Dream High Episode 9 Summary

Hye Mi and Sam Dong had been practicing very hard for the last 200 days. Their dance were improved and impressive. But when Kang Oh Yeok announced their grades, the results weren’t good for the three members of Half-Admission class. They could fail entering the prep-school (preparation before university). However, Kang Oh Yeok had another alternative. They could enter the prep-school if they could win the Dance of the Year Competition.

But who’s gonna help them in choreography? Oh that’s nothing to worry about. They got the King of Dance: Yang Jin Man.

After losing from the game scissor-rock-paper from Pil Sook and Sam Dong, Hye Mi went for registration. She met Baek Hee there. Baek Hee said the pendant seemed to really did bring luck to Hye Mi, but in this competition she woudn’t let Hye Mi be on her way.

Pil Sook was watching the dance class from outside the room when Jason came behind her and mirroring her move. When Pil Sook noticed Jason was behind her, she almost fell on her back, but Jason caught her. They’re still awkward to one another. Pil Sook asked what he was doing there and whether he had anything to ask her about. Jason said no, and asked back, “Do you have something to ask me?” Oh, come on Jason…do you really expect her to re-ask you again about the big question 200 days before?? :rolleyes:

Jin Guk had presents for everyone. Oh Seon was hysterical finding a branded bag as her present and Hye Seong tricked Jin Guk to kiss his cheek. Meanwhile outside the house, Hye Mi was trapped among Jin Guk’s fans. They avoided her to come to house, accusing her of just another fan. Hye Mi told them she lived there, but none of them believed her. They attacked herlike crazy, and thankfully Sam Dong came as a rescue. Getting inside, Jin Guk asked if Hye Mi was okay (of course she’s not!), but Sam Dong blocked him and just brought Hye Mi into the house.

Jin Guk came to the underground place where Sam Dong was practicing. He thanked Sam Dong for taking care of Hye Mi when he was away. Sam Dong said he had nothing to thank about. He didn’t take care of Hye Mi under his place (yeah, Sam Dong,you’re right).

It was the day for appointing group in the Dance of the Year competition.Hye Mi’s group was number 12, bird group. Baek Hee’s was number 7, snake group.  Hye Mi picked up Jason in addition of the Half-Admission class. Sam Dong welcomed Jason very friendly…and Jin Guk could only watch them from a distance.

Hye Mi, Sam Dong, Pil Sook and Jason was off to their underground place when they found out they’re kicked out.
Someone had cleared out their stuffs outside. Meanwhile at school, Oh Yeok was paying his debt to Ma Doo Shik. When the kids phoned him about “having no place to practice”, Mr. Ma offered them his night club stage for free. He started to sincerely like these kids…and Oh Yeok :D

While the K group had Ms. Shi as their choreographer and a proper class to practice at, Oh Yeok’s group had the small changing-room for briefing and Yang Jin Man as the instructor…and of course, the night club stage. However, despite their difficulties each member of the group was very determine in practicing. Sam Dong practiced hard, even though the solo dance was gonna be for Jason. He just basically wanted to do his best for the competition.

BUT…like I’ve always said, trouble is a real friend for these kids. A police came to Ma Doo Shik’s night club and asked about the kids’ activity there. And for the worse, they had Principal Shi came to picked them up.

The result was quite ugly. Principal Shi summoned Kang Oh Yeok to ask about the matter and also his curousity on Ma Doo Shik about the school rent on the day of the schowcase. Hye Mi and Sam Dong tried to eavesdrop out side the room, but they got nothing and Oh Yeok caught them. The problem with Principal Shi seemed to be case-closed peacefully (but i don’t think so), but next thing was they had to find another place to practice.

And there they were at the sauna. Well, that’s not a bad idea. They got the place, the audience, and the warmth.

The competition day had come. The K group performed first. They’re good, but Hye Mi’s group was quite confidence…until in the backstage, Oh Yeok made a sudden change. He appointed Sam Don for the solo dance instead of Jason as planned. Everyone voted and agreed Sam Dong should do it…surprisingly, even Pil Sook voted for Sam Dong.

The dance went well. Backstage after the show, Jason said to Pil Sook that if he had been the one did the solo dance, they would’ve got the first prize. But he just didn’t really care and it upset Pil Sook. She was disappointed finding out Jason as a person with no strong passion. She said she had a hard time for losing her weight and thinking she did it only for him, someone with such ignorance, then made her regret it.

Baek Hee came to Hye Mi smugly speaking about her being the first winner.  Instead of being irritated as Baek Hee was expecting, Hye Mi gave her a sincere congrats. She said the reason she and her friends signed up for this competition was to be able to get into the prep-school, and then they finally made it. That’s what really matter for them. So it wasn’t about competing Baek Hee or whatsoever.

Outside the changing room, Sam Dong couldn’t hold his cheers to Hye Mi.  He even got to kiss her on the cheek! And look who could only stare from a distance: Jin Guk.

Jin Guk was having the lonely-celeb-syndrom. Yeah that’s what I call it. You know, when a celebrity seemed to always have people around him celebrating things, swarmed fans everywhere he move…but inside he felt empty and lonely. That’s the kind of feeling that Jin Guk was having. The spot light and the fame didn’t bring happiness without his love ones…
And Baek Hee, I think somehow she felt the same. She knew she’s alone in love, so all she could do was to be there for Jin Guk in silence.

Someone finally spread the news in the internet. So then whole Korea knew that the K Group Hyeon Shi Hyeok was the son of the politician Hyeon Moo Jin. The news made a buzz at the Kang residence. Only Oh Yeok who wasn’t surprised from it.

The Hyeon father and son went for a TV talk show interview. Hyeon Moo Jin was such a great actor.
He acted like he’d been a warm father for Jin Guk. Well, that’s a pretty touching moment and Jin Guk seemed to valued the moment much more than just a TV show. He’s enjoying being the “proud son” for his father. The audiences were touched, even in the Kang residence. Oh Seon was streaming tears…while Hye Mi and Oh Yeok kind of knew what really had happened all these times. Outside the show, the father and son was back to their cold relationship. But Jin Guk still excused himself in a very polite way as usual. And Mr. Hyeon found a present from his son in his car: an elegant watch.

Jin Guk caught Hye Mi on the way back home. He said he had something to say and asked her to go somewhere else, but Hye Mi refused. Hye Mi was about to leave when Jin Guk suddenly back hugged her. And they stayed like that for some moment. But Jin Guk had to go, and they didn’t have a chance to talk.

There’s a kind of study tour or something to Japan. But the Half-Admission class couldn’t afford it. Ma Doo Shik heard about it and offered them a good chance. They could go to Japan to sing at his cousin’s wedding. All the expenses were his.

Pil Sook still avoided Jason, but still sticked the lollipop on his locker.
Jason a little hesitated, but he still took the candy.

The day of flying to Japan had come. The kids were excited. Kang Oh Yeok put a very big smile on his face. But then he flash back to the time where he had the conversation with Pincipal Shi (when he’s summoned because of the Ma Doo shik issue). It turned out that Principal Shi threatened to expel the children, but Oh Yeok put his carreer as the warrant instead. He promised to submit a resignation letter if the Principal Shi let the kids stay at school.

Oooohhh it’s not good! Can’t wait to watch the next episode.

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