Favorite Character from “Birth of a Rich”

It’s definitely Bu Tae Hee! She’s just soooo hilarious. She’s a very pretty girl, wealthy yes…but not a brainy like Lee Shin Mee. She showed up as an antagonist at the beginning but as time went by, she became more lovable in her own way. Her determination of keeping her body shape represents many girls out there with the same problem. Her sincere love for Chu Wun Seok is so touching. And her sincere feeling for Choi Seok Bong was very surprising that it reveals the inner heart of Bu Tae Hee.

I always burst in laughter whenever she screams:

“Na Bu Tae Hee ya, Bu Tae Hee!!” (I’m Bu Tae Hee, Bu Tae Hee!!)

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