Dr. Lee’s Saddest Moment in “Brain” Episode 13

“Brain” episode 13 was so sad that I couldn’t help my self shading some tears. But there’s my favorite scene which I think it was very brilliant, and turned out that many media also talk about that. This scene proves how a great actor Shin Ha Kyun is. I promised myself to write about it

After the nerve wrecking surgery where Lee Kang Hoon’s hands were badly shaking but finally Kim Sang Cheol stepped in, the successful surgery couldn’t fight the destiny. In that one nice winter day, after having a nice walk with Kang Hoon, Ha Yeong and Ji Hye, Mrs.Lee finally passed away.

Mrs. Lee took her last breath accompanied by her most proud son and her daughter. Lee Kang Hoon’s tough defense had slowly shook down the last time he begged Kim Sang Cheol to lead his mother surgery, so that time seeing him crying again was an acceptable human response of a great loss. His hands were shaking badly again. Ha Yeong’s crying was so heart breaking. But it’s a good thing that all Kang Hoon’s colleagues were there. Ji Hye, of course, couldn’t help soundlessly crying too.

Lee Kang Hoon took a peace time for himself for awhile in a quiet corner of the hospital. But then his patient, the talkative-tweety-like Grandmother, came. She said that the doctor hadn’t visit her for quite a while and started talking about her endless story, like usual.

The Granny was still talking when suddenly Lee Kang Hoon said, “It was a polka dot dress.”

OMG I love the writer of this drama! How could she be very brilliant in choosing that first sentence?

Then Lee Kang Hoon started to tell a story about his childhood memory with his parents. He was going out to the amusement park with his father and his mother who was wearing a polka dot dress. He said his mother looked beautiful. Granny stopped talking for a while, confused that Doctor Lee’s talking was not in the same line as hers, but then she decided to continue talking. So these two people were talking about two different things in the same time!

Until Lee Kang Hoon got more emotional in his story, the Granny finally be quiet. Kang Hoon kept talking with crying and smiling and laughing in the same time. He continued the story about that very special moment where the three of them went into a restaurant. He wondered that at that moment his not-yet-an-alcoholic dad who often scolded his mother as non-pretty and smelled like food finally praised his mother as very pretty and even gave her a kiss on the her cheek. That moment made little Kang Hoon embarrassed that he intentionally dropped his fork and pretended to start searching it under the table. And then he was scolded by his father that if he’s not good with the fork, he would have a trouble eating western food in the future with such a bad table manner.

Lee Kang Hoon was talking, crying, expressing his parents’ kiss scene, smiling, laughing, and then crying again…made him enough to be mistaken as a loony. People might thought that he had gone crazy, but understanding his situation it was a very very heart breaking scene to watch.

All his colleagues looked at this scene from a distance. I think everyone could also feel his pain. Ji Hye couldn’t hold her streaming tears and even the stern junior Seung Man didn’t dare to continue watching…

I gave up holding my tears in this scene, too.  T_T

It was a very sad one nice winter afternoon for Doctor Lee Kang Hoon…

His mother had actually made a request that she wanted to be buried under the tree so she could watch the beautiful sunlight everyday. She loved sunlight.

And everyone accompanied Kang Hoon at that private funeral. Ha Yeong’s crying was still heart breaking and Ji Hye was there for her. In the middle of that sad moment, I loved seeing those hot men in black standing straight by the river :) And Jang Yoo Jin actually came too, but she stopped at a distance, crying silently.

But it was not a sad last day for Mrs. Lee. Earlier in that one nice morning she woke up and saw the warm sun light coming from the window. She said she wanted to have a walk outside to enjoy the sunlight. Ji Hye heard it and informed Kang Hoon. Then Kang Hoon asked the Head Nurse Hong to let him take his mother for walk that morning because the rest of the week would be just cloudy days. Head Nurse Hong finally agreed and told him to bring along the doctor who’s responsible of his mother (as a patient). The doctor was of course Yoon Ji Hye.

They took a walk to the nearby park. Then Mrs.Lee found the kindergarten kids were very cute and made her laugh. She said kids’ voices were beutiful and made her happy. So Ji Hye and Ha Yeong played along the kids to give Mrs. Lee the most beautiful voices: the kids’ laughter.

It was a very nice short moment for Mrs. Lee and her son and daughter, and also for Yoon Ji Hye that she could do the best to support the man she loved and his family.

Don’t you wanna cry again?

I do. T_T

But let’s not get too long…


Anyway, really… Shin Ha Kyun deserves the praises after that excellent acting on that one particular scene. The netizens were heavily talked about it. I hope the KBS drama Daesang awards panels hadn’t yet decided who’s gonna get the Ultimate Daesang Award winner for actor until they saw that scene.

For those who support Shin Ha Kyun for KBS Drama Daesang Award, let’s hope for the best tonight. They’re going to hold the event tonight, December 31 2011.

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  1. woot! stumbled upon your blog upon searching for any recap on Brain! Love this scene! i cried hard on this one and became an instant fan of SHK. thanks for you recap

  2. Dear Kbs, realisators , scriptwriters, producers, writers , composer, actors, actresses, Yeoju Institute,

    BRAIN, is undoubtedly the best drama ever created, produced, directed, played and aired. With this unforgettable and priceless drama, through its plot and its outstanding actors, actresses and musicians so touching, and incredibly realistic, you have blessed each human soul. Here is not an exageration. You’ve made a great job, incredibly human ! Such a benediction, a gift for everyone. Thousands Warm Thank You. Please, invest to create and produce a continuation to this priceless drama. You will invest money and time, and … you will earn an international gratitude from each human soul. Dr Kim Sang Chul said beautifully that our brain is our true heart, so please do not forget that using your brain as your heart, investing in a such work of continuation would be a great benediction for you, for us, for everyone across the world.

    Thank You for your reading & your support.

  3. i am sad because serial fishing up .
    lee gang hon is my hero. i do not forget lee gang hon.i infiniti love shin ha kyun.

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