Dream High 2 Bad Rating

Dream High 2 couldn’t get more viewers’ attention with only 7.7% rating (AGB Nielsen Media Research). The other two dramas in the same time slot, SBS “Salary man Cho Han Ji” and MBC “Light and Shadow” really beat it with each rating 15.9% and  17.1%. Many people say that the reason is that it’s just simply boring and I personally agree with that.

I’ve been telling Blossom about it as I’ve watched this drama every episode and find my self struggling to really like it. It’s boring. And they don’t have appealing names other than 2AM Jin Woon, Kang So Ra, T-Ara Ji Yeon and Park Jin Yeong. The problem is they’re mostly idols, not great names in acting. In comparison with the first season, Bae Yeong Joon and Uhm Ki Joon’s name were quite a sell. And even the idols were top idols: Suzy, Taec Yeon, IU, Woo Yeong…and even the non-idol Kim Soo Hyeon showed an excellent acting. But in season 2…hhhffft. I’ve told you that there’re only few people that showing excellent acting, and most of them are seniors actors and non-idol like Kang So Ra. Jin Woon and Ji Yeon also show impressive acting, and that’s all. Putting JB, a rookie with a so-so acting skill,as the center point in this drama is not a very wise decision they made for this project. I’m a bit harsh here with him, but like it or not…that’s just the truth. I think the producers need to work on it very fast, otherwise it’s just getting sunk when spring comes and other anticipated dramas begin broadcast.


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  1. dream high2 is better than dream high 1.. seriously? liking a drama because of the cast instead if the story?? thats immature..

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