Man of Honor (Glory Jane) Episode 23 Summary

Glory Jane episode 23 was the anti-climax of the story line. The war was almost over.

Heo Yeong Do’s team worked together with Jae In by making a live broadcast of Jae In’s conversation with Chairman Seo. Jae In asked him nicely to resign from his position because of his sins for the company related to the tax and illegal funding. Chairman Seo of course refused. His point was no matter how dirty the path way was, as long as he could retain the company, he would do that because the company was his.

Chairman Seo was surprised when knowing that the whole employees in the company, including the board of directors who were waiting out side the meeting room heard all the things he just said. Chairman Seo had no other choice but to give up his position.

In Woo came and said “It’s all over, Father. Let’s go home.” Chairman Seo didn’t want to give up at fitst but finally agreed to go home with his son. But out of everyone’s plan, Prosecutor Oh came to arrest Chairman Seo. It was actually In Cheol’s plan. In Woo asked Prosecutor Oh about Young Kwang. She said the police had been ordered to find and help him. In Cheol called In Woo saying that it’s the price he had to pay for trying to bring him down. Kim Young Kwang was the one who had to pay In Woo’s mistake. Unexpectedly, Gyeong Joo heard that phone conversation and she finally realized that In Cheol was just purely evil.

While In Woo and the police were wondering about Young Kwang’s where about, all Young Kwang had to do was to endure all the torture for an hour. He succeeded to made a phone call to In Woo to tell him about his position. In Woo and the policemen went hurriedly to rescue Young Kwang. But that scared-face man beat Young Kwang severely.

That man was about to hit Young Kwang’s head with fire extinguisher when the police and In Woo came on time. Jae In and Heo Yeong Do’s team came several minutes after that.

Young Kwang’s condition was bad. Jae In held him while they’re waiting for an ambulance. Young Kwang was supposed to stay awake, but he passed out. Everyone was in real shock. Of course he’s not dead.

In the prosecutor office, In Woo asked to interrogate the kidnapper by himself. But Prosecutor Oh said that man had confessed that the man behind him was none other than Chairman Seo. He even gave a fake reason why Chairman Seo could do such a thing to his own son. Then Prosecutor Oh was interrogating Chairman Seo who refused to talk. She then told him that the kidnapper of his son had confessed that he was the one behind all his son’s kidnap and beating incidents. Chairman Seo kind of knew who’s actually behind all that, and he suddenly looked ill and said, “I don’t have much time left…” then collapsed.

Chairman Seo was suffered from a terminal level lung cancer.

And look who’s got the big smiles lately? Seo In Cheol’s plans ran smoothly and on target. He treat the directors a tea banquet. The directors were on the same voice that they support Seo In Cheol to be the next chairman.

Seo Jae Myeong refused to receive the treatment. But surprisingly Jae In came and encouraged him (in cynical way) to survive. She said he had to live in order to get the company back. Seo Jae Myeong asked why Jae In did that. Jae In said, “I’m not doing this for you. I’m doing this for myself that I don’t want to have any regrets in the future. I want to forgive you.”

Young Kwang got a surgery and wasn’t unconcious for four days. Jae In didn’t tell the family the truth. She just said that Young Kwang was fighting some bad guys. On the fourth day Young Kwang was awake. He was about to tell Jae In about his dream while he was sleeping, but the family burst into the room, so he held the story.

In Cheol visited his uncle on his sick bed. Seo Jae Myeong scolded him as an ungrateful brat. In Cheol said he was learning from the master, Seo Jae Myeong himself. He knew he was taken to the home, being raised and given a high position at the company not for himself. Seo Jae Myeong just used him for his own benefit. “So how you took the company from Yoon Il Goo, I’m doing the same thing to you now.”

Seo Jae Myeong was reaching for his medication, but In Cheol dropped it. Seo Jae Myeong’s condition got worse.

Seo Jae Myeong knew it was his time to go. On his last breath, he narrated that he would never regret everything he had done in his life, but one thing. He imagined if only on the car accident 17 years ago, it was his friend Yoon Il Goo was the one he pulled out from the sinking car…the fate would be different, and he would probably ran different life. Seo Jae Myeong took his last breath in accompany of his son and his fateful wife. At the end, this evil man was only human…

And we still have one more episode to go…

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