The Equator Man Episode 1 Summary

Equator Man has a very sad premise. There’s only one evil character that ruins the lives of almost all other characters in this drama. And I bet this drama is gonna be heart-wrecking, full of ambition, revenge and bitter story of lives.

Let’s start our summary.

Lee Jang Il is a wounded person, not physically, but pyschologically. One day, in an equator country, Lee Jang Il came to kill this one wealthy man, President Jin No Shik. It seemed that President Jin had ruined Jang Il’s life very badly that he could not forgive him. Jang Il had a gun and he was ready to point it at President Jin. But Kim Seon Woo came to stop him.

The story flash back to 15 years earlier, when both Jang Il and Seon Woo still in study in the same class in high school. Jang Il was the top student in his class, while Seon Woo was best known as a little punk in his area. Even though the situation was like in the school, in life, Lee Jang Il’s life was harder than Kim Seon Woo’s.

Jang Il had to deal with ganster because of his father’s debt. While Seon Woo live a humble but happy life with his father. One night, Seon Woo’s father called a wealthy man, President Jin No Shik. He called to tell him that his dead fiancee bore a child and the child lived. But President Jin looked unhappy with the news. He told Seon Woo’s father not to speak through phone.

One day, Seon Woo witnessed Jang Il’s father was about to be tortured in front of Jang Il’s very eyes. Seon Woo couldn’t help himself to fight those gangster. Seon Woo was fighting the men all by himself at first, but Jang Il eventually helped him out. They started to become friends since then.

Jang Il told Seon Woo that he would be a prosecutor in the future so that he could drag those kind of bad guys to the jail. He was the best student in the class, Seon Woo thought that would be no problem for Lee Jang Il. But then Jang Il suddenly fainted after the fight. Waking up in the hosptial and found out that Seon Woo stayed with him all night, Jang Il was so touched.

But Seon Woo got a lot of trouble with his teacher at school. The teacher heard the news about he was fighting with gangster the night before.His situation was so bad that it made his father had to kneel before the teacher. Seon Woo didn’t mention anything about Jang Il nor the reason why he was fighting.

Seon Woo got a detention, but Jang Il requested the teacher to help Seon Woo studying. Jang Il tried so hard to make Seon Woo study. And in return, Seon Woo taught Jang Il some fighting techniques.

Han Jin Won overheard her father’s conversation with President Jin and the President treated him bad.This girl seemed like holding a great anger towards President Jin that she went out and crash his car’s front window. She was surprise when finding out there’s Seon Woo hiding in the car. Han Ji Won helped Seon Woo by telling wrong information to some men who seek him.

In one rainy day, Jang Il was surprise by a girl who was suddenly came under his umbrella because she didn’t have any umbrella. They walked together and Jang Il finally gave her his umbrella.Jang Il just found his first love.

The girl’s name was Choi Soo Mi. she’s an art school student and very good in painting. She made a skecth of Jang Il under the umbrella and gave it to him as a present.Later on Jang Il found out that Soo Mi was Seon Woo’s old friend and he even knew her father well.
Seeing Soo Mi’s father and her life and reminding himself about his future ambition to be a prosecutor, Jang Il ended up stood Soo Mi up on their date appointment. Soo Mi later knew that Jang Il was Seon Woo’s friend and he was hanging out with him neglecting their date, no explanation at all from Jang Il.

Seon Woo’s father suffered from a cancer. He told Seon Woo and the news just a big slap for Seon Woo. Then his father met President Jin to tell him about his son and asked to help Seon Woo’s life, but President Jin just resent the fact. He didn’t even want to admit that Seon Woo was his son. They ended up in a fight and President Jin killed Seon Woo’s father. Unfortunately, he realized that Jang Il father, who worked for him, witnessed it all.

It was his birthday and Seon Woo was in a hurry to meet his father because they had an appointment. But he suddenly bumped into something that hung on the tree. It turned out to be his father’s body.

This spring drama war is really driving me crazy. It’s a dilemma which channel should I turn on Wednesday and Thursday night, 9.55 pm (Seoul time). I mean, choosing between Ha Ji Won + Lee Seung Gi and Uhm Tae Woong?? It’s a very difficult choice. Although I decided to watch live “The King 2Hearts”, I can’t let myself leaving Uhm Tae Woong’s drama behind. So here I am trying my best to cover both dramas.

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  1. NewKDramaAddict

    And they are both good! I have not seen a lot with Uhm Tae Woong except for Devil but Lee Jun Hyuk, I have seen a lot and I’m watching for him. Who cares if he is a bad/misunderstood guy! After the first 2 episodes, it makes sense.

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