Crime Squad Episode 1-2 Summary

Here comes the Crime Squad. It’s a bit late though, but turn out to be quite an interesting drama to watch.

Here’s the brief introduction.

Park Se Hyeok was an eccentric policeman. He can be very determine in tracking down a drug trafficker, but sometimes he just broke the law to put his fist on a suspect murderer. He’s shabby and sometimes ignorance. He’s thinking about quitting his job.

That’s the young and awkward Detective Shin Dong Jin. Together he work with Park Se Hyeok in the team.

Jo Min Joo was a new girl in town. She’s going to live in her friend’s apartment, where this mob-like detective Nam Tae Shik, was a neighbor. He’s also Park Se Hyeok’s co-worker.

There’s a series or murders of young women around the city. Park Se Hyeok just frustrated facing the reality that even a serial killer suspect could played lunatic to avoid jail and people seemed to buy it. He told his higher, team leader Kwon, that he’s resigning. He’s tired of being frustrated that he couldn’t do much to fight injustice.

Meanwhile, Jo Min Joo started her first day as an intern in this eyes-rolling entertainment website:, with an eyes-rolling-amazingly-weird-style boss. They cover celebrities scandals, but the problem was they always got the out of date story. Min Joo’s pressure was high. She wanted to the best on her first day. She let herself stumbling down to get the best shot of an idol in fighting scandal at the police station. That idol turned out to be set up by his victim and witness, and Park Se Hyeok, who turned out to be his “teacher” saved him. Min Joo made some shots when Se Hyeok and the idol was talking. He then immidiately got her and broke her memory card. She was hopeless.

While Captain Kwon was having his official retirement ceremony, Se Hyeok was visiting his late daughter’s final rest place. His daughter, Park Hae In, was killed in an accident long time ago, and that’s what Captain Kwon thought as the strongest reason why Park Se Hyeok became a policeman.

Another man came to the cemetery. I think they shared the same bad memory, his wife was also the victims of the same tragedy. He’s talking about taking revenge, and that left alot of thoughts in Park Se Hyeok’s mind.

At the police office, a new captain of the team had come. His name was Jung Il Do.

The another-victim husband Park Se Hyeok met at the cemetery turned to be someone fishy. His name was Lee Dong Jin and he’d been keeping his eyes on Park Se Hyeok all these time. He even got two people to work for him on it. He always got an update about what happened at the police office.

That’s just how miserable Park Se Hyeok was…

Min Joo was asking for another chance to her boss and she got it. She was so determined to get an interview that she even traspassed someone’s house. There she met Lee Dong Jin, the man from the cemetry, but he refused to to be interviewed. Min Joo just left her name card to him.

Park Se Hyeok and Jung Il Do turned out to have known each other. And they’re connected through the incident that costed his daughter’s life. Jung Il Do was the police officer that time who shot a gun fire to a criminal on the wheel. The criminal was shot and the car was turned away and hit the restaurant nearby where, at that time, Se Hyeok’s daughter was happily waving her hands at him and Lee Dong Jin’s wife was waiting for him.

It didn’t take long for Lee Dong Jin to make a move. He’s too tired of grieving…that’s when he decided to avenge his wife death. He kidnapped Jung Il Do. Park Se Hyeok and the team were hurriedly saving their captain.

Episode 2

Park Se Hyeok managed to save Jung Il Do. Regardless his wounded memory and desperation, he figured out that Lee Dong Jin intended to redo the tragedy by hiding Jung Il Do in the restaurant while the car was about to hit it.  Park Se Hyeok was injured. He was brought to the hospital.

Right after the incident, Jo Min Joo received a mysterious package. It turned out to the video related to Lee Dong Jin’s action. She insisted to bring it to the police, but her boss saw this as money so he told her to upload it to their site. And the result of this, they had to stand behind the bars…

It didn’t take long for Park Se Hyeok to return to work. He even took back his resignation letter. When Jung Il Do asked why, he said it’s what his daughter wanted him to do.

Lee Dong Jin was planning another scheme. He’s robbing a bank and someone got killed from that incident.

Meanwhile, there’s this policewoman, Jin Mi Sook, had been so determined to work hard to get stationed in the homicide department. She was a friend of Heo Eun Yeong this “model” policewoman.

Min Joo visited her mother at the hospital. Her mother was suffered from dementia -i guess, because she didn’t recognized her. One thing was very interesting. Min Joo was talking about how she longed for her lost father to her mom…she showed her this locket…mm am I seeing right? That picture looked similar to the one Se Hyeok had… :?

Heo Eun Yeong was at the bank when she recognized Shin Dong Jin. She decided to follow him, but ended up being kidnapped. Park Se Hyeok heard the news and got the Doctor as the exchange hostage. Lee Dong Jin demanded him to come alone and he did, but Mi Sook came as a back up out of nowhere.

Lee Dong Jin’s team managed to stripped Min Sook and Se Hyeok’s guns. Later they just found that Eun Yeong was already dead. Lee Dong Jin locked the three of them in the container and put a ticking bomb alive. Se Hyeok succeeded to set them all free. For this event, Se Hyeok got a detention for not following order..

The super curious Min Joo asked for an interview, but Se Hyeok refused. However, this very determined girl tailed him. Se Hyeok was about to get mad, but Min Joo told him a touching story about her miserable life. He let her speak and she gave him a clue about what Lee Dong Jin and the team really intended to do.

They’re after a very expensive diamond necklace… Min Sook, who would never let go of Lee Dong Jin also figured out his next step. She met Se Hyeok and Min Joo on the way to the exhibiton. The three tried to catch Lee Dong Jin and the gang, but they’re too late. They tried to read his next movement and the lead brought them to the port. Lee Dong Jin and the gang was going by the ship. Se Hyeok thought they managed to corner the trio bad guys, but the fact was the opposite way.

This drama is alot better than “The Thorn Birds” and I really hope I can follow  this one till the final episode. I’m so curious about Min Joo’s locket. And I hope for more surprises along with less drama cliches…

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  1. heo eun-young is the name of the policewoman who died? i thought it is the name for park se’s ex-wife? who played the role of policewoman eunyoung then?

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