Dream High 2 Episode 4 Summary

Dream High 2 episode 4 starts with Yoo Jin who stayed behind the bar due to the fighting with paparazzi matter. But it didn’t take long because Principal Joo bailed him out. Yoo Jin asked him where he got that lots of money. Principal Joo said it wasn’t for free. Yoo Jin had to pay him back with the interest and study well, at least to go through the semester with good grades.

Then we’re back to the scene where Ri An asked Hae Seong to be her partner for the competition and Yoo Jin confronted JB. JB responded to Yoo Jin coldly saying that settling the matter with money is so easy for them since they had money. “You don’t have much money, do you?” asked JB. “If you don’t, just tell me. I’ll lend you some.”

Yoo Jin: “Yah you brat!”

They’re about to fight again but President Lee showed up. He said since they didn’t get along with each other well, they should be partners for the up coming competition. JB and Yoo Jin had no choice.

Ri An asked Hae Seong to be her partner but refused to practice together with her. Hae Seong worked hard to learn about the song, while Ri An just sleeping. She kept bugging Ri An, so Ri An harshly divided each of their part and told her that they could practice separately.

In the dancing class, Ms. Hyeon paired Hae Seong and JB. Hae Seong couldn’t stop blushing while Yoo Jin who was watching from out side the class because he was cleaning the window, looked uncomfortable with the scene.

Meanwhile Ri An was busy dealing with her mother who went to the new agency and had talked about agreement. Ri An was upset.

Yoo Jin refused to practice dancing and preferred kept playing basketball. JB challenged him basketball and Yoo Jin said he couldn’t beat him in this. JB looked confident. Apparently, JB didn’t really want to play basketball. He showed him some dancing movements while playing basket. So the girls cheered up JB for dancing well while the boys cheered up Yoo Jin for playing basketball well.

President Lee held a teachers eating out activity. They went to karaoke too. Ms. An sang Baek Ji Yeong’s “That man” very terribly that President Lee even asked Principal Joo, “What’s wrong with her as a vocal trainer??” Ms. An made “i’m having a cold” as an excuse. And when it’s Yang Jin Man’s turn, he showed everyone his real ability in singing and dancing. Ms. Hyeon who underestimate him earlier in the dancing class looked impressed with him.

Hae Seong once again got fooled by Soon Dong. That con girl told Hae Seong he should steal any JB’s photo and she did it. She sneaked in to JB’s room and took one of JB’s childhood photos from his personal album.

Howevere, Hae Seong’s smile quickly fade away when she saw this picture underneath the picture she had taken:

JB was out in the laundry room. He met Ri An there and told her that she should stop practicing in there and start working together with  her partner. Ri An talked back by bringing up his own situation with Si Woo. JB then said, “You should be content being the face of your group, as a singer. Or, are you still having the dream as an actress?” That’s offending Ri An and she slapped him.

JB suddenly was back to his room and Hae Seong had no choice but to hide somewhere. It ran okay until suddenly Yoo Jin came to ask JB to lend him his CD so he could practice the dancing alone. Yoo Jin spotted there’s a girl on the lower bed and caught her red handed.  He was surprised that it was Hae Seong.

“It…it’s not like what you guys imagine,” she stuttered and then left.

Yoo Jin asked JB if they’re dating or something. JB said no. Yoo Jin said, “Then she’s a total stalker.”

Na Na and Hong Joo practicing in laundry room, too. Na Na said it’s the best place for them to practice because of the humidity and good for their pitch control. But Na Na found out that she got a problem with her voice, something like a soar throat. Hong Joo told her to go to the hospital.

Na Na did go to the hospital, but not to check her own condition but to check on Si Woo’s. She asked him to beg for forgiveness to President Lee, but Si Woo thought the idea wouldn’t result anything good. He’s just gonna be kicked out anyhow. Na Na is a character that full of care to her friends and she does care for Si Woo, even though she had to talked to him in written language because she’s saving her voice.

Yoo Jin started to practice some dance movements he recalled from JB movements the other day on their basketball 1 on 1 battle. He’s kind of a quick learner. In the middle of his practice, Hae Seong came with her balloon. She was practicing her breathing skill by blowing balloon. It turned out that Yoo Jin was afraid of balloon and she knew it, so she teased him with it.  But then Hae Seong noticed that Yoo Jin had made some significant improvement with his dancing.

Finding out that Hae Seong was hungry (her stomach made some noise), Yoo Jin treat her eating chicken. And the place was none other than their principal’s chicken restaurant. And Yoo Jin didn’t really treat Hae Seong because he didn’t pay for the chickens. To the principal he said, “Oh come on, Teacher, I’ve already owed you 10,000 dollar, 20 more wouldn’t be that significant. I’m already in debt with you anyway.”

And apparently, Yoo Jin didn’t treat Hae Seong the dinner for free. He had a favor to ask from her. He asked her to took video of JB’s dancing practice and send them to him so he could practice his dance too. And the clueless Hae Seong gladly agreed to do that. It’s a win win solution anyway since Hae Seong was JB’s great fan.

The competition day finally came and all the students were so excited about it. The school made it a big deal that they held a little parade on red carpet just like the real singing competition. But the excitement soon fade away when the President made his announcement about the real point of this competition. He finally told them that the students were actually competing his/her own partner.

Ri An came late that she made Hae Seong walked the red carpet all by herself. Hae Seong was so worried especially after President Lee’s announcement. But when Ri An came, she wasn’t surprise at all about the news regarding the rule of the competition. So Hae Seong finally figured out Ri An’s real reason asking her as her duet partner. Ri An already knew about it and wanted to secure her own place by taking the underdog Hae Seong. And Ri An actually very confident about herself. She thought competing with Hae Seong didn’t require so much effort. That’s why she’s been so relax while Hae Seong studying and practicing up side down.

Hae Seong felt offended and underestimated. However, she actually held her pride up. I bet she’s gonna show Ri An what’s the fruit of determination and practiced skill.

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