Dream High Episode 5 Summary

The real war officially started, but with only Kang Oh Yeok as the teacher everything seemed to be hard. However, the students had no other choice but to ask him a big help. The three of them got along with each other well after all the misunderstandings cleared up. But Sam Dong was quite determine. Hye Mi’s cold response to him didn’t stop him showing his affection to this girl.

There was suddenly a knock in the door…they had another student in the class: the weight-loss-in-progress Pil Sook. IU’s face could then finally be seen. Oh she’s adorable.

Oh Yeok wasn’t really good in teaching acting, so he recorded how another teacher taught at the regular class and then showed it to his class just like the at-home-yoga with video instruction. However, their class was disturbed by the presence of Principal Shi. (Was he mirroring Dir.Jeong style??) so the class needed to find another place to practice. Kang Oh Yeok knew exactly where he should take them: Jin Guk’s old underground place.

Kang Oh Yeok needed a help for teaching the students. He went to see Yang Jin Man. He persuaded him using their old-time-together dream. Yang Jin Man refused, so Oh Yeok had to said the number (money). Jin Man agreed then, but eventually he came back again the next day. He said that Oh Yeok wouldn’t make them pass the appraisal.

Hye Mi accused Baek Hee for being the one behind her hardtimes at school. But Baek Hee played innocence, especially in front of Jin Guk who interfere and backed up Baek Hee. He said it wasn’t her. And he seeemed to know who’s the real culprit: his friend In Seong.

Yang Jin Man taught them music and acting. The acting class was important for them to deliver the sincere emotion through the song. Everyone was practicing quite well, but Hye Mi was still as emotionless as ever that she made Jin Man gave up.

However, Hye Mi was willing to learn because she needed to win. So she went to learn it from Pil Sook. She asked Pil Sook how could she easily deliver the emotion through the song. Pil Sook just simply said, “Because i’m in love.” She then took Hye Mi to secretly watch Jason practicing in the piano room. Hye Mi doubted Jason really had a special feelings to Pil Sook, even though she told her about the way Jason always treated him. But then it turned out that Jason was basically a gentleman with a good manner. So he treated all the girls as nicely and respectedly as he did with Pil Sook. And Hye Mi confronted him for that. She told him that his manner made girls misunderstood him.

Then the scene went to this man. Hmm…if i’m not mistaken he was Jin Guk’s old roomate. He looked so desperate when standing on the edge of a rooftop, and just a minute or so…he jumped.

But he didn’t die. Jin Guk and Oh Yeok picked him up at the police station. Jin Guk’s friend apparently failed the law exam, so he had an idea to cheer up his friend. He asked Oh Yeok to teach him Girl’s Generation’s dance, and the whole Half-admission class took part.

From Jin Guk’s friend, Hye Mi found out that Jin Guk didn’t know his birth date. On their way home, Jin Guk tried to start a conversation with Hye Mi who sat at the other end of the seat row. He asked if she’s still angry with him for not backing her up in front of Baek Hee and the rest of the school the other day. Hye Mi didn’t literally talk back. Instead, she started writing on the bus’s window.

“You really don’t know your birthday?”

Jin guk said he didn’t, but he knew the fake birthday: Christmas eve.

Then Hye Mi recalled her memories with this particular boy. So she knew that the boy had then grown became Jin Guk. It was actually her who set up Jin Guk’s birthday to be on Christmas Eve. She even sang a beautiful birthday song for him that night.

The day of the appraisal came. everyone seemed to be nervous. Jin Man and Oh Yeok who secretly watched from out side the room got the pattern of the appraisal: it didn’t rely on how high the score on the karaoke-like scoring machine, but on how much students paid attention to the performance. So Baek Hee only got 85 even though the machine said she’s over that score because only about 85% of the class really paid attention to her performance.

Hye Mi surprised her Jin Man and Oh Yeok by changing her song when she’s ready to perform. She decided to sing birthday song she used to sing for little Jin Guk. She then sang this song to big Jin Guk and she succeeded to deliver her emotion through this song. And she got 100, so she won the bet.

While Jin Guk was flying high because Hye Mi sang the song for him, not everyone was happy. someone was planning on playing a dirtier game on her. Jin Guk found out that someone wanted to hurt Hye Mi for real. At first he thought it’d be In Seong again, but he’s not. And Hye Mi was nowhere to be found. He called Pil Sook and Sam Dong to ask her whereabout. Sam Dong told him that she’s trashing the trash outside. Jin Guk then alert him that Hye Mi might be in danger. Sam Dong rushed out.

It was just about milisecond, if Sam Dong hadn’t been there to push Hye Mi aside, she might’ve been hit by the flying pot. Sam Dong asked if she’s okay, but unfortunately he’s the one who collapsed. It turned out that Sam Dong’s head got hit and bled. Jin Guk could only see the scene from afar…

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