The Equator Man Episode 5 Summary

The Equator Man’s story is getting more interesting. Seon Woo had actually never lost his memories. His head might be injured severely, but that didn’t make any degradation to his IQ.

Seon Woo was very hysterical finding out his blindness. He went out of control that the doctor had to put him in another ward and tied him on the bed. Watching the scene made Jang Il felt sick. I think it’s a combination of guilty, shock, and fright all in the same time. He didn’t even say hi to his father when he passed his father by on the market. He swore he’s never come back to Busan anymore.

It took sometimes for Seon Woo to accept his blindness. When he was ready to be discharged from hospital, he had his loyal friends, Soo Mi and Geum Jool helped him going back home. However he had been discharge, his psychological had not been much better yet. The depression was still there. Especially when he got home, thought his father would be there, and then he felt like a useless person without his eyes sight.

His emotion was more unstable with the visit of Jang Il’s father. He’s visiting him and brought some foods, too. Seon Woo asked why and how he got to his house. Mr.Lee said that he was Jang Il’s friend and they’re neighbor and he used to visit him and brought him foods too. Then all the things in the past, the coincidences of the lost suspicious letter the next day after he had dinner in Jang Il’s house, and Jang Il’s father’s suspicious sudden visit.

Seon Woo screamed for he had a terrible headache every time his memories came back. Mr.Lee was crying and that made Seon Woo asked cynical, “Mr.Lee, why are you crying?” Mr.Lee just left. Seon Woo was very frustrated to the fact that Jang Il and his father were likely the arch villain, the evils behind all the accident happened to his father and him. He kept asking to himself how could Jang Il did all that to him, they were best friends.

Soo Mi called Jang Il to come to cheer up Seon Woo. She said might feel much better if his best friend pay a visit and cheer him up. It seemed that Soo Mi still liked Jang Il. She looked enthusiastic calling Jang il, while the man on the other line looked tense. His excused was that he was very busy preparing his bar exam soon.

Geum Jool accompanied Seon Woo to visit his father’s workshop building on the mountain. Then Seon Woo remembered the day when he found his father’s body hanging on the tree. All the memories were back and they’re clearer now to him. The way the letter was missing, the way Jang Il suddenly changed his mind that night, the way Jang Il knelt before him that day, and the reason why he did what he had done to him…he could see it very clear then.

Mr.Jin was on his way to Seoul when he saw Seon Woo and Geum Jool on the street, trying to catch a taxi. He remembered about the old days. He had a beautiful girlfriend. They’re in love and everything was fine until he introduced Moon Tae Joo to his girl friend. He caught them getting closer and one day he witnessed that the girl told Tae Joo that she was pregnant and she was confused if she had to tell Jin or not. From that day, he hated them both and tried erase his heart break from his memory.

Seon Woo’s condition was making his loved ones frustrated. Then Mr.Choi tried to talk to Seon Woo, in his provocative way. He knew Seon Woo was just pretending not to remember anything and then tried to provoke him, saying that his accident might not be an accident.

Meanwhile in Seoul, Jang Il was still pursuing Ji Won, but she’s still accept him as a friend. Ji Won was still busy with her school and part time jobs. But one day, Jang Il asked him to watch a movie together. Jang Il secretly helped her work in the library, Ji Won saw it and finally came to the cinema. Since she was very tired, she fell asleep on Jang Il’s shoulder. Jang Il let her sleep until she woke up on the next show, already a different movie.

Seon Woo asked Geum Jool to write and send a letter from him to Jang Il. The letter sounded just normally like an old friend asking how have you been doing, sorry that I couldn’t contact you for a long time because my condition was bad, and not to worry. But as soon as Geum Jool left for the post office, Seon Woo said, “Ah, I forgot to add the letter sentence. Jang Il, I remembered everything.”

That night Soo Mi came to Seon Woo’s place and found he already had his spirit up again. She said he should do a therapy and training in Seoul. She said they (she, her father and Geum Jool) couldn’t always be with him forever. He should started to learn how to be independent since he’s generally healthy and still young. Soo Mi said, “You can’t have what you want, you just need to do what you can. Then you will get the answer. For me, that’s what an art is.”

Then she said she and Geum Jool would accompany him to Seoul and stayed with him until he found a proper place. Then Seon Woo said, “Why don’t we stay with  Jang Il. He should have a space for us.”  Then Soo Mi called Jang Il right away. Jang Il had no other choice but to tell them that he’s more than welcome.

The three finally left for Seoul. When Seon Woo said he wanted to see the place for the last time when they’re already outside the gate, Soo Mi became his eyes. Telling him the colors, details of signs and writings on the wall and even the tree on the neighbor’s yard.

Arriving in Jang il’s place, Jang Il tried to act as an old best friend. He welcomed them warmly. Seon Woo preferred to sleep on coach since it would be easier for him to go to the bathroom.

At night, the nervous Jang Il couldn’t sleep and went to the kitchen. Seon Woo was still awake, too. Jang Il offered him a milk and asked if he really couldn’t remember anything. Seon Woo said no. Jang Il further said if he really didn’t remember what happened on the accident. Seon Woo said no. But then Seon Woo asked Jang Il a question, “When was the last time we met?” Jang Il suddenly looked tense and said, “We were drinking out that night.”

The next day Seon Woo came to this therapy place for the blind. Apparently, Ji Won had a work there too. She saw Seon Woo, but ignored him at first. It took a moment until she finally recognized the boy she kept the portrait of his face in her mind all this time. She went back and greeted Seon Woo, “Hi, don’t you remember me?” Seon Woo turned around, and Ji Won noticed that Seon Woo couldn’t see her. “Are you talking to me?” asked Seon Woo.

People really have to praise Uhm Tae Woong’s acting the last 2 episodes. Really…it required skills and experience and energy. He really did a good job for his character here. I know it’s a bit early, but if i can make a request to KBS, I want Uhm Tae Woong to be nominated for the Dae Sang Award this year :) .

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  1. thankQ for the summary.hehehe im busy n hv no time to watch n give full attention on it.the summary really helps me lot,coz i still wnt to know whts will happen next hehe

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