Dream High Episode 3 Summary

Let’s start with the big question of “Why Jeong Ha Myeong seemed to have a big faith in such a lousy person -let alone as a teacher- as Kang Oh Yeok to find these 3 ‘special’ kids?”

Jeong Ha Myeong apparently had a knack on seeing other people great potential. What rubbish for others could be a very precious thing for him, and he had a reason for that. He said those three kids had a very big potential that are not revealed yet and people didn’t see it yet. He believe that proper education would help us shine in the future. And that’s the exact same way he saw Kang Oh Yeok.

Now we can go back to Hye Mi and Sam Dong at the song festival. Sam Dong asked her to perform with him and to wear the rice bag costume. She harshly refused, but then thought about the future effect that might happen: Oh Yeok got fired, she and her sister became homeless, and her sister died freezing…So then she immidiately changed her mind and played along with Sam Dong.

The main performer looked at his mother’s eyes before started to sing…and when the first tone was hit, we soon knew how terrible his singing would be. Like Hye Mi thought, if it wasn’t the voice, it had to be the move. But turned out the dance was awful as well.

The cutest thing in this drama would be Pil Sook being the openly admirer of Jason. She treated Jason as if he was already a real rock star. And what made it more sweet was Jason’s response to her. He just acted cool without resenting her. That’s a nice thing to do for a real cool man, right?

Kang Oh Yeok ran Jin Guk to the ER. He looked serious, but apparently not that serious. When Oh Yeok was asked to pay for the administration, Jin Guk had already left. He was having a meeting with his dad. Well, Jin Guk-his father relationship is so classic, but it seemed that Jin Guk wasn’t really in the state of hating him. His father was the everything-counts-as-business type of a politician, even when he talked to his own son. No father’s warm love for Jin Guk, so he decided to stand on his own and live his life separately from his father’s.

I don’t follow the real plot scenes here, but it is not messing the story line.

Hye Mi lied to Sam Dong, saying she liked him, to make this boy went to Seoul with her. Sam Dong refused, but Hye Mi was a determine girl so she followed him home hiding behind the tractor all the way. Sam Dong’s mom welcomed her very warmly, so she wouldn’t miss that chance: using the mother as her weapon! She explained about Kirin Art Highschool and also the special recruitment by Dir. Jeong. Sam Dong still refused to go.

She couldn’t go back to Seoul that night so she had to stay overnight in that village. It turned out that Sam Dong’s house had no in-house toilet. So Hye Mi had to be accompanied by Sam Dong to the public toilet since it was quite dangerous to go alone. Hye Mi asked Sam Dong to close his ears because she was embarass of having a boy hearing the funny sounds she made while doing poo poo. Sam Dong didn’t close his ears, instead he asked Hye Mi to sing herself.

Then she sang Mandy Moore’s “Only Hope.” For me it’s kind of funny. I mean…”Only Hope” wasn’t the best soundtrack for the poo poo scene! :rolleyes:  Well, at least Sam Dong was touched but the song and Hye Mi’s beautiful voice.

Jin Guk refused to go to Kirin School since it couldn’t make him famous instantly. But Oh Yeok challenged him a race between elevator and stairways. He said there’s only 0.0000001% he could win the race through running up the stairs to the 11th floor, but he’d prove him everything could happen. And the result was…he lost his own challenge. But Jin Guk went with him anyway.

Sam Dong made the old-drama style running-after-your-lover-bus. He just wanted to make sure whether Hye Mi was sincere when she said she liked him. She of course said yes to make him go to Seoul on the welcome ceremony day at Kirin.

Dir. Jeong introduced Oh Yeok with Yang Jin Man. Oh Hyeok immidiately recognized his old pal, but Jin Man pretended not knowing him before. So Jin Man and Oh Yeok went to school together, and that time they had a promise to pursue their dream together. But apparently, Oh Yeok didn’t show up in their audition…and Jin Man hated him for that.

Hye Mi went home and got a big surprise. Jin Guk was there, half naked! It’s another old-style in drama story line. They even had the suddenly-drop-down towel too. I think contemporary dramas should stop having this old-school idea.

What did I tell you about Jason-Pil Sook cute relationship? When the new students of Kirin all receiving their uniforms, In Seong made a fun of how big Pil Sook’s skirt was. Jason claimed it as his. In Seong just wouldn’t stop there. But Jason just coldly said, “I said it’s mine” in English.

Baek Hee found out about Hye Mi’s real situation from Ma Doo Shik. So when Hye Mi showed up at school, she apologoized. But Hye Mi resent her.

Other students in Kirin just as simple as disliked Hye Mi for many reasons. It happened even when they all waited for the bus in the bus stop. Jin Guk was there and urged her to join him “listening to the music.” But Hye Mi heard nothing from it. Jin Guk made it a fake. He said it  helped you pretend to be lonely by your own choice when you’re actually lonely.

And the new students welcome ceremony was finally held in Kirin Art HS. Art Minister Shi invited some repoters. His true reason was to hummiliate Dir.Jeong publicly. Jason performed a good dance. And look who did a solo! Yoon Baek Hee. After secretly hurting Jeong Ah Jeong’s foot fingers by putting a drawing pin inside her shoe. This girl is so tricky…

This drama so much reminds me of Glee, but I like the songs sung here. These actors are really talented. I could see Suzy tried so hard and I think she wasn’t bad. But my favourite so far was of course Jason-Pil Sook! ;)

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