Faith Episode 1 Summary

Drama Faith episode 1 started with an animation illustration telling the background history of what happened during that one period in Goryo dynasty.

Somewhere in Goryo era, a group of royal special force was guarding two special carriages: the King and the Queen. They’re heading accross the river, but unfortunately the boat which they’re supposed to take wasn’t there. So the guard, with their sexy chief warrior (oh my God, Lee Min Ho is so sexy with that cloak!), Choi Yeong, decided to take over an inn to let their king and queen stay overnight there. The issue with the king and queen was, their relationship isn’t that good.

The King seemed to resent his wife, sort of ugly political marriage. In the inn, the King spent his time in separate room drawing a horse. Choi Yeong said he didn’t care how’s the king relationship with the Queen, but he had to let the Queen in the same room with him for safety reason. The King let her in. So the room that night was actually crowded: the King, the counselor, Choi Yeong, a handsome royal doctor Jang Bin, and the queen complete with her private bodyguards. They’re all in alert situation.

When night became late, suddenly the inn was attacked by some vicious warriors who tried to kill the king and the queen. The special guards sprayed the attackers a special paint that glows in the dark. So when they were fighting the attackers downstairs, the scene was cool. The attackers were glowing in the dark, as well as their sword…reminded us on “Star Wars” sword.

Anyway, Choi Yeong was the royal guard’s last shield in the king’s room. The king’s group was outnumbered. The counselor got a dagger from Choi Yeong to defend himself, but when the attackers attacked their room he could only hid himself. Meanwhile Jang Bin and the Queen bodyguards fought along Choi Yeong against the attackers. Unfortunately, the Queen’s position was too open when her bodyguards were fighting and one attacker injured her on the neck.

Choi Yeong killed the last attackers and Jang Bin immediately did his job to treat the Queen’s cut on the neck. He used accupunture needles to stop the bleeding and he needed Choi Yeong’s “power”. So this chief warrior was not only the best in physical fighting, he also got another thing for his enemy to be afraid of: his hand could produce electricity. Jang Bin asked him to distribute some electricity to the needles.

Eventhough it’s a bad marriage, the King couldn’t let the Queen died. “If she died, the kingdom would die too,” he said. This new king seemed to still have so many things to learn to become a king, but he’s trying his best. In order to save the Queen, the King asked Choi Yeong to find a healer, a doctor, to save the Queen. And the counselor had prepared a worship altar. Beneath the altar was a kind of black hole with mysterious energy which was a kind of gate to another world. Choi Yeong should travel through that gate to bring a doctor to save the Queen.

Choi Yeong walked pass it and arrived in a temple beneath a Buddha statue. Unlike Joseon’s confusionism, Goryo was a typical Buddhist kingdom. After paying respect to the Buddha, Choi Yeong started to walk to start his searching for the best doctor to be taken to Goryo. It’s a temple somewhere in Gangnam, in modern Seoul. There were actually a couple who witnessed the moment Choi Yeong arrived there and they just couldn’t believe what they just saw.

Choi Yeong also couldn’t believe what he saw: a foreign world where so many skyscrapers in Seoul’s night skyline. Then he asked an old monk, who was very modern with his smart phone listening to probably a music or something. Choi Yeong asked him where he could find a healer. The monk was confused, but got the idea that the strange man with strange costume was looking for a doctor. “You could find them in near by general practice clinic, dental clinic, other clinic. Depends on what illness.” Then Choi Yeong explained he needed a doctor to heal a wound in a body. The monk said he could find a clinic around Gangnam. “How could I get there?” asked Choi Yeong. “You could just go there,” said the monk flatly. Choi Yeong was confused but he’s a warrior, so he took the monk’s suggestion to “just go there.” The monk thought Choi Yeong was an actor from a classical movie.

Choi Yeong was overwhelmed by the modern Seoul, with cars and many people took pictures of him with their smart phones. But Choi Yeong kept walking until he got into a medical exhibition. He looked around and then came into a confrence room where an attractive plastic surgeon was explaining about face lift. The beautiful doctor’s name was Yoo Eun Soo.

Choi Yeong with her strange costume and long sword arrested by the guards and kept in the security room. But he was so determine to meet Yoo Eun Soo. He saw her on the cctv and insisted on going there. Since the guards tried to give him a “lesson”, Choi Yeong swung his sword and cut the guards stick in a second. The guards freaked out and called a police. Choi Yeong walked out of the room to search for Eun Soo.

He finally found her when Eun Soo was looking for a surgery glasses in a stand. Yeong asked Eun Soo how to heal the Queen’s wound, but the indifferent Eun Soo just responded him coldly. But Yeong insisted and Eun Soo said, “How could I know how to tell you if I’m not seeing the wound itself.” Then Choi Yeong got the guard who’s been trying to arrest him and made the same cut on the neck just like what happen to the Queen. Everyone freaked out more. The swat team was summoned and immediately on their way. Eun Soo had no choice but to show Yeong how to heal the cut. She performed a small surgery in a help of the product seller.

After seeing what Eun Soo had done, Yeong was sure that she’s the healer he’s looking for. So he grabbed her away. When they’re on their way out of the building, the police locked and surrounded the whole building. But Yeong, with his powerful hand, hit the policemen with his thunder power and managed to run away to the temple. Eun Soo begged him to release her, but Yeong tried to convince her that he would send her back after she helped him to save the queen. He told her that as a warrior, he would keep his words.

The scene was back to 10 days before the “kidnapping” event. Eun Soo was in a fortune teller, desperate to find out when and how she would meet a wealthy man, specifically a very rich man, not any ordinary man.

Her experience with men wasn’t great. Her dream man during her early career as doctor was a man (Ahn Jae Wook) who’s looking for a wealthy woman and he didn’t like Eun Soo at all. The next man was Eun Soo’s patient who proposed her but she didn’t like him. So Eun Soo needed a very wealthy man, but actually not for real marriage. She needed him for his money for her business. The fortune teller didn’t give her a sufficient foretell about the future man to come into her life, just someone that the heaven would send to her.

And then the scene changed into the Goryo era, 7 years prior to the event. The royal special guards were talking about their new chief warrior, was actually a legend in a great fighting. One of the warriors wondered how old was this guy. And then suddenly came a young guy with easy going personality, making a fuss and spend the day just sleeping in the head quarter. Everyone wondered if that guy was really their new chief warrior. When one of the warriors was trying to attack that guy, Yeong who’s still sleeping just threw his stick towards that warrior and hit his forehead. That warrior found his forehead bleeding. Yeong was smiling in his sleep.

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I kind of like the fact that this drama is more fantasy, a bit felt like watching Naruto :D . With those animation illustrations…cool. We’re very familiar with time traveling story line…from “Rooftop Prince” to “Dr.Jin”, so there’s nothing new about it and it’s good this drama didn’t linger too long for that scene. Well, generally, my first impression for this drama is good. If i can pick one word to express this, I would say: Cool. I don’t know how to express the “cool”-ness of this drama, but I just feel that way.

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  1. kuuul indeed! LMH looks gud in that outfit…

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