Dream High Episode 4 Summary

Sam Dong was too late coming to Kirin because he’s saving the lost child in the terminal, Jin Guk had a problem being under the spot light and then jut left, and it left Hye Mi all herself got booed by the whole school. The welcome ceremony was not welcome for three of them. And it left Minister Shi put on a big smile on his face.

As the result for the big mess, the three students’ enrollment in Kirin might be canceled and Kang Oh Yeok will probably got fired. Sam Dong was the one looked very regretful, while Hye Mi seek for comfort to her cute little sister, Hye Seong.

Hye Mi played a tantrum in the morning. She yelled at the broken shoes, she blamed on Sam Dong for coming late and she told him the truth about her lie. Sam Dong looked hurt finding out Hye Mi didn’t really like her. Jin Guk overheard everything and told her that she should apologize.

Another new student arrived at Kirin Art HS. She was a real celebrity already. All her fans were cheering her up out side the school. But nothing much about her yet.

Minister Shi tried to corner Dir. Jeong for the ceremony incident related to the three specially-recruited kids. He also urged the board to cancel their enrollment at Kirin, as well as to fire Kang Oh Yeok. The calm Dir. Jeong at first was just be quiet and smiled, and when Minister Shi finished, Dir. Jeong managed to silent everyone. He said everyone in the meeting should just think about how to develop the teaching quality in Kirin. The three students and Kang Oh Yeok was his responsible, so he’s gonna be the one fixing the mess. And to make Minister Shi shut his mouth up, Dir. Jeong officially announced his promotion…Minister Shi was then became the School Principal.

Before leaving, Dir. Jeong handed over the difficult task to Kang Oh Yeok. He said the battle had begun, and it’s gonna be long ang tiring, but Dir. Jeong had a very good faith in him. When Kang Oh Yeok wondered how could he trusted him that much, Dir. Jeong asked him to remember his own dream from the past. He left Oh Yeok’s old book on Oh Yeok’s table. At the cover we found out why this drama was entitled “Dream High.”

So it seemed that Dir. Jeong had long known Oh Yeok. They seemed to go to Kirin together, and long time ago, he borrowed Oh Yeok’s “dream high” scrap book where he wrote down everything about his dream. And then Dir. Jeong was leaving Korea again…Oh Yeok and the three kids were on their own again.

Jason was so cool. He seemed to really be friends with Pil Sook. He’s kind and gentle…and had a very good voice! Sam Dong watched his performance, and then went up to the stage and said out loud that he’s not the ugly kid from the remote village, he’s gonna beat Jason.

Hye Mi who saw this scene thought Sam Dong would only embarass himself because she had heard how terrible Sam Dong’s singing was. But, surprisingly…..Sam Dong sang very beautifully as well! Jason, who took the challenge very manly, sang along with him. So the duet was actually a battle, but Jason won it in an elegant way…

Ma Doo Shik got bumped into Jin Man and looked very shock seeing his face. However, Jin Man seemed to know nothing about him. I don’t know either what really happen. Maybe on the next episodes we’ll find out about it. Do Shik came to school to push Oh Yeok sign an agreement that Oh Yeok would lose his house if Hye Mi failed to be a star after graduating from Kirin. The stupid Oh Yeok just agreed to sign it. And Jin Man saw this scene.

Hye Mi helped Sam Dong changed his hair style. Maybe that’s her way to apologize to this boy. She also helped him buy some new clothes. On their way home on the bus, Hye Mi got a phone call from her dad that it turned her face into a delight expression. Sam Dong saw that and somehow touched.

That night, we found out that Baek Hee was underestimated even by her own mother. Her mother disapproved her studying at Kirin Art HS because in she thought Baek Hee had no talent in such singing and dancing. She instead stood at Hye Mi’s side that it upset Baek Hee.

Meanwhile, Jin Guk came to his father’s house to return the money he had wired him. It turned out that his father’s wife dislike him very much. His father still urged him to go abroad during the election period, but Jin Guk insisted on staying. What I like about Jin Guk was he still faced his father with respect and spoke politely.

Ma Doo Shik came to Hye Mi to give her some food. He then told her about Jin Guk was playing a hero tried to save her last time but ended being beaten by his men. So Hye Mi then knew the truth. Jin Guk wasn’t a jerk.

It was snowy and Hye Mi tried to cover Jin Guk’s motorbike with cute umbrellas and Jin Guk saw this. When Jin Guk approached her,  she finally apologized for everything. Oh that’s sweet.

That snowy night, Jin Guk was practicing some dance when he met Baek Hee who was looking for the missing pendant. The pendant given by Jeong Ha Myeong was lost when she had a fight with Hye Mi on the other day. And Jin Guk saw Hye Mi had the pendant.

Hye Mi thought it was  a lucky charm, so when she found it, she didn’t give it back to Baek Hee. She really thought it did work on her. But when morning came, she was about to give the pendant back by putting it into Baek Hee’s locker, but she finally drew back. She just needed to keep it a little longer. Sam Dong saw this scene from a far.

In the dance class, Baek Hee confronted Hye Mi to give back the pendant to her. Hye Mi denied having it. But then Jin Guk asked her to just give it back to Baek Hee. When Hye Mi was still firm in denial, Jin Guk just took it out from her pocket. Sam Dong came and gave him a hard punch.

After the incident, Hye Mi’s life at school turned very miserable. They even had to sit in the “Hell” class that indicate no hope of future for students who study there. That’s thanks to Oh Yeong’s idea to activate the class again and Principal Shi delightfully approved him.

Sam Dong confronted Jin Gu for making Hye Mi a real criminal at school. But Jin Guk defended himself that it was the best way for Hye Mi to really learn and stop herself from relying on such a “lucky” pendant. Jin Guk thought she’d be okay without that thing.

And just at the right moment, a sirene wailed. It came from the stage on the main hall. Hye Mi stood there. She declared a war with the whole school. She challenged Baek Hee. She said if she could beat Baek Hee in the mid term test, everyone who had treated her wrong should apologize to her publicly. And if she lost, she would apologize and admit that she’s unlucky and whatever they might think about her.

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  1. what is the song that jason sang?could u tell me….

  2. what was the song that was playing when Hye Mi was covering the motorcycle with umbrellas?

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