Dream High Episode 1-2 Summary

My first impression of this drama is quite positive. It started with some glances of seven years from now, about the worldclass success of a Hallyu Star named K, but as the story went on…I couldn’t really figure out how and where it’d lead us to just yet. For me that’s positive because the drama leaves us reasons to continue on watching. Despites the young singer names as leading casts, I think their acting was good. Bae Young Joon’s come back was very highly anticipated and Park Jin Yeong’s appearance was quite impressive. I have a good feeling about this drama. Ah, one thing though, it reminded me of one of my favorite Hollywood movies…the Channing Tatum’s “Step Up”.

I’m gonna summarized two episodes in one, so i just picked some important moments. But don’t worry, i’m not skipping the Kim Hyun Joong scene, because i think it was interesting.

Let’s say the story started with the come back of Kirin Art High School’s principal: Jeong Ha Myeon aka ‘the ghost’. We found him not as a famous person as a celebrity…but it didn’t take long for us to know that he’s the big man behind -probably- many today’s-most-popular names in Korean entertainment industry.We knew it when Kim Hyun Joong, played as himself, greeted him very respectfully in the middle of the press and fans hysteria in the airport. It’s interesting to see this scene. Kim Hyun Joon has now seen as the ‘next Bae Young Joon’ since he decided to move from his old agency to the same one as his sunbae. I think it was their first time being in the same scene, though one as himself while another one as a respectful character in the drama.

Anyway, at Kirin School, everyone was anthusiast welcoming their principal: School Minister Shi Beom Soo, the teachers and also the students. And it didn’t take long for him to get down to the business. He’s inspecting the school and soon holding an audition for Kirin School’s new year-class.

Meanwhile, let’s get back a while to where our young leading characters connected to each other. Out side the Kirin school…the story started with a young girl with a beautiful voice was performing in duet with her senior…for a classical music. Meet Go Hye Mi (Miss A’s Su Ji).

And this’s Go Hye Mi’s bestfriend slash admirer slash loyal follower, Yoon Baek Hee (T-ARA’s Ham Eun Jeong).

It turned out that our heroin, Hye Mi, was not the type of girl with nice attitude. She cursed, harsh-mouthed, pennyless, and dare devil.

Then let’s switch to the boys side. Meet Seong Shi Hyeok aka Jin Guk. He’s the type of cool bad boy on a cool motorbike. Later on we could see that he might have a relationship with the wealthy man on the newspaper. I had a hunch he was his father.

And that’s his friend, Jeong In Seong.

Jin Guk-Hye Mi story started when In Seong picked up Hye Mi’s wallet that was accidently dropped on the street. Jin Guk intended to give her back the wallet when he found an interesting fact.

Hye Mi’s life was a mess. Her father fled the country because he’s chased by the debt collector. Since the mob couldn’t get to Mr.Go, they’re after his daughter. She tried to flee and fight them back. But she’s not more than just a girl. She needed a hero came for a rescue. And she got it. Jin Guk fought them, and even had a chance to take the mob’s wallet.

And i like this frame ;)

It was Jin Guk when he was running away from the mob after Hye Mi managed to flee herself. But faith is something you cannot avoid. The two met again on the train. Hye Mi demanded her picture back from Jin Guk, so he took her to the underground place where he and his buddies practice dance. She got her picture back.

Go Hye Mi had a cute little sister named Go Hye Seong. These two kids’ lives were miserable, but they run it very bravely. They became tough kids.

At school, please meet the sexy dance teacher, Shi Kyeong Jin. Don’t be fooled by her soft appearance. She’s a very strict teacher.

And this is our lousy-soon-to-be-fired teacher, Kang Oh Yeong. The students disrespect him. Other teachers dislike him. He’s connected with Go Hye Mi by an inconvinient history. Go Hye Mi’s dad told her to call for this guy.
And it turned out that Kang Oh Yeong was Hye Mi’s mom’s affair and the one who caused her parents’s divorce. Hye Mi’s mom was aleardy dead. So Hye Mi thought in this hard time, he had to be responsible for her and her sister’s lives by letting them live in his house. But the coward Kang Oh Yeong ran away.

Hye Mi made an agreement with the debt collector that she’d be entering Kirin Art School in order to be a great singer, so she could pay her father’s debt when that time came. Hye Mi hated Kirin School for an unclear reason and was qualified for US Julliard, but she finally agreed because she wanted to protect Hye Seong. And Yoon Baek Hee also said she’s coming along with her. They’re auditioning together.

They were auditioned together and a shocking thing happened. Go Hye Mi failed while Dir.Jeong gave a pass for Baek Hee. Hye Mi protested saying that she’s the first class singer and Baek Hee was a mere follower, a third class one. She said it couldn’t be happening. But then Dir. Jeong gave her a test.

Oh my goodness! Bae Yeong Jun was back behind the piano! Oooh it’s just too good to see. The memory from “Winter Sonata” were bursting up onto the surface of my mind again. Gee he’s still good :)

Anyway, Dir.Jeong played a beautiful mix song. Hye Mi could guessed the first song easily, since it’s classical. She failed to figure out what the second song was since it’s a TROTT song, which she considered as “the third class song”. She was harsh at first and about to leave the audition room when she turned around surprised everyone by kneeling in front of Dir.Jeong.

~episode 2~

Hye Mi’s friendship with Baek Hee was in a big trouble. They’re breaking up on the spot. It was the first time for Baek Hee having someone acknowledge her talent. So it was the first time she gained a true self esteem and realized that she could stand on her own, and stopped being Hye Mi’s followers.

She asked Dir.Jeong if she was selected because of her talent. The wise Jeong Ha Myeong smiled and gave her his “K” symbol. She’s considered to not only have a talent, but also a passion and good personality.

Jin Guk helped In Seong made some more time by causing a little disturbance.  He managed to attract people’s attention. But when he was trying to run away from the guard, he entered the audition room. Dir. Jeong dared him to dance. Jin Guk, who came just to accompany his too-nervous buddy, yelled “Who do you think you are?” to Dir. Jeong and then just left.

On his way out, Jin Guk saw this boy, Jason (played by Woo Young), practicing in the  corridor. He stopped for awhile to watch, but then just left.

Hye Mi was trying to escape from Ma Doo Shik and his men who was waiting for her outside. Of course they wouldn’t accept a bad news. Jin Guk who was on his way out finally decided to help this harsh girl again. Hye Mi was so upset about the situation from the audition that she couldn’t even hide it from the stranger she couldn’t get along with. But of course Jin Guk was a kind heart boy. He let Hye Mi covered her head with the helmet.

While Hye Mi and Jin Guk were running away,we have a beautiful background music, sung by Ms.Sushi at the Kirin audition. Let’s meet Kim Pil Sook (played by IU). She was wearing a sushi costume through the audition because she didn’t have a confidence in her own appearance. And yes, she had a very good reason for that. But this sushi girl had a very beautiful voice that amazed everyone. Dir. Jeong gave her a pass very easily, even after he saw her true appearance. He said, “One day she’d shine.”
I have to praise the make up artist team. They successfully turned the cute IU into the chubby Pil Sook. I think we’re gonna love her character because she’s cute and lovable.

97 students passed the audition, but the school needed to fulfill their quota of 100. Dir. Jeong said he had his own candidates. He trusted Kang Oh Yeong for summoning those three kids. So, Kang Oh Yeong wasn’t fired from his job.

That night, three kids were facing their own issues. Baek Hee was transforming herself…to be herself for the first time. She cut her own hair. Jin Guk left homeless since his sunbae whose place had been his shelter needed to go back to hometown soon. He recalled the memory of day about the student practicing a dance on the corridor. He redid the dance.And as for Hye Mi and her sister, they also left homeless. They seek for refugee at Jin Guk’s underground place. When Jin Guk went there, he saw the sisters were already asleep.

We then knew that Jin Guk-Hye Mi’s history was longer than few days back. They’d known each other when they’re kids. But of course, it was only Jin Guk who remembered that.

Ma Doo Shik kidnapped Hye Mi in the morning. He was trying to sell her as a night club singer. Of course Hye Mi didn’t play along, and Ma Do Shik pissed off. I thought it was going to be Jin guk again who saved her, but it actually Kang Oh Yeong. He assured the mob that Hye Mi was accepted in Kirin Art High School, as personally pointed by the principal.

Jin Guk came too late. Hye Mi was saved at Oh Yeok’s house. So the mob beat him for the wallet he had taken the other day.

Meanwhile at school, the dance class began. As I told you before, Ms.Shi was not as soft as her appearance. First thing on the new students first day, she made them picking up 1000 drawing pin she spreaded on the floor.

On the other side of the city…
Meet Yang Jin Man (played by the one and only Park Jin Young). He was broken up by his girlfriend and running out of money when an unexpected guest came to his house. He offered a job as an English teacher at Kirin. Yang Jin Man was such an interesting character.

The reason why Dir.Jeong was interested in him was still a mystery, the same as the reasons with him picking up the additional 3 students.

Kang Oh Yeong brought the Go sisters to live in his house. His older sister, was hysterically disagree, but finally changed her mind when she found out that’s the only thing which kept her brother’s job. Hye Mi just overheard the fight, and then decided to explore the house when she found a file contained three names that Oh Yeon needed to find in order to keep his job. Other than her own name, she found Song Sam Dong and Seong Shi Hyeok. Hye Mi then decided to help Oh Yeok finding Song Sam Dong who lived in a remote area.

While Hye Mi was looking for Song Sam Dong, Kang Oh Yeong went to find Seong Shi Hyeok. He asked In Seong where to find his buddy. In Seong gave him the information and when he got to the underground place  he found the unconscious Jin Guk.

Sam Dong (Kim Soo Hyeon) was a simple kid who lived in a simple life with his mom. On that day, he was about to participate in a local song festival. He’s quite famous in his village. Hye Mi came to the place where the event was held because she heard that a guy named Sam Dong was participating. She even bumped on to him on her way in, but she didn’t know anything. On the other hand, Sam Dong seemed to have a love at the first sight. So when he was on the stage, and the presenter asked him to go to the girl he like from among the audience and to bring her to the stage, he knew just where to go. He approached Hye Mi from among the audience, grabbed her hand and brought her to the stage.

Like I said before, I didn’t have any idea where the story will lead us to. Is it going to be like “Step Up” or “Glee” or “God of Study”? Will there be a love quadrangle among them? I still don’t know yet.

In general, this drama is interesting that I was entertained when watching both episodes. The singer-actors play their character well. Taecyon managed to change his image (in the small screen), from a village insignificant boy with satturi to a metropolitant cool bad boy who loves to dance. Park Jin Young’s appearance will be very interesting in the future, I guess. And I hope the rivalry between Hye Mi and Baek Hee won’t be unreasonably dirty.

I think i’m gonna follow this drama and write the summaries. So i’ll see you again soon… ;)

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