Dream High Episode 8 Summary

Jin Guk was kidnapped by his father’s men. He was forced to go abroad that very moment. However, he managed to get away. Hye Mi got the message. Though part of her still mad at Jin Guk, she’s not a hypocrite. She went to their meeting place, the underground place, but Jin Guk never showed up. The kidnap incident hurt Jin Guk’s heart so badly that it proved how arrogant and selfish his father was. Jin Guk shed a tear. Oh, come on Taecyeon, was that the best thing you could do for the shed-tear scene? Not natural enough!

Coming back home, the Kang residence was having a guest, Sam Dong’s mom. They’re having a warm dinner when Jin Guk finally showed up. Sam Dong’s mom treated him so warmly and motherly that it touched him so deeply and he couldn’t hold his emotion. This guy was such a soft hearted underneath that built figure. Saying goodbye to Sam Dong’s mom, Jin Guk thanked her in a quite overwhelmed way.

Hye Mi obviously upset, but she didn’t say anything. Jin Guk asked her to listen,but she refused. Then Jin Guk did something that even the cold Hye Mi couldn’t resist. He suddenly relied his head on Hye Mi’s shoulder and held Hye Mi’s hand tightly. Hye Mi kind of knew that something bad had happened to him, so she let the moment stay.

Sam Dong was saying good bye to his mom when the symptom occured again. He lost a clear hearing for some moment and his head started to get dizzy. But it wasn’t as strong as when it happened at the fake showcase.

Kang Oh Yeok and Yang Ji Man was ready for the worst thing to happen in Kirin Staff’s meeting. But surprisingly Ms. Shi didn’t say anything about the fake showcase to Principal Shi. When Oh Yeok asked her about it, she pretended as if the other never happened, like she never been to that fake showcase.

Some outstanding students who performed at Kirin showcase got promoted. They got interviews by the press and an exclusive offering from this one particular agency. Jin Guk was one of them, together with Baek Hee and Jason. Hye Mi’s heart was hurt enough seeing Jin Guk sat on the stage, but bad surprises didn’t stop there.

Baek Hee was asked by the reporter was there anyone she wanted to thank to for her achievement so far. She said she wanted to thank her rival. She was telling everyone about what Ms. Shi told her earlier before the students welcome ceremony when she finally took the spot from Ah Jeong. The reporter said if her rival was in Kirin too. She said yes and her eyes were fixed to Hye Mi when saying that.

That hurt Hye Mi so much, but not to make her hate Baek Hee. She just realized how bad she had been as a person that it must have hurt Baek Hee so much too. She was crying under the snow and Sam Dong was the one coming to sooth her.

At home, Hye Mi was with Sam Dong when Jin Guk came and asked for a private conversation with her.
Sam Dong refused to leave, so then Jin Guk scooped him out of the room. Jin Guk said sorry and tried to convinced Hye Mi that he was sincere when saying the only person he wanted to be together on the stage was Hye Mi. But Hye Mi was too tired and hurt to hear anything from him.

Ree Ah was doing a TV commercial with (another) 2PM Nickhun where she was suppose to sing a song.The problem was, she sang very badly. No wonder why Jason refused to perform with her. The director asked Ree Ah if she knew someone with a good voice. Ree Ah got Pil Sook.

Baek Hee surprisingly gave Hye Mo the pendant.  It seemed like she became big headed, thinking that Hye Mi was no longer a tough competitor. She gave the pendant as if saying “Okay, i don’t need it anymore. The lucks are in my favor now. Go have your and until then you’re not good enough as my rival.” Well, at least that’s what I would’ve thought if I had been Hye Mi.

Sam Dong bought many Japanese mangas of Candy-Candy and Hani. He was learning more about how to love someone.

After talking to Hye Mi, Pil Sook decided to tell Jason her true feelings. He guided Jason with clues written in pink love-shaped piece of papers. It was a lyric of a song. Those clues led Jason to Pil Sook.

The girl revealed her feelings for Jason, but as we might have guessed, Jason just wanted to be friends with Pil Sook. That hurt her, but Jason basically care for her so much whether he realized it or not. It bugged him hearing Ree Ah said to the PD about bad things that underestimate Pil Sook because of her physical appearance.

At Kang residence a little party was held. It was Jin Guk’s party. Everyone was there, except Hye Mi. They were still in a cold war that Hye Mi still refused to talk to him. But Jin Guk had left a box of presents for her. They were the helmet and earphone Hye Mi once used. They’re symbols of Jin Guk’s great care for her.

Hye Mi put on the helmet and cried out side. It was Sam Dong who found her there. Sam Dong bursted out his feelings. It hurt her seeing Hye Mi got hurt all the time. His feelings for her was sincere, though he knew it’s Jin Guk she liked.

Sam Dong drew so many anime-style figures, capturing some real characters like Baek Hee, Hye Mi and himself. Oh Yeok found those drawing in the trash bin and then gave it to Hye Mi. She then told Sam Dong that she would fight together with him. Together they were going to reach their dreams.

Jason sat down Pil Sook to clear their issue. Jason explained to her that he couldn’t accept her love not because he hate her. He told her that he really do like her, but only as a friend. Pil Sook asked was it because of her physical appearance that he couldn’t accept her love. She asked him if she could be skinny and pretty would he accept her. Jason remembered how Ree Ah had said bad things about Pil Sook and then said yes to her.

Pil Sook went to Ms. Maeng to ask for a help. Ms. Maeng then guided her to go on a diet and healthy living. While the promoted students were away for their promo for 200 days, Pil Sook worked out her body. Everynight she only had an apple and a bottle of yoghurt. She used the yoghurt lid as the mark for each day. But when the 200th day had come, she kept the last lid.

Jason was excited to get a welcome candy by Pil Sook. Yes he missed her so much that he went right away to the half-admission class –just like Jin Guk couldn’t wait to see Hye Mi– but both girls weren’t there.

Jason just walked pass a girl he thought just another student until the girl said “Hello.” It was Pil Sook’s voice! Jason dropped his jaw as he saw the transform Pil Sook. She’s then skinny and pretty.

It wasn’t only Jason who was welcomed by a surprising scene. Students gathered in front of the dance class. They were watching a couple danced so well. Jin Guk and Baek Hee were surprise seeing very familiar faces. Jin Guk and Hye Mi were so good doing that up beat dance.

The competition was getting hotter! ;)

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