Faith Episode 2 Summary

The King decided to wait for Choi Yeong and it didn’t took long when suddenly the heaven’s gate showed a sign of a arrival. Choi Yeong went back with Eun Soo.

Choi Yeong brought her to the injured queen. She still thought that Choi Yeong brought her to a movie set. She insisted them to just call 120 while she’s still trying to go. But as the warriors gave her the stern look and Choi Yeong reminded her of the real situation, Eun Soo had no other choice. She immediately got down to her work, treating the Queen’s wound with a help from Jang Bin. The surgery last quite long that it finished when Yeong just woke up from his nap.

After the surgery Eun Soo thought she could leave. But the king needed her still. His country is at a stake as long as the queen is not recover yet. Eun Soo was so desperate about her situation.

Here we finally see the antagonist of this drama. The character’s name was Ki Jeol. He’s planning something with the kingdom.

Still in the inn, Eun Soo still thought that she’s somewhere in modern Korea. One of the queen’s lady guard helped her run away. She walked with her modern appearance in GOryo era village. She got everyone’s attention. People were staring at her and they didn’t hesitate to touch her dress and her shoes. She asked people how to get to Coex and when they couldn’t respond her, she wondered if those people were not Korea that she tried English and Chinese to speak with them. She’s looking for a taxi or at least a spot to get any signal for her mobile.

Eun Soo knew one of Yeong’s man was following her and she tried to hide from him. The guard who followed her reported the situation to Yeong, so had to get down to this work himself. Eun Soo was wandering the area, but all she could find was only village after village. Unfortunately, she encountered some bandits before Yeong could find her. They hurt her and took her somewhere.Yeong and his man knew something bad had happened to Eun Soo.

After getting the information about the bandits, Yeong and his man went into their basecamp to rescue Eun Soo. But instead of finding out where those bad guys were keeping Eun Soo, Yeong found out that those guys were attacking the inn. And yes, some bad guys were already on the roof of the building. Yeong and his man arrived on time. The remaining soldiers were fighting the attackers, but what they didn’t know was the queen’s lady guard was actually a close enemy. When the King and the queen who was carried by JAng Bin were trying to escape, the lady guard led JAng Bin and the Queen to the other way. Jang Bin put the Queen and left her with the lady guard to fight some attackers who were after them. The lady guard was ready to stab the Queen with her dagger, but Yeong came in the right time. He hit her with the modern police shield he brought when he came with Eun Soo.

In the palace, Ki Jeon’s men were doing something bad to the palace officials.

After making sure that the King was safe, Yeong and his man was back to the bandit’s basecamp to rescue Eun Soo. He sensed that Eun Soo was still there, but they couldn’t find her. Yeong was kind of frustrated and he suddenly freeze and his strange body was trying to hold an exploded electricity. At that moment, they suddenly heard a strange cute voice from the attic, shouting out for a recharge. The voice was from Eun Soo’s low-battery mobile. The bandit had no idea how to make that thing stop shouting.Yeong finally found her. Eun Soo was still trying to run away and it made Yeong had to carry her.

She brought her to the dimension gate. He let her go and Eun Soo was ready to go home. But when she’s about to step into that gate, the royal counselor came with a group of royal guards, ordering Yeong to take her back. This order offended Yeong that as a warrior he had to keep his words, but this order came directly from the King. Yeong hesitated, but then he decided to hold Eun Soo until the dimension gate fade away and finally disappeared. Yeong was upset about it.

Eun Soo was angry, protesting to Yeong that he didn’t keep his promise. She took Yeong’s sword and pointed it towards him. Surprisingly, Yeong intentionally drew himself towards his sword and let it stab through his body. He even push it harder that the sword went all the way through the back of his body. Eun Soo was panic so. “Why why are you doing this? Why? How could you…”

In the inn, the Queen blamed the King for his order. She said that the King should have known for a Goryo Warrior, keeping a promise was a sacred thing. If a Goryo warrior couldn’t keep his promise, he would give away his life.

Back to the overwhelming scene, Eun Soo insisted to treat Yeong’s injury. She ignored the coundelor and the guards were also helping Eun Soo. Yeong told the guards to just go as the counselor told them, but Eun Soo screamed out, “I can’t go!” The counselor did what he thought the best thing to do: he pulled the sword. Eun Soo was more panic because Yeong’s bleeding got worsen. She order for surgery preparation.

Yeong’s man ran to the inn to get Eun Soo’s medical stuffs. The King prevented him to safe Yeong’s life, but that young guard begged the king to let the doctor safe their chief and he could take his life instead. Then the Queen spoke out. She gave her order to safe Yeong.

On their way back to the inn, Yeong asked Eun Soo to just let him die. Eun Soo refused to do that because Yeong was the one who kidnapped her and the one who knew how to get her back to her world. And of course, because she’s a doctor.

The surgery took place in the inn, but Eun Soo didn’t have all the things she needed for the surgery. She asked for Jang Bin’s cooperation.
Meanwhile the King tried to make clear about his authority over his Queen. He kind of ask her to consult to him before making any important order.

Back to the surgery scene, Eun Soo and Jang Bin were arguing about the best method to undergo the surgery for Yeong’s case. JAng Bin was hard to accept Eun Soo’s modern method. But Eun Soo had a high confidence of what she’s about to do. Eun Soo asked Jang Bin to believe her. “Because i’m the healer sent from heaven,” she said.

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