Kim Sun Ah and Her Bad Diet

On July 19 “Scent of Woman” official held the press conference. In that event, the whole leading roles attended, Kim Sun Ah, Lee Dong Wook, Seo Hyo Rim, and Uhm Ki Joon.

At that moment, Kim Sun Ah talked about her role on “Scent of Woman”. She plays as Yeon Jae, a woman who has only six month for life, because she’s diagnosed with cancer. As a dying woman she must appeared like a miserable dying person, thin, weak, and lame. For that role, she took a pretty hard diet, actually a torture diet, for months she only ate once a day, and just slept 2 hours  a day. She realized her diet was wrong, thats why she didn’t want anyone followed her diet.

Actually, the PD didn’t forced her to become slender like that, but for her totality she’s willingly to do that. I hope her bad diet wasn’t in vain. I believe she will look amazing in “Scent of Woman”. The drama will began airing this weekend on SBS.

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  1. Shes Very sexy though she’s thin but still like her professionalism. Good job.

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