Man of Honor (Glory Jane) Episode 19 Summary

It’s officially an open war between Jae In and Chairman Seo. The later was so upset for having the young girl slapped his face. He challenged Jae In to show him what kind of revenge she’s talking about. He reminded her that she’s alone. Chairman Seo lost his control and almost suffocate Jae In to death if In Woo didn’t step forward to calm him down.

Young Kwang was confused when The old man told him to bring his guarantee if he really wanted to borrow such  a large amount of money. Young Kwang consulted the ex-loan shark. Oh Geun Bok was surprised about the possibility that the old man is the legendary the god of loan shark. After telling Young Kwang some scary old stories about the old man’s record, he told him that Young Kwang might have to put himself as a guarantee.

Jae In talked to In Cheol about the possibility of alliance. But In Cheol refused, reminding her that it was his uncle she was talking about, even though he’s on nobody’s side. But then Prosecutor Oh came with some lawyers that would help Jae In in claiming for her inheritance in property and company shares.

Jae In surprised the member of Seo residence by coming again in the morning telling that she’s going to live there too. She reminded them that the property was under her mother’s name and they had to pay 10 years of interest for using the property for free. She also threatened Mrs. Seo if she’s going to call the police to drag her out, she would tell people (through media) that the educated Mrs. Seo had kicked out the long lost daughter of her husband’s late best friend by calling a police. Mrs. Seo had no choice, but to suppress her anger.

In the office, Young Kwang was surprised by two news. Firstly, Heo Yeong Do told him that Jae In had voluntarily resigned for the reason of taking care of her sick mother. Young Kwang asked him to give Jae In one more day before he accepted her resignation. Heo Yeong Do agreed.

Secondly, a man from hiking association came protesting Young Kwang for being irresponsible. He had been waiting for the 100 items he had requested under the reception of an employee named Kim Young Kwang. Young Kwang said he never received such order, but then Heo Yeong Do told them to stop arguing and just start working to collect the 100 items and send them soon.

They finally succeeded to collect the items. During lunch, Oh Geun Bok got suspicious that someone had been trying to get Young Kwang kicked out of the job. He accused Joo Dae Seong. But then Joo Dae Seong attacked him back by accusing Oh Geun Bok since he’s the one who had more motive than him. They ended up having a saliva war  :rolleyes:

Jae In overheard Mrs. Seo’s talk on the phone to her friends about a party that night that would be attended by many important people in financial business. Jae In surprised everyone with her presence in the party and with her stunning look. Okay, I have to admit that Park Min Yeong can be surprisingly very sexy…

Jae In approached Chairman Seo and his friends, and started to introduce herself as Yoon Il Goo’s daughter. Chairman Seo was trying to act as a good uncle, but Jae In obviously attacked him in front of everyone. “Oh, are you really happy that I come back, Uncle?” She said in a very cynical intonation. Everybody was confused, In Woo took her away to avoid the worst situation.

Seo In Woo told Jae In about his intention on standing by her side. Jae In doubted he could betray his own parents to help her. In Woo said he could and he had the best way for everyone. He said HE was the best thing Jae In could have to fight against his parents.

Then he leaned forward and started kissing her. Jae In was surprised at first, but realizing the shock on Mr. and Mrs. Seo’s face, Jae In closed her eyes and looked enjoying the kiss (and she kissed him back! Ha!)

And look who’s watching. No, not Lee Min least on the camera, not him. It was Young Kwang who’s standing speechless there. How he could get there? While Jae In was already in the party, the Kim’s family was ready for their dinner. Mrs. Kim told Jin Joo that the noodle shop problem had been solved. And after dinner, Young Kwang  caught his mother having the certificate. He told her that even if Jae In gave it to them, they shouldn’t accept it. Since Jae In had been refusing Young Kwang’s call, he called In Woo to ask him about Jae In’s whereabout. “She’s in front of my eyes now,” said In Woo. So there he was, Young Kwang…felt empty watching Jae In making out with In Woo..

Jae In finally knew that Young Kwang was there, she kind of had no idea what to do. At first Young Kwang was going to leave, but then he came back and coldly handed her the certificate. “Is for this reason you quit Heo Yeong Do’s team? To take care of your sick mother, huh? I came just to give it back to you.”

Jae In went to the hospital and cried. She’s kind of slapped by Young Kwang’s words. But look who’s coming.

Meanwhile on the place, Young Kwang came back to see the old man. He said he’s going to give his life as the guarantee. The old man firstly refused, but Young Kwang said he had really nothing else to offer as a guarantee. He said that he really wanted to put Jae In’s life back to its right place, to give her back the life that had been taken away from her for years, and to see her smiling again. The old man accepted it.

Heo Yeong Do talking sense to Jae In. Well, in my opinion, there are only two rationalist characters in the drama while others are more dramatic: Heo Yeong Do and Seo In Cheol. Heo Yeong Do coldly told Jae In if she really thought of winning the fight against Chairman Seo alone. “And what’s next after you win the fight?” Heo Yeong Do told her that she shouldn’t forget the fact that Chairman Seo had been running the company very well and there around 4500 lifes of the employees and their families counting their lives on the company. She couldn’t be so reckless by putting such number of lives in line for the sake of her revenge. “If you keep doing things unplanned like this, don’t even think of beating down Seo Jae Myeong, you cannot even pass me.”

“So you better doing this in a right way, otherwise i’m gonna be the one who destroy you.”

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