The Birth of a Rich

I watch this drama because it’s quite funny. It is not comedy nor romantic comedy as well, but i found this drama amusing. So I guess I better call it amusing drama.

This drama is about Choi Seok Bong’s determination in finding his Billionaire birth father, whom he never saw. Well, frankly I have to say that the premise of this drama is not really promising as a story. I mean, in real life, how can someone be sure that he is a son of a Billionaire man just because his late mother said so? And what’s the proof of all these? Just a single necklace! Yes, it’s a particular necklace of a particular sign, but the late mother didn’t even know what the name of a man who had slept with her in a one-night-stand event was. That man didn’t even know this woman had bore him a son. Too fictional to be true…

However, this drama is still entertaining. I like many characters in this drama, some are very hilarious that always make me laugh. Choi Seok Bong’s character is played very well by Ji Hyeon Woo. He’s the man of his words, very smart, determine, talented, and love his comb and necklace very very much. Lee Shin Mi’s character is played by actress Lee Bo Yeong. She’s the heiress of Oh Seong Group, very rich but very stingy. She’s actually a kind heart woman, but every time things turn into bussiness, she’s THE superwoman that one’s wish the least to deal with. Very smart, but very very strict. Meeting Choi Seok Bong was a great hush in her life. And then there’s the hilarious but gorgeous like goddess Bu Tae Hi. This unique character of Bu Ho Group’s heiress is played by Lee Shi Yeong. She’s my favourite character. And then Choo Woon Seok, the prince charming style character played by Nam Goong Min. I don’t like his character at first, but when I found out that this prince charming has an inner evilness, I found it interesting.

This drama, also known as “Becoming Billionaire” was aired in KBS March 1st 2010 to May 4th 2010, replacing “God of Study”. It finished on episode 20 with a happy ending. Oops, spoiler :D

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  1. It is certainly desirable to be well descended, but the glory belongs to our ancestors. – Plutarch

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