The Equator Man Episode 6 Summary

The Equator Man episode 6 started when Ji Won asked if Seon Woo remembered her. Finding out that the man was blind, Ji Won thought that Seon Woo might be someone else. But when he asked the woman at the registration, she found out that Seon Woo might be the same person because that guy was from Busan and lost his eyesight because of an accident not long ago.

Jang Il’s father was planning to come up to Seoul, but Jang Il prevent him saying that Seon Woo and the other friends from Busan were in the house. Jang Il’s father got panic and told him that he would go there and made Seon Woo left soon. Jang Il said, “Let’s not do that, Father. We had got punished.”

Soo Mi said that she couldn’t accompany Seon Woo the next day and Geum Jool had to find a place for Seon Woo. She asked Jang Il to accompany Seon Woo to the school (for the blind). At first Jang Il refused it, but Soo Mi made him had no choice but to agree to accompany Seon Woo the next day.

On the train station the next day, the evil Jang Il was back. He let Seon Woo walked pass the safety line on the platform while the train was approaching. Seon Woo’s fast response made him jumped back and he was so shock that he was trembling. In the same time, he just realized that Jang Il could be that heartless and tried to let him die for the second time.

In Busan, Soo Mi’s father was attacked by some ladies for he had sold a fake talisman to them. Being cornered, he promised to give the money back to them, but the problem was he had none. So he decided to write the blackmail letter he couldn’t finish long ago.

At school, Seon Woo found an interest in literature. The audio books are narrated by Ji Won, who also the librarian. He recognized Ji Won’s voice at the library counter as the Hemingway. He asked her to give her a list of what books the library had because he wanted to borrow them. Not knowing how to read Brailles, Ji Won read them for him.

Jang Il promised to waited for Seon Woo after school at exactly 5 pm. But it was almost 6 when Seon Woo was out of school, but Jang Il wasn’t around. He intended of never come to pick him up. Seon Woo was about to catch a taxi when Ji Won saw him. She helped him until they arrived in Seon Woo’s place. What they didn’t know was Jang Il was actually following them from behind.

Jang Il asked Ji Won to stop her work at that school for the blind and started to spend more time with him. Without he really realized it, Jang Il just reveal his individualistic persona and the way he tried to control Ji Won made her felt offended.

Jang Il never came home that night. He went to buy a guitar and came to Ji Won’s place very early the morning. He gave the guitar to Ji Won and told her to only sing “Moon River” for him and never played the guitar for other people but him. “Can you just like me only?”

Jang Il was in a drunk condition that Ji Won had to bring him home that morning. In the same time, Jang Il’s father came and saw it. He misunderstood Ji Won which later made him offended Ji Won by telling her not to get closer to Jang Il, not even see him.

Jang Il’s father was very angry that he had given everything for Jang Il to be success while the son just drinking and making girlfriend instead of study hard. That made Jang Il said angry and said he was sick of him. “Who told you to be Mr.Jin’s dog? I’m so sick of Seon Woo and you.” His words hurt his father’s heart so bad. And one thing he didn’t know was, that day, Seon Woo was listening from the room. He didn’t go to school because he caught a fever.

When  Seon Woo suddenly came out in the afternoon, Jang Il couldn’t hide his shock. But Seon Woo pretended he was listening to the audio novel and didn’t knew Jang Il was there. He didn’t notice Jang Il until Jang Il put off the earbuds from Seon Woo’s ear. He even checked on the audio book, really scared if Seon Woo was lying. But hearing the audio book was playing, Jang Il asked Seon Woo to drink some alcohol together.

Jang Il got drunk and Seon Woo slipped his tongue by saying something about the words he had written in the presents he gave to Jang Il, which he heard from Geum Jool was used by the security guard who picked them form the garbage place. Jang Il was suspicious if Seon Woo was lying about his memory lost and even his blindness. Then he went crazy by attacking Seon Woo and got angrier when Seon Woo didn’t fight him back. “Where’s the old Seon Woo who was best in fighting??”

That afternoon, Seon Woo had a clear conclusion: His father knew Mr. Jin. He went to Mr. Jin’s house that day. Mr. Lee had become Mr. Jin’s slave. Jang Il got the scholarship and prosperous life in Seoul. Jang Il hit his head and threw him off the cliff. “Jang Il, I will never forgive you.”

Mr. Moon arrived in Seon Woo’s place and found it empty. He planned to stay longer in Korea until he found the child he called his son. However, he actually knew clearly that the kid wasn’t his. That day, what Mr.Jin heard wasn’t the whole conversation. The woman said the kid was actually Mr.Jin’s, but she knew he never really loved her and she was afraid that if he knew about the child, he would told her to abort it. “I wish the person I love was you, Tae Joo.” The words hurt Tae Joo, but that’s the fact. And soon Tae Joo was set up by Mr.Jin that he made him go to jail for a long time.

Back to school for Seon Woo, it was the school outing. While the others were enjoying the togetherness, Seon Woo decided to have a time of his own. Ji Won noticed him and called out for hi, but when she was approaching him, she tripped her step and hurt her ankle.

Seon Woo insisted to piggy back her to the clinic. Ji Won refused, but as Seon Woo suddenly lifted her on the front, the choice were only on the front or on the back, because no matter what, Seon Woo was carrying her. Ji Won finally agreed to be piggy-backed by Seon Woo. “Now I’ve become you legs, and you are my eyes.”

Ji Won gave her directions telling how many steps straight or left or right and which was the tree. But at a moment, Ji Won was distracted by Seon Woo’s face that it made Seon Woo hit the tree. “Don’t just stare at my face, please look ahead and tell me the direction.” :D It’s kind of embarrassing to get caught by a blind person that you were staring at his face, isn’t it?

The next day in the library, Seon Woo asked Ji Won if the books he requested were already available. She said the libraries couldn’t provide them since they’re not in the priority list. Then Ji Won offered him an idea: she would read them for him live. Seon Woo loved the idea and he couldn’t stop smiling listening to the story. He really enjoyed Ji Won’s reading and Ji Won was happy seeing Seon Woo’s cheerful face.

In the same time, Jang Il was looking for Ji Won to the school for the blind. He was climbing up the building when he finally heard a very familiar song from a guitar playing. He opened the room’s door and saw Ji Won was playing “Moon River” with a guitar, but Seon Woo was sitting right in front of her. She’s singing the song for Seon Woo and the guy seemed to really enjoy it.

Jang Il came into the room and stood right between them, staring at both Ji Won then Seon Woo.

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