Dream High Episode 8 Summary

With the kissing scene spoiler,i can’t wait to watch and make summary/recap of this drama. I’m not really taking side for either Jin Guk or Sam Dong, as long as they compete fairly.

Pil Sook couldn’t go to Japan because she wasn’t in a good condition and had to stay in the hospital. So it was only Kang Oh Yeok,Hye Mi and Sam Dong who mere going. The wedding, as you might have guessed, was a yakuza party. Many scary men in black and a high level security. It’s funny to see these three people among the yakuza.

The three succeeded to flee, but Sam Dong and Hye Mi went separated with Kang Oh Yeok. Hye Mi and Sam Dong looked for the hotel Kirin students stayed in Nagoya, but they lost their way and had no money while their system couldn’t tolerate the lack of supply demand. They saw a group of young kids were making a street performance, so they made theirs.

Oh Yeok arrived at the hotel, but finding no Hye Mi nor Sam Dong. Hearing the news, Jason and Jin Guk instantly took off. The rest went after them. The street performance went well, but the Japanese group didn’t like it so they challenge a dance battle. Jin Guk, Jason and the rest came in the right moment. The battle was quite interesting (Taecyeon and Wooyeong’s dance skill were great) and won by the Kirins. It’s the first time Hye Mi and Baek Hee smiled to each other again since they’re in Kirin. That’s a good sign.

Hye Mi couldn’t sleep because she was starving. Baek Hee knew that, so she secretly drop a bread to Hye Mi who slept on the floor. Hye Mi ate outside and Jin Guk saw it. He asked her to talk, but Hye Mi refused.

Jason, who had been very curious since Hye Mi told him Pil Sook was hospitalized because of hepatitis (she gave him an unclear info), searched on the internet (in the mid of night) about the illness, but nothing was sure. He then asked Sam Dong what actually happened to Pil Sook, but the sleepy Sam Dong was no help at all.

The next day everyone went to watch the filming of a video for the K group. It was actually a ridiculous story that even made Oh Yeok laughed it. It’s about a girlfriend died but back to life because of her boyfriend’s tears dropped on her face.

Jason tried to contact Pil Sook,but always failed. So as soon as the filming finished he flew straight back to Seoul. Meanwhile, Sam Dong spotted a familiar face of a boy from a Japanese group they got quarrel the other day.

He decided to tailed him and found out this kid and his group was going to hold a mini concert. something like an unofficial debut for them. Many people just ignore their announcement, but Sam Dong and Kang Oh Yeok thought different way.

Kang Oh Yeok invited Ms. Shi to the concert later that night. It’s quite funny to see the cool Ms. Shi blushed and mistook it as a date proposal.

Sam Dong, Hye Mi, Oh Yeok and other Kirin students came to the concert and saw how much those Japanese kids potrayed them. Not many people came down there, so the Japanese kids appreciated the presence of Sam Dong and other Kirins. They let the Korean Kirin to perform on their stage. Sam Dong took Hye Mi to sing the ‘Dream High’ song. The manager of Kirin spotted Hye Mi here. He thought of recruiting Hye Mi to replace Baek Hee whom he thought the least productive among other K members.

Jason came in a rush to the hospital. He thought he would find Pil Sook lying weak on the bed, but he was wrong. He found Pil Sook doing the rope jumping. Apparently Hye Mi had misinformed him that Pil Sook caught a hepatitis B, while in fact it was hepatitis A. So when he found out, he excused himself in a hurry. But Jason was about turning his body to leave, Pil Sook collapsed. He rushed her back inside.

The Japanese boy then called Sam Dong as “friend”. They appreciated each other’s music and found similarities in both regardless their language barrier. The Japanese boy gave Sam Dong two tickets of the ferries wheel and he invited him to stop by a restaurant where he worked. Sam Dong asked Hye Mi out and told her to wait for him outside. But unfortunately, Jin Guk was way faster than him

Hye Mi refused to talk to Jin Guk at first. Jin Guk was a liar and a traitor for her. There were two Korean girls spotted them and recognized Jin Guk as the K group, so they started to act like a paparazzi. This drama always teach its audience to stay positive and show the good manner, and it potrayed by Jin Guk. Instead of yelling at them to stop bugging them, he asked the girls nicely –almost desperately in fact, to stop taking pictures and gave them a space because he needed to talk something important to Hye Mi.

After the disturbance gone, Jin Guk explained to her what really happened. He said he wanted the spotlight to let him stay. If he hadn’t been famous, his father would’ve sent him abroad. Another reason was to let the world know that he was his father’s son. It’s like saying to Hye Mi that he wasn’t lying about wanting to be on the same stage with her reaching out their dreams together. He still wanted it and always did, but firstly he needed to stay in Korea in order to make it happen. Well that’s a good idea actually. So of course, Hye Mi fell for it.

Sam Dong lost Hye Mi. He found out that Jin Guk had grabbed her out from Ah Jeong and In Seong. He was upset and decided to pay a visit to that nice Japanese boy.

Pil Sook gained consciousness and found Jason by her side. She asked how he got there. Jason was pretending to be ignorant. Pil Sook asked was it just his good manner that brought him all the way down there. You know to pay a visit to a sick friend. Jason said no, he came to hear her sing and he just had nothing else to do after all his schedule wrapped up. Jason walked outside and hesitated on the corridor when Pil Sook played his guitar and sang ‘Waiting’. It’s a beautiful song and quite potraying Jason-Pil Sook’s relationship.

Jin Guk took Hye Mi on the ferries wheel. He shared her his bitter old story with dad. He said once in the good old day his father took him and his mother to the theme park and got on the wheel. It’s the most beautiful memory he had with his dad and it’s the only thing that avoid him from hating his father.

Hye Mi cried wathing and listening to the teary Jin Guk. He was touched. So then he bent on his knee to wipe Hye Mi’s tears…and the initiative knocked his mind. He bent for a kiss…and they kissed!

And look who’s watching from the restaurant (with a direct view to the wheel)? Yes, it’s Sam Dong. Well, it must have been hurt like hell for him. His world was falling apart…he lost the game. Hye Mi was taken by Jin Guk.

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