftop because she couldn’t sleep either. Yoon Seong was there. Na Na nagged about he didn’t pick up her phone and how much she worried…Yoon Seong stopped her with a kiss.
Yoon Seong told her to close the door well, eat well and took care of herself well too.

Se Hee heard Yoon Seong sleep talking mentioned Kim Jeong Shik’s name. She told him that Kim Jeong Shik’s son was Kim Yeong Joo.

Yeong Joo conducted the investigation on Seo Yeong Hak’s case. Seo Yeong Hak cooperated well and asked Yeong Joo to sue me quickly so he could be safe in jail because City Hunter wouldn’t reach him there.

Yeong Joo asked about the raid in 1983, but Seo Yeong Hak said he didn’t know anything about it. Yeong Joo asked the President for the access to reveal the names of soldiers died on October 1983 raid. He believed Seo Yeong Hak and Lee Kyeong Wan’s attacked by City Hunter was related to this event.

At judo session Yoon Seong got chief bodyguard as his partner instead of Na Na. The Chief said Na Na was likely to lose her job because she lost her gun the other day when she was taken as a hostage of Seo Yeong Hak. Yoon Seong was angry because the chief talked bad things about Na Na, so he threw him down. Everyone was amazed.

Yoon Seong picked up Na Na’s phone call very coldly saying he’s busy, but then he heard his father’s voice. Yoon Seong hurriedly went to Na Na’s place. When his father asked him if he fell for Na Na, Yoon Seong made a strong denial which made his father knew his true feelings.
Jin Pyo advised his son, “Remember, that girl may die because of you.”

Yeong Joo got a trace of City Hunter from the shirt left on the abandoned building. The branded shirt was bought abroad, but the scent came from a very limited edition of parfume. Rich people had to be on waiting list to get that perfume, and unfortunately Lee Yoon Seong’s name was on the list.

Yeong Joo started to see the connecting thread of the events where he always ran into Yoon Seong. Then he remembered about his suit and tie that Yoon Seong wore the next day after City Hunter got shot. Yeong Joo went questioning Se Hee, but the vet made her best to lie. Yeong Joo was still suspicious.

Yoon Seong fell asleep on the couch when Na Na arrived from supermarket. Even when dinner was ready and Na Na tried to wake him up, he looked so tired. Then Na Na remembered about City Hunter. She covered Yoon Seong’s face’s lower part and got the shocking conclusion.

But Yoon Seong suddenly woke up and Na Na had to pretend nothing happened.

Na Na cooked Yoon Seong’s last time’s request for dinner. But he didn’t even touch it. He said harsh thing to Na Na saying that what happened was all just a joke. Even the kiss, he just wanted to play around and since Na Na fell for him so quickly it’s no longer interesting for him.

He hurt Na Na with those words, but when he’s alone outside…he’s the one who’s hurt the most. With Yim Jae Beom’s “Love” as background song…Yoon Seong said to himself, “I can’t fall in love. It’s my destiny.” This scene could make you cry…

Lee Kyeong Wan was suffered from an illness so he was transfered into a hospital, this news was broadcast on TV. Yoon Seong saw his father at the hospital, he hurriedly went there. His father was about to kill Lee Kyeong Wan.
Meanwhile Yeong Joo’s office got a call from Lee Kyeong Wan saying that he would speak about what happened on October 1983. Yeong Joo rushed to the hospital and ran into Yoon Seong. They didn’t say anything to each othe because something more important caught their attention more; Lee Kyeong Wan was murdered..

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