Dream High 2 Episode 1 Summary

The first 15 minutes of Dreamhigh 2 wasn’t that alluring, but as I continued on watching the show, it’s quite interesting.
The drama started with Sam Dong-Hye Mi’s last kiss scene. Surprisingly the girl wasn’t Suzy, but T-Ara’s Ji Yeon. I was about to say “It can’t be!!!” but there’s a sound of “CUT! NG..” So it turned out to be a filming. What the..
Anyway, Ji Yeon’s name here is Ri An, and she’s part of the girl group HerShe along with Na Na (Hyeo Rin) and Ae Ri.

As idol groups keep booming, the government of South Korea has set the rule of banning any under age idol/performers to perform beyond 10 p.m.  In KBS song festival, Manager Hyeon (Ka Hee) was complaining to the crew that Eden would perform despite one of the member didn’t come yet and it was almost 10 p.m. KBS crew put HerShe on the stage instead.
Si Woo finally came and JB decided they should just perform despite the restriction by law. It’s their comeback single and the fans were waiting for them. Thanks to Shin Hae Seong who broke into back stage to ask for authograph from any celebrities, especially JB because she’s a big fan, JB used her to help him lock his own Boss, so he and Si Woo could perform.

So the rule was broken. Unfortunately, among Eden’s dancers there was Jeong Ui Bong. He’s also a minor. Because he also performed above 10 p.m, he was fired. Ui Bong confronted JB for being selfish and reckless, but JB acted just cool.
Meanwhile on the other part of the city, Ui Bong’s friend, Jin Yoo Jin was doing street performance when policemen approached him and asked for his ID regarding the new law. Yoo Jin managed to run away.

Hae Seong, Yoo Jin and Ui Bong are Kirin School’s students. Hae Seong and Yoo Jin came late to the school dorm. Hae Seong was the one who sneak in and open the door, but Yoo Jin got his way and Hae Seong was caught by the teacher.
She had to do a detention the next morning.

On Yang Jin Man’s room, that shabby teacher woke up on the floor while his bed was hijacked by Yoo Jin. ( Okay, Jin Woon was trying to show his abs :D ) Yoo Jin was the kind of rebel and easy going yet genius student. He always came late to classes and he sells music arrangements to students for homework submissions. His passion was to become a rock star and he’s the anti-idols.

JB’s action cost the agency got hold for all its idols to perform in KBS and many TV stations.
JB told his boss that the reason Si Woo was late was because he found that their new single was plagiarized and it wasn’t the first time.
Then he told his boss that he wanted to do the real music and went solo. Si Woo thought JB was back stabbing him, but JB was kind of angry with Si Woo because Si Woo was the one who’d been selfish these whole times.

The clueless Hae Seong was fooled by her friend,Soon Dong, to perform a shaman ritual to help her succeed with her audition. The ritual required the burning of authographed-by-celebrities yellow papers, so it caused smokes. Yoo Jin who just came back to the dorm told Ui Bong to ring the fire alarm while he was trying to wake up Hae Seong.

The students and Yang Jin Man ran out of the building, but eventually came back inside to help Hae Seong. While Hae Seong kept on going her ritual. And when Yoo Jin finally succeeded to break open Hae Seong’s door, Jin Man and other students spontaniously threw the water towards Hae Seong. So the girl was a total mess. And Yoo Jin couldn’t hold his laughter.

Hae Seong went to audition in Oz Ent., where HerShe and Eden were their idol groups, but they didn’t accept minor anymore.
Manager Hyeon rejected Hae Seong coldly with harsh words even when Hae Seong begged her to be auditioned. Hae Seong was offended and swore that Manager Hyeon would regret everything she said to her.

After dealing with her unseccessful audition, Hae Seong had to face her nagging father. As a pastor’s daughter, Hae Seong had only two choices: being successful with her modern pop music in Kirin and hired by top agency OR go to theological school and sing for God.
Hae Seong refused the later and told her father that she had converted to shamanism.

President Lee Kang Cheol, JB’s boss, and Manager Hyeon discussed about sending their idols back to school.
Manager Hyeon told their option was narrowed and it left only Kirin. Eventhough within 3 years after Kirin’s President (Bae Yeong Joon) left for abroad and the school was trusted to the current principal and has changed into a shabby school, it still has its past fame and credible alumni. President Lee and JB decided to take a look at the school.

While President Lee was meeting his senior, who is Kirin Principal’s Joo Jeong Wan, JB looked around and saw Hae Seong was begging Yoo Jin to help her with the song arrangement. Yoo Jin refused at first because he knew HAe Seong would send them to idol group’s agencies, but he eventually agreed to take a quick listen.

After listening to the song, Yoo Jin was firm that he wouldn’t help Hae Seong. He hate her craving to become an idol.
“Idols are like dolls, but in fact we’re human not dolls. If they can’t sing, they go lipsync. If they can’t dance, they open their shirt. They’re told to have the same smile, the same gesture. Don’t you feel it’s disgusting? You don’t want to be a singer, you just want to be famous.”

JB heard all that and felt offended. He, whose name was actually Jang Ho Jae, and Yoo Jin were actually auditioned for Kirin together, but at that time, Yoo Jin’s musical quality was above him. JB decided to offer a help to Hae Seong, but his work was then intentionally erased by Yoo Jin.
Yoo Jin kept mocking JB as an idol, and JB challenged him, “If you think you are that good, why don’t the world recognize you?” And all their arguments was broadcast to the whole school because they accidently turned the microphone on when they fought.

Yoo Jin was about to hit JB, but Hae Seong tripped his step.


After watching the whole first episode of Dream High 2, I think this drama is quite entertaining. The best performances so far were only 2AM Jin Woon, Kang So Ra, Park Jin Yeong, Kim Jeong Tae and Kwon Hae Hyo (yeah, last both are seniors). Ka Hee was quite good, too. The story line is quite different from the Dream High 1. And teenage romance is not the main focus here. We still cannot grab who’s gonna fall for whom yet. But the week episode package is not yet complete without episode 2. So i’m gonna have another try with episode 2.



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  1. you guys are so HOT and the girls are pretty too…i Love watching each and every eps of every drama…..it like what i’m going through COOOOOOL much!!! LOVE THE MOVIE and everything keep up the great job. keep on making great drama movies:)))) love yous and have a great day:)))

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