Heart Pounding Moments in “Brain” Episode 11-12

KBS drama’s “Brain” might not starred with any youth idol, but this drama is absolutely recommended. Very good one. And I can say that if many people had thought that Park Si Hoo, through his brilliant acting in “Princess’ Man”, deserves this year’s KBS’s Best Leading Actor Award, I think he has a very tough competition with Shin Ha Kyun.

“Brain” this week, episode 11-12, was getting more and more emotional. One thing all viewers could relieve about is the fact that Ji Hye’s eventually not alone in love :) I couldn’t hold my self to scream out loud a “yeaaaayyy!” when it happened. But don’t ever expect any typical romantic love confession.

~Episode 11

Lee Kang Hoon finally came back to Chunha Hospital and “begged” (of course in Lee Gang Hoon’s way) Kim Sang Cheol to let him be involved in his research project. Kim Sang Cheol rejected him, but Lee Kang Hoon did the kind of “I won’t move from your office door before you accept me” action.

Kim Sang Cheol asked if what he’s doing was sincerely because the fact that his mom was suffered from a severe cancer and hospitalized in Chunha Hospital or it was just part of his ambitious plan. Lee Kang Hoon asked,”It is because I AM Lee Kang Hoon that you can’t accept me, right? Why?” Kim Sang Cheol said,”Because you have done so many bad things.” And then Kim Sang Cheol left his office for home.

Ji Hye came to support Lee Kang Hoon in her calm and soothing way. She insisted on staying even though Lee Kang Hoon told her to leave. Her stubbornness upset him like always that he grabbed her up and screamed, “Do you think this will really help me? Why are you doing this??” And her cool and confident way Ji Hye just asked back, “Do you really not know?” Lee Kang Hoon couldn’t answer her and gave up.

While Kim Sang Cheol was cycling home he kept rethinking about Lee Kang Hoon’s proposal to join his research team, Ji Hye had fallen asleep. Lee Kang Hoon was about to take off his suit for Ji Hye when Kim Sang Cheol showed up again in his office.

Then in short, Lee Kang Hoon was finally accepted to work with Kim Sang Cheol’s team, together with Ji Hye. And at one moment the clumsy Ji Hye accidently cut her finger, sighing “ooh, again…”, and was looking for the band aid. Lee Kang Hoon’s concentration was distracted, so he took out the first aid box, went to Ji Hye’s desk (in front of his, divided by a rack), grabbed her wounded finger and started to treat it. He said things cynically and in a brusque way, but Ji Hye (and us!) kind of knew that he actually cared for her.

But reaching the end of the episode, the upset Joon Seok came into Lee Kang Hoon’s office and confronted him about using Ji Hye just to make him upset. Lee Kang Hoon just smirked, “Are you really mad? Oh I have done a good job. Should I make it any worse?” Then he was humming the wedding  marching song. Joon Seok was about to be furious, but they finally realized there was a third person listened to their conversation.

~Episode 12

Jumping into the next episode. Ji Hye was very upset when she heard the whole things Lee Kang Hoon said to Joon Seok. She fell sick. Lee Kang Hoon hesitated several times to have a look at her condition but then he was drown into work. And then Lee Kang Hoon found out that Jang Yoo Jin made a big contribution in the research fund, so he went on a dinner ‘date’ with her. Ji Hye saw the scene when  Yoo Jin drove Kang Hoon back to the hospital.

In the lab, Ji Hye acted cold and asked Kang Hoon about the date. But he didn’t respond quickly, as usual. She was about to leave the room when Kang Hoon suddenly said that what he said to Joo Seok wasn’t sincere and the event with Jang Yoo Jin wasn’t a date, it was a ‘thank you’ dinner out.

Then the brave Ji Hye gave Kang Hoon this picture:

“It’s my heart (feelings). If you don’t feel the same and think about dating another woman, just throw it here.” She pointed a dust bin with her foot. And the next scene was unbelievable! Look what he did…

I was so happy that the iceberg finally couldn’t avoid the four letters: LOVE. :D A big “Yeaaay!” here. I really thought he would tear the picture and toss it into the dust bin, but it was so an “awww” moment when he put the picture abruptly into his pocket. His expression really didn’t match. :)

Ji Hye of course couldn’t believe it either. She left the room with a very happy feelings that she couldn’t help dancing and jumping around on her steps. And take a look at this very quick smile of Lee Kang Hoon… awww

Then we jump into the end of the episode. Kang Hoon was so desperate to give his mother the unpublished serum from the lab. At first Kim Sang Cheol was against him because it was very risky, but looking at Kang Hoon’s desperation, he finally let him get some. Kang Hoon’s mom condition was a bit better. But then a problem came when the mother suddenly disappear. Lee Kang Hoon, his sister and Ji Hye looked around the hospital. The mother went somewhere secretly at night. And when the mother finally came back to the hospital, she collapsed and her condition was critical.

Lee Kang Hoon insisted on going for surgery. He looked so desperate. Joon Seok came and told him that undergoing such a surgery in her condition was impossible. Kim Sang Cheol also came and said the same thing. But Kang Hoon listened to none and desperately pleaded for  Kim Sang Cheol to do the surgery. It was very heart breaking moment.

“Do you really will let her die? You will kill the wife of the man you’ve killed?” The other doctors were surprised about that. Kim Sang Cheol said, “You still suspect me?” And then they were silent when they heard the heart beat of Kang Hoon’s mother went abnormal.

That conversation is related to the issue of Lee Kang Hoon’s father’s dead. He found out that the in charge doctor who underwent his father’s brain surgery was actually Kim Sang Cheol. He even called Kim Sang Cheol a murderer when he found out. But Kim Sang Cheol said it wasn’t because of his lack competence.

Watching Lee Kang Hoon’s hard life in “Brain” gave me the same suffocating heart break feelings as when I was watching “Capital Scandal” and “The Devil”. I love the presence of Yoon Ji Hye in Lee Kang Hoon’s life. She would be the last strength for him to survive the cruel world.

[by Rizz]

10 Responses to Heart Pounding Moments in “Brain” Episode 11-12

  1. I love this Brain so much!!!Shin Ha Kyun’s acting is so good and amazing. I just finished watching ep 13 which was sad but again we can see the brilliant acting of Shin Ha Kyun ssi in his “shock” moment.
    Hoping the drama will show more romance b/w Dr. Lee Kang Hoon and Yun Ji Hye which is very rare. I was creaming at the end of ep 6 (bubble gum kissssss) and in ep 12 when he finally confessed his feeling when Ji Hye showed him her brain’s image (hear heart) in the funny way which was cute and actually revealed his hiddlen hummor. And also we can see his smile which we rarely see throughout the drama.
    Hope Shin Ha Kyun ssi will win the KBS Acting Award for Best Actor or Daesang.

    • episode 13 is indeed so sad. I have one scene which i think is brilliant, have to give a credit to the writer and PD. Hope I can post it here…
      Good to know there are other people love this drama too… :)

  2. SHK’s performance is extra-ordinarily awesome. Agree that credit should also go to scriptwriter. And i think the writer must have a real source of stories about these character-doctors in detail. It is very exposing. Dr. Lee’s character of being strong , ambitious and his way of intense and strict training to students, the way a well-focused,ambitious man’s response to Ji Hye’s love confession, the way Yu Jin’s attraction to the proud and needing Dr. Lee , the backstabbing nature , the stealing of the original researcher’s idea and paper by the director…etc… are all realities.
    i was watching every episode as if seeing real combo stories of many Dr. Lee ,Professor, Director, resident students and their wars.
    Endorse SHK for KBS acting award for Best actor or Daesang. And also the scriptwriter.

  3. i absolutely love this show… great acting by shin ha kyung… i’m in awe at how he delivers his lines at how his facial expressions when angry, insulted etc… i hope more romantic scenes between the two leads..

  4. I love “Brain” too much I hope u write about it more…… addictive in It’s way

  5. Thank you for your recaps! I hope you could also do recaps for the next episodes of Brain–Shin Ha Kyun fans like me appreciate any write up about him and Brain. Wishing for more Dr Lee and Ji Hye moments in the upcoming episodes–they look so good together.

  6. Thank you for talking about this drama. Being a year end, there are so many drama reviews but I haven’t found any one of them which includes this drama. I guess they would include it for 2012 review. But that is too long. Cause I am addicted to this drama … and Shin Ha Kyun, after not having this feeling from a kdrama for so long. So keep it coming. Good work! :)
    I also hope Shin Ha Kyun wins the Daesang award!

  7. He win the Daesang Award!! yeay.. i’m so thrill when his name called out to be the winner of Daesang (Grand Prize)

    Shin Ha Kyun are really the best, love his acting so much.. i’ve been watching for his dramas and movies, and i loved all of them. He’s truly give his best on every role.

    Thank you for the recaps and the article bout this drama :) And pls continue to update all about this drama :)

  8. i was really crying after this episode. shin ha-kyun’s performance really touched my heart. he deserved winning the daesang.

  9. KBS’s Brain is easily the best drama I have ever seen on KBS. The show is merely fantastic. The characters are great and the acting is even better. I love the tender moments betwen Dr. Lee and JiHye. They’ve captured it so well and really moves the viewer. I’m so sad that this show has ended.

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