The Equator Man Episode 3 Summary

The Equator Man episode 3 still tells the story during Seon Woo and Jang Il’s youth. In the end of previous episode, Seon Woo was ordered by the bad guys to find this man named Jun Taek and killed him. Since they threatened him to ruin Jang Il’s life if Seon Woo refused or failed the mission, he did go to the mob’s place, but threw away the small sword before going. As a real kick ass kid, Seon Woo fought with those men alone, and ended up badly beaten and locked up in a stranded container for a couple of days. In the same time, Jang Il was starting his new and prosperous life in Seoul, ready for his university orientation.

Mr.Choi, Soo Mi’s father, was trying to blackmailed Jang Il’s father and asked for about 50 million won. But he kept scraping one letter to another.

Soo Mi’s mood seemed to never be up again. She got upset of the hair stylish for giving her lousy curls and decided to go to Seoul to have her hair re-do. Surprisingly, her seat was right next to Jang Il’s. They both in silence the whole journey. Arriving at Seoul Station, Soo Mi’s got snatched and she lost her wallet. She asked Jang Il to lend her some money, but Jang il misunderstood her. He thought Soo Mi just planned the whole thing from the beginning and refused to lend her some money. Jang Il’s words were very insulting that Soo Mi said, “You will regret what you’ve done to me in the future.” Then in a very cold way, Jang Il replied, “Yeah, i’ll regret it later.” Soo Mi called her father to pick her up.

At home, Soo Mi was resting on their living room when she found her father’s black mail plan. She demanded her father to tell the truth and Mr.Choi had no choice but to share his story to his daughter. Soo Mi made her father promise not to tell anyone about it until his death bed.

The bad guys thought Seon Woo was dead, or at least dying. They put him in a corpse bag, but Seon Woo managed to flee. The bad guys tried to catch him again, but Seon Woo jumped off the bridge to the top of a running train. What a kid!

In Seoul, in the university, Jang Il got the same class with Han Ji Won even though they’re different department. The lecturer was speaking about photographic memory. Han Ji Won was late when her name was called, but she just went to the front and answer the question about “what do you know about photographic memory?”

Ji Won told her own experience the night she met Seon Woo. She said from that moment, she pictured that young man’s face in her mind and that’s her photographic memory. Ji Won said that young man was her type. Then the lecturer asked for another volunteer. Jang Il raised his hand and went to the front. It’s his turn to tell the class about the moment she fell for the girl who played the guitar singing his favorite song. If I had been the lecturer, I would have told them that they had not really answer my question. Come on…photographic memory, please, not your first love story.

Anyway, after the class, Jang Il approached Ji Won and told her that the girl in his story was him. He also asked her out to have dinner together, but Ji Won refused him telling that she had 3 part time jobs that she had no time for such an activity. Jang Il was a bit confused why a wealthy girl had to work that hard. She said because she needed the money. From that moment, Jang Il never push her, but approach her in a gentle way like giving her fruits and drink when he saw her in the canteen.

Back in the south, Seon Woo got some info from his friend that the police was actually suspicious about his father’s death but something made them stop digging further. And the friend also told him that a taxi driver who drove Seon Woo’s dad the day before he died told that the man went to Mr.Jin’s new residence to play card.

Seon Woo visited the construction site, knowing it’s Jang Il’s father’s work place. He asked him if he or the other workers saw his father around the place that day. Jang Il’s dad said no. Then on his way back, Seon Woo saw Mr.Jin’s picture and realized that Mr.Jin was one of the men in his father’s old picture.

Arriving at home, a phone rang. It’s from Tae Joo. That man looked shock when Seon Woo told him that his father, Kyeong Phil was already dead.

After finishing his university orientation, Jang Il went back to his hometown. The first person he visited was his best friend. Seon Woo said he’s going to work in a furniture factory next week. Jang Il persuaded him to forget about working and started studying with him in Seoul. He would support Seon Woo. But Seon Woo refused.

Seon Woo told Jang Il that he would send a petition to the police to make a further investigation of his father’s death. He said he’s going to ask Mr.Jin for help because he thought his father knew Mr. Jin and that wealthy man had many networks. Jang Il supported his idea. he even bought Seon Woo a nice suit and introduce Seon Woo to Mr.Jin. But that evil man said the picture was like other dozens of picture he always took with his workers, so he didn’t really remember his father.

Knowing that Seon Woo would send a petition to the police and Jang Il supported him, Mr. Jin was furious to Mr.Lee threatened him with Jang Il’s future and ordered him to make sure Seon Woo would never send the petition to the police. Unfortunately, Jang Il was right behind the door and heard all that conversation. He was in shock.

He came to Seon Woo’s place asking him to forget about his father’s death and go with to Seoul with him. The conversation ended up as an argument that Seon Woo thought Jang Il was out of mind and being non-supportive. Going back home, Jang Il made sure to his father that Seon Woo would never send the petition to the police tomorrow. Finally Jang Il’s dad knew that his son knew his sin and would even cover it for him, even though the victim was his own best friend’s father.

The next day, Seon Woo was ready to go to the police, but he visited his dad’s last place for awhile. Jang Il went there too. He kept trying to persuade Seon Woo not to send the petition and just leave everything behind and go  to Seoul with him. He even knelt before him. Jang Il’s insistence made Seon Woo suspicious if he knew something about his father’s death. Jang Il said he was responsible for his father’s death. Seon Woo then said, “If my father because of you, I would forgive you as a human. But that doesn’t stop me from finding out the way he died. Even if it wasn’t my father, but you who died, I would do the same thing. Because for me, the most important thing in life is the people that I love.”

Then Jang Il was really out of his mind. He hit the back of Seon Woo’s head twice. At first he was about to just left Seon Woo there on the cliff, but then he changed his mind. He dragged Seon Woo’s body and threw it off to the water. Jang Il killed his own best friend in life and he, himself, was in a great agony.

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