The Equator Man Episode 8 Summary

Seon Woo massaged Mr. Jin sensing that the man was Mr.Jin. He recognized the voice and told Mr.Jin that his voice sounded familiar. A little bit panic, Seon Woo asked one of the room service ajumma to greet Mr.Jin and then asked about his characteristic. Seon Woo even brought some pictures (actually he only needed the trio picture) and asked the ajumma to look for a 3-men picture and told him if the man she greeted was in there. Since the picture was quite old and the men were still young, the ajumma couldn’t really recognized him. Seon Woo had to make a phone call to Geum Jool, asking him a favor to get a picture of the current Mr.Jin.

In Busan, Soo Mi got a news from Geum Jool that Seon Woo liked a girl who worked in his school. Then Soo Mi went to the school for blind and instantly recognized Ji Won as the girl Jang Il had been chasing. She sat down with Ji Won to talk about Seon Woo. She confirmed to Ji Won that she’s just Seon Woo’s old friend, not his girl friend. But since she cared for Seon Woo so much, she worried that Seon Woo would get hurt after what he had been through in his late youth. Soo Mi told Ji Won about how Seon Woo lost his father and then got the accident. Ji Won got the message.

Jang Il went for a study tour to a court room. He imagined himself as a prosecutor, but when he saw the imaginary convicted, he saw his father. Jang Il’s depress was actually acute, in my opinion. He kept talking to himself, acting innocent of what happened to Seon Woo.

Seon Woo went for another date with Ji Won. They watched a thriller movie. Ji Won told him everything she saw on the big screen: the character expression, the situation, etc. And when the bad guy came up in a sudden, Ji Won couldn’t help but scream and hid her face on Seon Woo’s shoulder.

After the movie, Seon Woo asked Ji Won to accompany him buying a new coat. Then a conflict happened with this one man who lost his wallet and found it in Seon Woo’s pocket. Seon Woo apologized, but the man kept saying harsh words. It pissed Ji Won off that they ended up quarrel. The man pushed Seon Woo and Ji Won. Ji Won got more furious. He threw the man with some eggs she had in her bag. Then the man hit Ji Won and that made Seon Woo hit him. However, no matter how strong Seon Woo might be, he still needed his eyes to win the fight. He looked desperate and disappointed of not being able to protect Ji Won.

They went back by bus in a very bad mood. Ji Won put an earbud on his ear and another one on hers. Then Ji Won called him. When he turned to face her, Ji Won kissed him.

Geum Jool broke into Mr.Jin’s house and almost caught by Mr.Lee, but he made it. He immediately fax the picture to Seon Woo and the cleaning service ajumma confirmed him that it was the same man she saw. Seon Woo went panic thinking that Mr.Jin was looking for him that he might have a dangerous plan to hurt him. He was so afraid that Mr.Jin would also hurt Ji Won.

Seon Woo started to act cold to Ji Won. That day Ji Won gave him her picture. “It’s your picture isn’t it?” asked Seon Woo. “No it’s not, it’s just a nice picture,” said Ji Won. Then Seon Woo said it’s her and asked why she gave him that knowing that he couldn’t see it. She told him that it was a picture taken by her friend and she felt like giving it to him.

Then Ji Won wrote a note in the back of the picture: “I like you Seon Woo. If you want to be by my side, please tell me so. Han Ji Won.” She put the picture in the first page of the novel Seon Woo read for her the other day, but Seon Woo just left coldly after that.

Seon Woo was out of home all day for contemplation. His heart knew well that he like Ji Won so much and how nice it was to have a relationship with a girl who also like her so much. But the risk was high as he knew that Mr.Jin was monitoring him and was very easy to catch him. He knew he wouldn’t be able to protect Ji Won.

Knowing there must be something wrong, Ji Won went to Seon Woo’s place. She waited until he came home. Seon Woo said they should stop the relationship. Ji Won said she understood his feelings, but she couldn’t stop it because Seon Woo was her first love. Then she told him about the incident in front of the Jin Mi place long ago in Busan when Seon Woo helped her when she broke Mr.Jin’s window. Ji Won said that Seon Woo had pictured in her memory so deeply that even though she didn’t know his name nor when they’d meet again, she somehow waited for him. “You are my first love,” she said it again. Seon Woo’s heart got hurt more because it’s harder facing the fact that their fate had actually started longer than he had imagined. Seon Woo said he’s not that Kim Seon Woo anymore and he couldn’t see their future either. He gave up on her.

Ji Won left, crying. Seon Woo regret it later and was about to look for her when Jang Il got in the way, pretending he just came. They had a conversation, but Jang Il’s words offended Seon Woo. He said he was sorry that he couldn’t help Seon Woo. Seon Woo asked him what he meant by the help. Jang Il said Seon Woo just wouldn’t make it with the girl so he should just stop it. Seon Woo punched him.

Jang Il went home in a bad mood and then drinking alcohol. Soo Mi came down his place, but Jang Il insulted her as usual. “Why do you like me?” he asked. “Liking someone, should there be any reason?” Soo Mi asked him back. Soo Mi said she wouldn’t ever come to see him again, but Jang Il kept saying words that hurt her. Soo Mi splash the alcohol to his face. Jang Il furious. He force kiss Soo Mi and they ended up sleeping together. But when Soo Mi woke up in the morning, she had to listen Jang il called out Ji Won’s name in his dream.

Seon Woo waited at the field in Ji Won’s university in a hope the girl would see him. However, she missed him and Seon Woo left when it was already late. Jang Il saw him, and followed him, but then stop. And when Seon Woo was about to cross the street, a group of joy rider bewildered him and one of them hit him. Seon Woo’s leg was injured and his stick was broken. To make it worst, the rain suddenly came pouring him down. Seon Woo felt a pity to himself that instead of crying, he laughed out at himself.

Coming back home, Seo Woo sensed someone in his house, but those people didn’t move a bit and pretended to be invisible. Seon Woo let out his desperation to his late father. He felt so desperate for his poor life. “Please help me, father!” And when he was about to be out of his mind throwing things in his place and started hurting himself, Mr. Moon took an action. He caught him and tried to calm him down. “Who are you? Are you Jang Il?!” Seon Woo was panic. “I’m your father. From now on i’ll take care of your life.”

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  1. NewKDramaAddict

    This was a pivotal episode leading to the next time jump, I believe! I was so glad it ended like it did because I don’t think I could have handled another episode like this. This and episode 7 were phenomenal! I’ve looked at them 3 times because there was unbelievable acting by all. My sympathy for Soo Mi has gone out the window now. Ambition and stupidity have now taken over.

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