Kim Sun Ah: Shocking Pink Bikini for a Dying Woman

The first time I saw this photo I was giggling, not because there’s something funny in this Kim Sun Ah’s photo. It’s because I have a photo of me exactly like this from my holiday last year, even the pose, the hair, the glasses, the hat and the shocking pink…it’s so weird. Maybe my head got an injury or something that moment so that i was able to do that madness..hahahaha..

Anyway, Kim Sun Ah posed like this for her new drama “Scent of Woman” at Okinawa beach. Before wearing that bikini, Kim Sun Ah controled her diet, and actually her effort was not in vain. She looks sexy in that photo. She still worths wearing the bikini.

On that drama she plays as Yeon Jae, an unhappy and helpless travel agent staff. Her life becomes up side down when she’s diagnosed with a cancer. She’s aware that the death is getting closer but when she met Ji Wook (played by Lee Dong Wook), she realized that her life is so precious.

“Scent of Woman” already taking my attention, I can’t wait to watch this drama on July 23rd.

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