Dream High Episode 7 Summary

Jin Guk was such an obidient son. His father said that he did everything and accomplished everything for him…what kind of child wouldn’t fall for that? So he decided to let loose of his ego and agreed to go for study abroad. He needed to go discreetly within a month. No one, especially the press should know about him leaving the country.

Meanwhile, Jason spoke out to Ms.Shi his objection to be paired with Ree Ah and asked if he could be paired with someone else. The strict Ms. Shi harshly said that he should be grateful for the oppotunity instead because Ree Ah would help him spotted on the stage.

The upset Jason spotted Pil Sook in front of the locker and asked her out. They went to karaoke and had some fun there. It was so funny when they did a duet for 2PM’s song “Heart beat”. They also sang Moon Geun Yeong’s legendary song from ‘My Little Bride’ and a song called “Some of this Dream.” These two were so cute and I really like the fact that Jason valued friendship not from any physical matter. He just felt comfortable being around Pil Sook.

Jin Guk’s personal issue then affected the entire half-admission class. Jin Guk announced that he’s not participating in the fake showcase. To make things worst for Hye Mi, she (and Sam Dong) witnessed the moment when Jin Guk promised Baek Hee he would come to the real showcase as her invited-guest since she thought her mother wouldn’t come and that’d be very sad.

The upset Hye Mi asked Jin Guk what really happened, what had changed his mind all of the sudden, if it had anything to do with his father. Jin Guk just said it was his decision. Hye Mi continued asking, “What about our promise to be on the same stage together, don’t you remember it?” Jin Guk just coldly said he didn’t. Hye Mi gave him a hard kick on the leg and then left.

The fun between Jason and Pil Sook had to be ended because the girl had to go practicing for the fake showcase. But Pil Sook didn’t say the real reason why she had to go, she just said that she had a very important appoinment. Jason was cutely very curious and offered to take her to that place. Pil Sook refused, but she really had no idea how curious Jason was. The half-admission class was having a meeting (they decided to have Yang Jin Man disguised as a student to subtitute Jin Guk) when Jason had a sneak peak inside. Gotcha Pil Sook!

Back at Kang’s house, Hye Mi’s mood was quite gloomy when she helped Sam Dong cutting the paper. Sam Dong said she didn’t have to work very hard and let it all to him, and told her to just go to sleep. The sleepy Hye Mi said she owed him a great deal, so she had to give her best to help Sam Dong in this. That was a bit bitter for Sam Dong knowing that Hye Mi’s concern was actually no more than a good friend trying to pay her debt. Then suddenly Hye Mi fell asleep, her head fell to Sam Dong’s shoulder….and the bad mood Jin Guk was just coming home and had to see all that. Jin Guk had no other choice than to suppress his feelings.

Oh Yeok told Jin Man about Sam Dong’s song he heard the other day and the two got very excited because it was an interesting original song and their student who created it. These old pals then suddenly let go of their “bad-memories” and had fun together remembering their old days as students at Kirin.

The day of the showcase finally came. Ree Ah overheard Jason’s short conversation with Ms. Shi the other day, so she started to be the real big headed bitch. She said Jason shouldn’t go far away from her if he wanted to be spotted by the press and talent agency. There’s just alot of pressure for Jason and he kind of lost the fun of the showcase at all. He just couldn’t take it anymore, so he left.

On his way out, he saw Mr. Gong was talking about a CD left behind at school. Jason knew about the fake showcase and he needed a right place to escape for a moment, so he volunteered to take the CD. But when he was about to leave the school, he found out that Pil Sook was having a little problem to be paired with Yang Jin Man. She insisted on singing solo and Mr. Yang just did the dance…there Jason overheard it and volunteered himself to perform with her. Jin Man was too embarass to meet another student since he was wearing a uniform that he hid himself ridiculously under the table.  :lol:

Jin Guk came to the real showcase as he promised. But since Ree Ah refused to perform after Jason left her, Baek Hee wanted to take the place and asked Jin Guk to be her partner. She said she wanted to show her mother that she did have the talent and worthed to be proud of.

Meanwhile, it wasn’t only Jason who went to the school to pick up some stuffs. Ms. Shi was also there and unfortunately she found out about the fake showcase. She told Kang Oh Yeok that what he’s doing was wrong because he’s giving the kids a fake hope and he should stop all of it. Oh Yeok didn’t give up easily. At the right moment he scooped Ms. Shi up and brought her to the office and locked her there.

So the showcase began. The first song was “Some of This Dream.” At the fake show it was performed by Pil Sook and Jason in kind of 80’s style, while at the real one was performed by Baek Hee and Jin Guk in more recent up beat.

When the performance ended and everyone made a round applause for Baek Hee and Jin Guk, he got a kind of epiphany. He realized what his real dream was, what he really wanted to do in life and whom he really wanted to be with. He thanked Baek Hee for everything and Baek Hee realized that he was thinking about Hye Mi, not her.

The last performace at the fake showcase was the duet Hye Mi-Sam Dong singging “Maybe“. Before going onto the stage, Hye Mi asked Sam Dong what he told his mom about their relationship. Sam Dong said that they were like Mong Ryong and Chun Hyang. Hye Mi then said, “Then tonight i’ll be your Chun Hyang.”

After the show, Oh Yeok was congratulated Sam Dong when suddenly Sam Dong temporary lost his hearing and was about to faint. Oh no, I could sense a bad thing about the side effect of Sam Dong’s wound on the head. Oh Yeok asked if he’s okay, Sam Dong regained his stable condition again and said he’s fine.

Kang Oh Yeok made a suprising statement at his speech. He told the audience that it was actually a fake showcase. students performed there were actually rejected from the real one. But he said those kids had a talent and worth-pursue dream and he wanted to support his students for reaching their dreams. He said he had a faith on them and asked the parents to support them as well. Oh Yeok succeeded to show everyone what a great and dedicated teacher he was. He made his sister and friends and students proud of him. They made a great applause. Even Ms. Shi, who were released by Mr. Yang, was touched by the speech.

Even Hye Mi gave Oh Yeok a high five and a sincere smile for the first time.

Because of the epiphany, Jin Guk came to his father to confirm that he’s not going abroad like he planned. He said it wasn’t for a rebellion. He said it’s something he really want to do in life and he promised to be a son his father would be proud of. I like that Jin Guk was still potrayed a good son no matter how angry he was with his father.

I think this is what the drama want to show to the audience. They want to teach young Koreans that no matter what, they have to be good children for their parents…because parents are always gonna be parents, just like children will always be. No matter how angry you are, you still have to talk to your parents in honorific language and in a polite way. Korean people valued family relationship very high that maybe western people or any other foreign couldn’t really understand how serious it could be.  But parents-children relationship for Korean is something that “even death couldn’t do us apart”. Korean believe that parents will always love and take care of their children even in their after life, and as children will always bow their heads, love and take care of their parents as well.

Back to Jin Guk. We didn’t know what his father said about Jin Guk’s decision, but Jin Guk looked cheerful on his way out from his dad’s office. He text Hye Mi to meet each other at a certain place at 6 oclock. But as soon as he left the office building, Jin Guk was greeted by some men he didn’t know who. He had a feeling that the men were about to do bad things to him, so he tried to flee…..but he failed. They got him and his cellphone was dropped somewhere.

I started to really like this drama. It had giving me surprises in every episodes. And though it pretty much like Glee, I still like it. I like the songs as well, and yeaah Pil Sook-Jason. Their progress was the thing I always eager to know in every episode.

We have to wait for episode 8 till next week. ;)

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