The Equator Man Episode 4 Summary

The adult actors are coming in on The Equator Man episode 4. I think the casting was excellent, they could find actors that quite look a like, so the connection between the youth version and the grown up version of the characters are smooth, especially between Shi Wan and Lee Joon Hyeok.

After throwing Seon Woo to the sea, Jang Il went a bit out of his mind. He was panic, between unbelieving his own crime and the lost of his only best friend. He burned the petition and then fled back to Seoul.

Meanwhile Soo Mi was looking for Seon Woo that day. She waited outside his house until dark, but the landlady finally told her that Seon Woo had not back yet since he’s out in the morning. Soo Mi sensed there’s something wrong with Seon Woo and it was indeed. For Soo Mi and the other friends, Seon Woo just went missing.

Seon Woo survived. He was stranded on the nearby beach, but his condition was so bad. No one found him there until a couple of days.

Meanwhile in Seoul, Jang Il’s life turned a bit a mess. He always got nervous and turned himself into alcohol. He went out with seniors to drink until he got drunk, and then went for another round of soju in the street bar. In the same street vendor, there was actually Han Ji Won eating ramyon, but Jang Il didn’t notice that. And he heard a news in the radio that a police found a body on the beach without any ID. He remembered Seon Woo and suddenly had an upset stomach and he went out to throw up. Ji Won couldn’t pretend she didn’t know Jang Il, so she helped him sober up by splashing water to his face.

Jang Il sober up and asked Ji Won how she got there. She told him he was too drunk and better go home. Jang Il asked Ji Won to accompany him sober up for awhile, but he fell asleep. When he woke up, Ji Won had gone. She just left him her scarf around his neck.

The police finally found Seon Woo’s body. He was still alive, but his condition was critical. He was dying. The police called Soo Mi’s father and Jang Il’s father. Soo Mi’s father worried that Jang Il’s father might kill Seon Woo, but Soo Mi convinced him that Seon Woo was in ICU and had so many people watched him.

Jang Il received the news from his father. The father said that Seon Woo might not survive the night, so Seon Woo had nothing to worry  about. Jang Il got the panic attack again that he even thought the security guard knocking his door was the police. The security handed him the package Seon Woo sent for him before, but it went to the wrong apartment so Jang Il received it late. But Jang Il never opened it. In trembling for fear, Jang Il said, “Seon Woo, let me get everything I wanted but live forever under the guilt of keeling you. Isn’t it enough, Seon Woo?”

Jang Il’s father knew what happened to Seon Woo was his son’s crime. He told Mr.Jin about not to worry about the petition and Seon Woo’s condition, but he pretended not knowing anything about Seon Woo’s accident.

But like Soo Mi’s father said that Kim Seon Woo was not an ordinary kid, he did survive the night and more days after that. Time went by long after that, but Seon Woo was still in his deep sleep. In his dream, he was in his father’s workshop having a nice bbq. Mr.Kim said he’s a man with a small dream. His dream was only to live happily with Seon Woo and later with his wife and children. While Seon Woo said his dream was much bigger than that. He wanted to travel the world, but the last place should be the equator. The weather could be crazy in equator countries, and Seon Woo thought it pretty much represented his character. Seon Woo was very thankful that his father adopted him when he was 9. He was very happy that Mr.Kim was his father.

But then his father suddenly disappeared, only his voice remained telling Seon Woo not to come along  with him and to just go back. The grown up Seon Woo on the sick bed finally got consciousness.

And the grown up Jang Il immediately received the news.

Soo Mi and her father were the only two people very loyal to Seon Woo. They kept coming to the hospital to take care of him. And as soon as Seon Woo gained his consciousness again, Soo Mi and his father were very happy and were there to welcome back him. But Seon Woo seemed not to remember either of them, or just ignored them. All he said was only “father..father…”

Meanwhile, the lives of both wealthy men Mr.Jin and Mr.Moon were getting more prosperous. Mr.Jin’s business was exapnding and he started to look for more information about Moon Tae Joo after hearing from his colleague that this man from Busan has been a talk among business men because he’s been successful in coal mining business. Unlike Mr.Jin who wished Seon Woo to never wake up again, Moon Tae Joo finally decided to search for his long lost son.

Seon Woo got an attack when his memory was back to Jang Il, about what his best friend had done to him. But it was unclear if he really forgot the incident or he decided to just really forget it. He also seemed to forget that his father had died, because when Soo Mi asked him if he remembered her, he said, “Yeah, Soo Mi…you’re very good at painting.” But then he said,”would you tell my father not to come here late?” Then Soo Mi asked him what actually happened to him that day on his accident, Seon Woo just said he didn’t know and told her to go home because it’s late, earlier Soo Mi told him it’s 12 o’clock. But Soo Mi told him it’s 12 pm, not 12am. Seon Woo said the room was still dark and asked her to turn on the light. Then both of them found out that Seon Woo had a problem with his eyesight.

Jang Il finally decided to come down to the hospital to check on Seon Woo. Soo Mi met him first, telling him that Seon Woo might not remember him.

Hearing the explanation from the doctor that his retina was badly damage because of the hard hit to the back of his head, Seon Woo’s eyes couldn’t not send information to his brain of the things he saw. In other words, he’s going blind. And Seon Woo couldn’t except that fact. He went panic and screaming and running here and there in the hospital, telling everyone to turn on all lights and to call the doctor.

Jang Il was already in the corridor, watching what Seon Woo was going through. He just stood there too shock to say anything, even when Seon Woo just walked pass him.

But then to his surprise, Seon Woo suddenly grabbed him, thinking that he was a doctor.

I have to admit the young actors did their job excellently. Both Lee Hyun Woo and Si Wan really express each character’s deep emotion convincingly. As for our beloved ajeossi, Uhm Tae Woong, it’s actually quite surprising that he had to start the second scene as Kim Seon Woo in such emotion-draining acting. Too bad this drama is competing with Rooftop Prince and The King 2 Hearts. If only it came earlier, it could get higher rating.

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